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Recover Deleted Office Files
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How to Recover Deleted Office Files- Complete Guide

Losing important office files can be a significant setback for a business. Deleting or losing crucial documents can cause stress and disruption in your personal and professional settings. Losing access to a document you’ve worked on for hours is heartbreaking. The recovery of lost or deleted documents seems not possible, but the good news is that, in frequent cases, it is possible to recover deleted office files. You should also prevent your data from being deleted.

In this article, we will show you some effective ways to recover deleted office files.

What are Office Files?

Office files” refers to documents related to business or office work. In the past times, men used to record their data in written form using notebooks. With the passage of time businesses evolved and started to save their data on a digital machine called a computer. Computer files share many similarities with paper documents found in offices. 

Ways to Recover Deleted Office Files

Businesses often store their data in different formats to keep it safe from being lost and deleted. Sometimes the data may be deleted mistakenly. Therefore, it is necessary to know the ways to keep your office files safe and sound. Here you can get some effective and actionable tactics to recover your lost office files:

Go For Recycle Bin

Recycle bin is like a trash folder in your computer where you can find your deleted office files. Firstly, check your recycle bin or trash folder to find your office files. A computer is a device that is usually used to store data. When you take action to delete documents, they are moved to recycle bin instead of being removed from the system. You can open recycle bin and identify the file you require, click right from the mouse on it and select restore to recover the file to its original location.

Use File History (Windows) or Time Machine (Macbook)

There is an in-built backup feature in your computer systems and laptops. When you cannot find your deleted file in the trash folder, visit the in-built backup feature. On operating systems like Mac and Windows, Time Machine and File History, respectively, create backups of crucial files. This feature makes you able to restore the previous versions of your office files. Simply, you have to navigate with the respective backup utility, choose the file or folder and restore your files to their previous locations.

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Check Cloud Storage Service

Cloud-based services store data and make their backup regularly. If you use cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, they use a recycle bin or trash bin to help companies to restore their deleted files. You should also check out your cloud service and find its trash bin and identify the deleted files to make them valuable and actionable like before. Once you have found the trash can, you are able to restore your data or documents for the long run.

Use Recovery Software

Third-party file recovery software can be a valuable tool for recovering if your previous methods are proven inefficient. These types of tools are designed specially to scan your storage devices, know your deleted files and recover them to their previous location. There are many software that are able to recover deleted files from your system. Simply download and install the software and run a scan on the desired drive or storage device. Further, choose the deleted files you wish to recover and recover them in their previous folders.

Contact IT Experts

IT experts are able to recover deleted files that can be crucial for businesses and make their efforts more efficient. With the described methods, your deleted files recover with ease and comfort. If you still cannot recover your documents, then contact IT experts to consult with a data recovery service. IT professionals possess advanced tools and techniques to retrieve lost data from various storage devices, even in complex situations. They can evaluate your situation and deliver the best action to recover your files.

Prevention Tips

There is a known fact that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you should prevent your data or documents from deleting process. Here you will get some of the best prevention tips to secure your data from losing:

  • Regularly backup your files: Implement a consistent backup strategy to avoid losing important office files in the first place. Utilize cloud storage services, external hard drives or automated backup solutions to safeguard your data.
  • Be cautious when deleting files: Double-check before deleting any files to ensure you are not accidentally removing something important. Consider creating a separate folder for files you intend to delete, providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Implement version control: If your work involves collaborative editing or frequent updates, use version control tools or features within office applications. This allows you to access earlier versions of files. This will minimize the risk of permanent data loss.


Losing important office files can be a distressing experience, but several methods are available to recover deleted files. Begin by checking the Recycle Bin or Trash folder, utilizing built-in backup tools, and searching cloud storage services. If these options prove ineffective, turn to file recovery software or seek professional assistance from IT support. Remember to implement preventive measures, such as regular backups and cautious file management practices, to minimize the likelihood of data loss in the future.

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