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5 Best Free Self-Publishing Platforms For Up-and-Coming Writers

If you are a first-time author, several free self-publishing choices are available for your book. A variety of free book publishing tools is also available. Therefore, today it is quite simple to publish an eBook and make it accessible to everyone. A paperback book can also be published via print-on-demand services. Nothing prevents you from publishing your new book, and you may do it for nothing if you want to. For new authors, the number of self-publishing options and services has greatly increased. You should be aware that there aren’t many publishers of genuinely free books.

Many vanity press businesses demand high prices from authors to publish their books. Offers that look too good to be true should be avoided. The best recommendation for new authors is to work with trustworthy and respected publishing companies that provide free self-publishing with no conditions. In this article, we will discuss some of the best free self-publishing companies that offer a wide range of services at no cost and excellent customer service.

The Ideal eBook Publication Choices

The following companies provide free ebook self-publishing if you want to learn how to publish a book for free. It is the simplest approach for aspiring writers to release a new book. With these sites, publishing your eBook is free, and you’ll get paid royalties for each copy you sell. With publishing manuals and how-to help pages, the finest self-publishing businesses also provide you a lot of support. If you have basic computer abilities, it’s incredibly simple to self-publish your first eBook.

Amazon KDP

If you are knowledgeable about self-publishing, you know that Amazon KDP is the place for independent authors and publishers to publish their works. That’s because the online retailer has at least 50% of the market for digital books. KDP is the king of all the free eBook publishing platforms out there. Simply upload your Word docx text file and eBook cover to start. You can adjust the e-book’s price, assign categories, and add keywords to get found. Amazon KDP makes it easy to get your work out and create a passive income stream if you are a first-time author.

Apple Books

It was once known as iBooks, but the name change has had no impact. Apple still has a 2% market share for ebooks. Once more, publishing your eBook is simple. You can upload directly from Apple Pages if you use a Mac. As opposed to Amazon KDP, Apple has several benefits. First, whatever the pricing, you will receive 70% royalties on all your ebooks.

You may distribute your eBook without charge. On Amazon, this is not feasible. For ebooks with plenty of photos, there is another advantage. Apple does not impose a file delivery fee, in contrast to KDP.

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Books are undoubtedly familiar to you. It is a well-known seller of ebooks, particularly in areas outside of the US and the UK. The fact that Kobo claims to distribute its eBook inventory to online merchants in 190 countries is a significant benefit of publishing with them. The Kobo Books self-publishing division is called Kobo Writing Life. Self-publishing your eBook is free, and the terms are quite similar to those of Apple and Barnes & Noble. However, for ebooks priced under $2.99, you will receive lower royalties like Amazon.


Inkitt bills itself as a reader-powered book publisher and offers a community platform for writers.

It’s a social publishing platform with over 75,000 authors, 230,000 articles, and 7 million readers that could be worth considering. Readers can access the tales for free when authors use this service to self-publish their writings.

Galatea, iInkitt’s sister publishing division, may provide publication deals to authors with popular novels. Additionally, it allows new authors to participate in ongoing competitions with publishing deals as rewards. It could be a choice for you if self-publishing is new to you.


Around 80 million readers and authors are users of Wattpad, a well-known social publishing site.

There are a lot of people there, no doubt. It’s an alternate method of self-publishing for new authors. There are many ways to connect with readers on Wattpad, so you’re bound to discover one or two that could work for you. You can publish stories in any genre, including literary fiction, romance, adolescent fiction, fantasy, mystery, and science fiction. Additionally, big publishers and studios collaborate with Wattpad. You never know; you may be fortunate. It’s not a terrible idea to start self-publishing your works when there are so many readers.

Final Verdict:

Free self-publishing platforms for an upcoming writer is a great way for them to share their work with readers. These will help you learn the writing craft and promote your work in a larger arena. These platforms allow you to use them for free and allow you to collaborate with big publishers and studios. So, if you have a great story to tell, this can be an ideal way to get it noticed and reach a larger audience. if you want to get more information and guidance, go to the above body of text.

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