How to Get Windows 11 for Your Compatible PC

Have you ever thought about the operating system of your device? What are its functions and capabilities? The operating system is the main component that deals with the system’s security and operating speed. It is software that manages the devices’ processes, software interactions, and hardware and keeps them updated on emerging security threats. The latest operating system versions enable users to keep their PCs secure and improve performance.

Microsoft launched Windows 11 on October 5, 2021, which you can install on your device. Don’t worry! If you don’t know how? I have prepared a complete guide on how to get Windows 11 for your compatible PC.

Have you ever asked a question to yourself that why get Windows 11? As I have mentioned before, the operating system (OS) deals with managing devices’ hardware, software interactions, and process speed. The latest operating system helps users avoid any security risks because it has advanced security patches to avoid advanced security attacks.

Some devices are not compatible with working on Windows 11. If you also have such a device, then you should upgrade your system first to upgrade your Windows 10. Moreover, Windows 11 provides the latest functionalities to improve productivity and design to fulfill the fast-paced world’s requirements.

Check for Compatibility of Your Device

Before starting the process of installing Windows 11, you have to test if your PC is compatible with your PC. If not then you have to upgrade your PC first. Microsoft has some requirements that should be fulfilled to install Windows 11. Here are some steps to conduct the check for compatibility test.

Step 1- Access the Microsoft Website

In step 1, you need to access the Microsoft website to check the specs and requirements for your existing operating system. Alternatively, you can go website through this:

Step 2- Download WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup

Now, scroll down and download the PC Health Check application on your device.

Step 3- Install WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup

Navigate to your File Manager and install the application by accepting all the terms in the license agreement.

Step 4- Launch the Application

After installing the application, launch it on your computer. This will provide you with insights into your currently device, such as how old it is and about PC’s specs.

Step 5- Click on Check now

Finally, you have to click on “Check Now” to conduct the test. After testing, it will get results in front of you right in the middle of the screen. In order to show you whether your PC is compatible with Windows 11 or not.

Guide to Get Windows 11 for Your Compatible PC

If you are interested in installing Windows 11 directly from your computer and don’t know the method, then keep reading. For you, I have compiled a complete comprehensive guide on how to get Windows 11 for your compatible PC. There are simply two methods to get Windows 11 for your Compatible device: Direct and Indirect.

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Method 1- Direct

The direct method deals with downloading Windows 11 directly from your Windows settings. Visit your Windows settings and click on the “Check Updates” button to check if your device suggests Windows 11 or not. If it does, then it automatically starts downloading Windows 11 in your presence. After downloading, Windows 11’s installation process will start immediately and automatically but remember the condition is if your PC is compatible.

Method 2- Indirect

The indirect method is downloading Windows 11 using an Installation Assistant. But how do you do so? Don’t worry! I have also prepared a comprehensive guide on this for your convenience.

Step 1- Browse to the Download Windows 11

First, browse the download Windows 11 page on the Microsoft website. Open a new tab and browse to the mentioned page easily. Alternatively, access the page through this:

Step 2- Download Installation Assistant

Now, you need to download the installation assistant to proceed with the procedure further. Click on the “Download Now” button.

Step 3- Install Installation Assistant

Access your File Manager and install the Installation Assistant application on your device. Continue with allowing and installing the application successfully. Your PC will ask for a reboot, accept it, and launch the app on your PC.

Step 4- Sign in to Your Windows 11

Once your PC is rebooted, sign in to your Windows 11. You will see that your Windows 11 is installed.

The Closing Thoughts

The operating system manages hardware, processes, and application interactions within a PC. It’s why, you should keep your operating system updated to enhance your functionalities and improve your performance. Windows 11, the latest Windows OS, boosts the system’s privacy and performance. There are several methods to get Windows 11 on your PC but I have mentioned two methods in the above section. Further, the guide on how to get Windows 11 for your compatible PC will assist you in learning if your PC is compatible or not.


Q1- What makes a PC compatible with Windows 11?

A PC will be considered a compatible Windows 11 device if it has a 1 GHz or faster refresh rate and 2 or more cores on a 64-bit processor or System on Chip (SoC).

Q2- Does Windows 11 make your PC better?

Yes, Windows 11 makes your PC better by enabling you to enhance your productivity and providing advanced security patches.

Q3- Is Windows 11 worth installing?

Of course, Windows 11 is worth installing because it offers opportunities to enhance functionality and improve the system’s security. This will also enhance your capability to boost your efficiency in conducting operations.

Q4- What does Windows 11 cost?

Windows 11 is completely free on the Microsoft website. This decision was also made for users’ convenience in adopting Windows 11.

Q5- Does Windows 11 affect gaming?

Yes, Windows 11 affects gaming by delivering capabilities like enhanced refresh rate and improved display resolution.

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