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Discord server creation
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How to Create a Discord Server with Cool Features to Know!

Discord is a popular chatting app that a lot of people use nowadays. Although it is somewhat targeted at gamers, it is used by more or less everyone. Some companies and organizations even use it as their chatting platform of choice.

In Discord, the deal works a little differently than in apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Although there is the option for users to directly find each other and chat, there is mostly a server system in place.

People create different servers and then users join them. The users can all get together on one server, chat on the included channels, and do a host of other stuff there as well.

In this post, let’s take a look at how you can create a Discord – for whichever purpose you want – in simple steps.

What is the Difference Between a Discord Channel and Server?

Before we move on, however, we should clear up the difference between a Discord channel and a server.

In simple terms, a server is a space that contains multiple channels. On the other hand, a channel is a specific space within a server that is used for either sending text messages or for voice chatting.

There are some channels in a server that are available and accessible to all and sundry. The “General” channel is usually in this category. However, the server admin also has the option to create channels and only add specific users there.

How do You Create a New Discord Server?

Here are the steps that you can follow to create a new Discord server:

  1. Download the Discord app on your device and open it
  2. On the left vertical menu, click on the “+” button. (It should say “Add a Server” when you hover over it with your mouse.)
  3. When you click/tap on the button, a couple of different menus will pop up. Here, you will need to specify stuff like the purpose for which you need the server.
  4. After that, you will be able to enter the name of your server and set a server image.
  5. Once you’ve entered everything in place, you can go ahead and click on the “Create” button.

And that’s it.

What are Some Cool Discord Features?

Here are some awesome features that you can use in Discord.

1.      You can make calls with Discord

Rather than just letting you send messages and files; the app also lets you call a friend directly…just like you’d do it using any other messaging app like WhatsApp.

From our own experience, the call quality is pretty much fine. There isn’t too much lag or white noise, etc.

Here is how you can make a Discord call. You just have to go to the DM of the person that you want to call. Then, on the top of the chat box window, you can find the calling icon. Click/tap on that and the call will get started.

To find out more about Discord calls – including the longest Discord call ever made – click here.

2.      There are some handy shortcuts that you can use with Discord

There are a ton of different keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Discord to make your user experience smooth and easy. Using the keyboard shortcuts can be handy since you don’t have to reach for the mouse every now and again.

Here are some of the main shortcuts that we think are really helpful:

  1. CTRL + K: This opens the quick switching menu. You can use it to instantly jump to any channel, server, or user. There are some specific commands that you can enter, such as the “@” symbol or the “#” to narrow down your search. If you are chatting with multiple people at a time and want to switch between them without having to drag your mouse over every time, this shortcut can be very helpful.
  2. ALT + Arrow keys: If you are in a particular server, you can press the ALT key and then the arrow keys to switch between the different channels. Also, if you press the “Shift” key as well, you will cycle through the unread channels instead.
  3. CTRL + F: This shortcut opens the search menu in a specific channel. You can use it to look for messages and people on that channel.
  4. CTRL + SHIFT + N: You can use this shortcut to create a new Discord server. If you don’t want to bring your mouse over and click on the button in the side menu, you can just use this shortcut.

To find out more about keyboard shortcuts, you can check out this post.

3.      You can share your screen with other people in the voice channels

If you are in a voice channel with other users of the server, there is an option that you can use to share your screen, either entirely or a specific app/window.

Here is what you have to do to share your screen:

  1. First, enter a voice channel in the server
  2. Then, on the bottom bar of the calling menu, click/tap on the screen icon
  3. You can choose whether to show the full screen or a particular app


Creating a Discord server is pretty easy. In the post above, we’ve mentioned the main steps that you can follow.

The good thing about Discord is that it offers a lot more than other conventional chatting software. And that is, in our opinion, the reason it is so popular and the reason that it is not crunched out in the competition with other similar apps.

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