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How to Edit PDF Files? Complete Guide

PDF is one of the most popular formats in which files are saved – mainly text ones. It is used very often due to its universality, Portable Document Format, created by Adobe Systems, prevails over others by maintaining full formatting of the document stored in it, regardless of the platform or device on which it is read.

We most often use PDF files when we want to be sure that a document saved in this format will remain unchanged, regardless of the device or operating system it is opened on.

It’s no wonder that PDF reigns supreme when we want to pass on a document with perfectly preserved formatting to another user, print a text without worrying about changing its structure, or easily recreate a presentation saved in a file.

However, the most common objection among users to using this PDF format is the fear of difficulties in editing the file in the future. Is it possible to edit a PDF file and how?

PDF File – A Few Words About The Format

The PDF format has been around since 1991, when Adobe developed this type of extension.

Its undeniable advantages include: universality and correct display of content saved in this format on any device – regardless of the operating system or software used.

A PDF file allows you to easily print content – without worrying about changing its layout.

That’s not all – a PDF document may contain hyperlinks, tables or images.

You can also export photos, multimedia presentations, and even video and audio materials to it.

The process itself takes only a second and anyone can do it. But what if we want to change the content of the file saved in this way?

How to edit a PDF file and in what program to do it?

How to Edit PDF on your Computer?

Have you noticed a typo in the content and are wondering how to edit a PDF file on a computer?

The most popular method of making changes to a file already exported to PDF is to change its format to doc or docx in Microsoft Word or a dedicated PDF editor such as SwifDoo PDF.

SwifDoo PDF is a program for opening and editing PDF files, but you can also create this type of documents in it. It provides a 7-day free trial period that you can use to modify your file for free.

Using this software, you can make basic changes to files – add punctuation marks, correct typos or make necessary edits to the text.

If you are planning more advanced changes, such as deleting unnecessary pages or combining several files into one, it will be a good idea to use the a SwifDoo PDF pro program. The program is easy and intuitive to use and allows you to perform many operations on PDF files. There are also other PDF editing programs worth trying.

How to Edit PDF in Word

Editing files with the PDF extension in Microsoft Word is very fast and intuitive.

Just run the program, then select File, Open and the appropriate document from the menu field.

In the case of this activity, we must take into account the possibility of changing the formatting of the file, but at the same time we gain the opportunity to freely change the content, delete or add it.

How to Edit PDF on Mac?

Are you a MacOS user and want to know how to edit PDF on Mac?

This operating system comes to the aid of recipients by offering a very easy method of changing a file with the PDF extension – just open it using the Preview application, which is built into the system in this type of computers, and make changes freely.

Do you value quick solutions that make it easier to make changes to already created files?

We’ll show you how to edit a PDF file on your phone.

An important issue in this case is to determine the operating system on which your smartphone runs.

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How to Edit a PDF File on Your Phone

Various situations happen in life, and it cannot be ruled out that we will have to edit a PDF file on the phone. It is worth paying attention to what operating system we have: Android or iOS.

For Android, there are various free apps available to convert documents freely. When you have an iPhone, you’ll pay for most of the tools.


One option is to use Microsoft Word . You can easily download it and then open the selected PDF file. Before executing the command, it will inform you about a possible change in document formatting.

Then it will open it with its own extension – Doc or Docx. From now on, you will be able to implement changes and the original PDF file will not be changed anyway.

Another alternative is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available in a browser version. You can log in to the editor using your login details for this account. However, many other, more competent applications are available for Android that allow you to modify a PDF document.

Apart from Adobe itself we have Xodo PDF Reader & Editor or the Adobe Fill and Sign application, enabling the most basic editing. For example, Xodo PDF is both a PDF reader and editor. Thanks to it, you can read, sign, comment and share files in this format.

Moreover, you can also fill out forms. Additional advantages of the application described include automatic synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as a fast engine for viewing and navigating files. However, its possibilities are quite limited, but very often they are enough.


The situation with iOS is a bit more complicated because the applications available in the App Store are paid. Only the already mentioned Adobe Acrobat Reader is free, although it offers minor options, such as adding a signature or comment. Unfortunately, you have to pay a one-time or subscription fee for additional features.

We have presented the simplest and most useful programs for editing a PDF file. You have to check for yourself which program will work for you. It’s best to use several and see which one works best for you.

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How to Edit a PDF File for Free?

No matter what device you want to edit your PDF document on, you have a number of options. Importantly: most of the programs available on the market for making changes to files with this extension do not generate additional fees.

In order to reduce individual PDF files, it is worth choosing a free PDF editor that has the necessary editing options. PDF editing is most often done intuitively in such programs, due to the good arrangement of menu items. There are many programs that allow you to convert a text file to PDF, and an editor allows you to further modify it according to your needs.

Among the solutions offering editing PDF files at no cost, you can also find some online options.

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