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Packing Tips 101: How to Stay Organized
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Packing Tips 101: How to Stay Organized

Whether you’re leaving for a 3-day trip or a month-long tour, you need to do your packing right. If you pack right, your travels will be a total breeze while the opposite will be the case if your packing is haphazard and amateurish.

In this post, we will help you expertly deal with your packing by pointing out a few good packing tips. Stay with us till the end.

1.      Know how much you have to pack

First things first and that is knowing how much stuff you have to pack.

You have to pack your belongings according to the type and duration of your trip.

Most problems during the packing phase arise from this issue. Many people can pack too many things for their trip, which can end up making the space cramped for other important stuff they may have to pack as well. Others can go the opposite way to not packing enough things – which can just spoil the whole trip instead.

The trick to effective packing is to pack only the essential things. And to find out the “essential things,” do the following:

  1. Consider the duration of your trip. How long are you looking to stay away from home? This will help you understand the number of clothes and shoes you have to take with you.
  2. Where is your destination? Is it somewhere warm and humid, or cold and chilly? This can help you understand the type of clothes you should pack. And this will also help you understand what accessories, toiletries, products, etc., you have to bring along.
  3. How are you going to be traveling? If you’re traveling, say, in a big RV, your packing arrangements will be different. But if you’re planning on going somewhere if your compact 2-door car, your packing arrangements would have to be a lot more austere.

Among the other packing tips that we’re going to mention further on, this one is probably the most important.

2.      Roll Clothes  – Don’t Fold Them

When packing, the obvious thing to do with your clothes is to fold them. But, this is not what we recommend doing.

Instead of folding clothes, roll them.

Here is what happens when your clothes are rolled instead of folded:

  1. Your clothes don’t get creased as much. If you’ve ever extracted a shirt from beneath a behemoth pile of packed belongings, you’ll know how hard it can be to take out all the creases from it. The constant formation of the folds as well as the things stored on top of them can make the clothes quite ruffled.
  2. Your clothes don’t take up as much space. Try it. If you fold your clothes, they’ll take up more space. If you roll them, they’ll tuck away discreetly.

3.      Use Packing Containers and Cubes

Packing containers and cubes are products that are made to be put inside suitcases. They’re not separate carriers or anything.

Packing Tips

The purpose of packing containers and cubes is that they separate all the stuff in the suitcases to prevent mixing. You can use a container to put all your shoes, a container for all your clothes and likewise a container for all your toiletries. Then you can put all of these inside your suitcase to keep everything organized. Here is what these products can look like:

4.      Do some labeling

If you have multiple bags or suitcases (or even non-transparent packing cubes inside the same), you should do some labeling. You can use taped labels or even just some markings from a Sharpie to remember where you put everything. You can label one suitcase as “clothes” and the other as “electronics,” etc.

Apart from helping you remember stuff easily, there is another benefit of doing this type of labeling on your packed stuff. Should you have to take a flight during your trip, you will be able to spot your bags/suitcases easily during the baggage claim phase.

A lot of people can have the same type of suitcase as you, but if you’ve done some scribbling on it or attached a big label to it, you’ll be able to spot it easily. When following all the packing tips, it can be easy to forget about this one but…try not to.

5.      Don’t leave loose spaces

Loose spaces inside your suitcases and bags mean one thing: all the stuff inside will bounce around a lot.

When there is loose space in your carriers, any items you have inside them will have room to move around. That way, if you have any fragile things there along with some not-so-fragile ones, the former is going to get battered.

Packing Tips

You should try and max out the capacity in all of your bags, and where you can’t, just fill the leftover space with random pieces of cloth or with plastic bags, etc. Whatever works for you.

6.      When packing clothes, put your favorite ones at the top

This is something that people can forget when packing their clothes. The common reaction – and we’re talking about ourselves as well – is to see some clothes, think “I’m definitely going to wear those” and then place them neatly at the bottom of the bag thinking that you’ve done them an affectionate service.

It doesn’t work like that.

When you place some clothes at the bottom, you’ll have to go through everything on top of it before you reach it. On the other hand, when you place something at the top, you can grab it right off without any trouble.

It sounds a little obvious, but as we said, the common reaction (at least, in our opinion) is a little different.


If you pack well, you travel well.

Having a good packing plan in place can make your travels a total breeze. If you follow the tips we’ve mentioned above, you’ll be able to pack your things nicely without worrying about them every second of your trip.


1.      What should I pack first when packing?

You should first pack clothes and toiletries. These two are the most essential things that you need to have on your person when traveling. We’re not mentioning phones and wallets here because those things are typically on your person even in normal days.

2.      What do you forget when packing?

It’s easy to forget about small things such as chargers, journals, power banks, etc. Since these things are small and compact, you can overlook them. Take care to make a note of all such small (but highly important) items that you want to pack.

3.      What are good packing tips?

Good packing tips are that you pack your clothes first by rolling them up and that you compartmentalize everything. This little nugget of advice can help you out in all types of packing situations.

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