Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Proven Ways to Get Started

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is the practice of enhancing a website’s performance to raise the number of conversion rates, such as sales, leads and sign-ups. Conversion of traffic into sales is not by chance but achieved by performing certain actions. Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to drive organic traffic to your website through tactics like keywords and more. While CRO aims to convert that existing audience into sales. In addition, CRO can potentially enhance a business’s bottom line.

In this article, we will talk about some proven ways to start conversion rate optimization.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) refers to enhancing the ratio of conversion rates, such as sales, sign-up and more. The goal of CRO is to make the most of the people already visiting your website.

Calculation of Conversion Rate

You can calculate conversion rates by dividing total conversions by the total number of site visitors. For example, if a website has 50 conversions monthly and 100 site visitors, the conversion rate will be 50%.

Proven Ways To Get Started

CRO is essential for businesses to increase their conversion rates to make an expected and great profit. Here you will get some proven ways to get started with conversion rate optimization below:

1- Conduct Customer Surveys

Customer surveys have the ability to give you access to immediate feedback about the functionality of your website. You can re-evaluate your website’s interior design to make it easier for customers to make a purchase from you by having the details of customers’ experience. You are able to evaluate how customers feel after making a purchase through pop-ups. Similarly, you can consider why customers leave your website without buying products. This type of information will enable you to make changes to encourage customers to purchase.

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2- A/B Testing

A/B testing refers to a process in which you can compare the efficiency of two different components to know which one is more appealing to the audience. A/B testing includes publishing two versions of the same content to know which one is more effective in enhancing conversion rates. You can make a one-half version for your site visitors and the other for the rest of your customers. In the end, you are able to determine which version is effective by evaluating conversion rates.

3- Analyzing High-performing Content

Investing in content for your CRO and SEO efforts is beneficial because it allows you to identify what is working for visitors and what is not. You should ask some questions yourself about your content:

  • How are customers getting your website?
  • Are the ads and promotional links strong than others?
  • What is the most engaging element of your site that engage with customers the most?
  • When do visitors leave your website?

Some Google Analytics Tools can help you to find answers to these questions. By identifying effective parts of your site that successfully guide visitors through your sales funnel and those that don’t, you can adjust your strategy to increase conversion rates.

4- Include Efficient CTAs

A clear call-to-action (CTA) is an integral and effective part of any content that helps you drive conversions. An actionable CTA brings you one step closer to success. Here are some tips for creating a clear and concise CTA to drive conversion rates:

  • Make sure that the CTA is actionable.
  • Customers must understand their benefits through CTA.
  • It should be easy to find.

Including CTAs in your content boosts your conversion rate optimization. You should ensure that they appear natural and valuable to your audience.

5- Consider Adding a Chatbot

You should consider investing in a chatbot to handle customer interactions. Chatbots are programmed to receive conversational inputs by text or voice and create a response that mimics natural language. They are also utilized for various reasons, the most notable is customer support. That means if you have a customer who wants additional answers before making a purchase, then a chatbot will be a good option in assisting that customer further down the funnel. This strategy will give you access to improve your conversion rates.

6- Make the First Approach Easy

It is essential for you to ensure that converting actually must be easy for your customers. You can request a valid mail address instead of asking to fill out the full form. You are now able to make what journey makes more sense for customers from their mailboxes. In addition, you should send them testimonials and whitepapers and blogs to start the journey. If you make the first step simple, it increases the likelihood that your visitor will take action and complete the process. This strategy is crucial for you to improve the conversion rates.


Conversion rate optimization is essential for businesses and organizations to improve their conversion rates to drive expected results. CRO aims to convert the existing audience into sales opportunities to drive conversion rates. You can optimize your website to drive conversion rates by following these effective strategies, such as including an effective CTA, A/B testing and more. Remember one thing, every website is unique, so do not afraid to test new things to know which resonates better with your audience. Choose the most effective and resonating strategy to drive conversion rates of your website to boost profit.

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