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Guide to Pinterest Marketing- How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is not only a social network that connects us but a visual search engine that is also a productive tool. It provides an effective and unique way for businesses to market themselves. As a visual search engine, it offers businesses a golden chance to reach and engage with potential customers. The reason is that Pinterest users visit the platform for ideas and inspiration. They want to try new things and discover new ideas and often get inspired to buy their next product.

In this article, we will guide you to Pinterest marketing and describe how to use Pinterest for business.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing is a set of strategies to promote your business using Pinterest. Incorporating Pinterest in your enterprise’s comprehensive social media marketing plan is the best way to enhance site visitors and build customer relationships. It is also used to improve brand and product exposure.

How to Use Pinterest for Business

A visual platform such as Pinterest is necessary for businesses because it can build customers’ trust and drive an organic audience to the site. Here you will get some tactics to use Pinterest for business:

Develop a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

It is important to develop a Pinterest marketing strategy to use it as a social media channel to market your business rather than diving in straight. Define your goals and objectives first to identify your target audience. Create compelling and appealing content encourages the audience to follow you on Pinterest to drive organic traffic to your website. You should also consider your competitors and what they are doing on this platform to get an edge over them. You must incorporate Pinterest-specific content that aligns with your brand, enabling you to drive conversion rates.

Pin Engaging and Fascinating Content

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Moreover, producing high-quality, engaging visual content is important to drive engaging pins. You must shoot your images or videos in a 2:3 ratio because most of the users browse Pinterest on mobile devices. You should also consider the Pinterest quality recommended for images and videos to avoid pixelation. Create a descriptive copy of your content because it helps you to improve your SEO and add context to your visuals. It is helpful to pursue users to click on links. Pinning daily instead of creating a board and filling it up all at once is more effective. It is recommended to be consistent because consistency is the key to success.

Try Out Different Pin Formats

Pinterest is an image-sharing platform not only for sharing images. You can pin video content to encourage pinners to shoot at your e-commerce store. Instead, you can add multiple photos to a pin to produce a carousel. For example, a brand can share videos to advertise its product and make a carousel to show its variety. It is a known fact that most users come to Pinterest to find inspiration to start a new project. You must post how-to-pins and inspirational boards to deliver valuable and fun content to your audience. 

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Optimize Your Pins for SEO

Search engine optimization is a term that refers to optimizing content to improve its ranking on search engine result pages. Pinterest is also a search engine, so make sure to optimize your content on this platform to confirm that your business’s pins are easily appearing on result pages. You can include keywords in your pins’ descriptions, hashtags and boards to ensure their visibility on result pages. You should craft rich pins that usually create to pin new content and avoid duplicate content to enhance your SEO efforts. 

Utilize Pinterest Ads

You are also allowed to market your business on Pinterest with the use of advertisements. This platform lets advertisers target ads around interests, keywords and other metrics or categories. In addition, detailed audience targeting lets advertisers reach specific groups of Pinterest users, including:

  • Users who have seen your site.
  • Individuals who have encountered your Pins.
  • A personalized list, such as your newsletter recipients.

Pinterest offers a variety of advertising options, including video ads, collections and promotional Pins.

Promote Your Pinterest Profile

Letting your loyal followers from other social media platforms know you’re active on Pinterest is important.

Do promotion of your Pinterest profile in different ways:

  • You can link your Pinterest profile on your business’s site to enhance its online visibility.
  • You are also allowed to include your profile link in your email signature.
  • One other way to promote your Pinterest business account is to share it on your social media channels associated with your business.

The promotion of your Pinterest profile will enable your profile to drive visitors and boost conversion rates.


Pinterest is a visual search engine and a perfect marketing tool to promote businesses. It can originally improve brands’ awareness and online presence, which helps them boost their conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. It is also useful in creating long-lasting relationships between customers and brands. You can easily market your business by following tips, such as developing a Pinterest marketing strategy, optimizing your pins for SEO and promoting your Pinterest profile. Using Pinterest to get an edge over your competitors and achieve success is essential.

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