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Benefits Remote Desktop Service Brings to a Business

Remote Desktop Services: Deliver Remote Access to Workforce with These 6 Benefits

For a startup or a medium-sized business, one significant consequence of the pandemic was the transition to remote work. Cloud solutions such as Remote Desktop Services (RDS) have acted as business support by delivering access to business resources with the server-based model. Remote Desktop Services boost productivity by curtailing the expense of endpoint devices.

A Remote Desktop Solution is a managed infrastructure that delivers features of Microsoft Windows Server, offering remote access to desktops or applications. The managed Remote Desktop Solution ensures the user can access a Windows desktop or application even on a non-windows platform.

This blog will showcase how Remote Desktop Solutions (RDS) benefit firms of all sizes.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Today’s workforce is not confined to a place to operate; they can be productive from any location. According to a survey, 40% of employees believe they are more productive when working from home than in the office. With Remote Desktop comes anywhere, anytime access, regardless of location. This helps improve employee productivity, thereby reducing the employee attrition rate. Remote desktops also make it feasible to hire talents across countries to expand business globally.

Easy to Use Interface

Remote Desktops are deployed on the Microsoft platform, thus offering a similar interface to the Windows operating system. This simple interface makes it easier for the user to operate the published desktops and remote applications from anywhere. As remote desktops are fully managed, businesses don’t have to worry about the configuration or user-friendly interface as the provider is responsible for delivering fully managed remote desktops to the user to make remote work feasible.

Enhanced User Experience

Remote desktops utilize high-performance cloud servers to offer a consistent user experience.  This superior service eliminates the barrier of low processing power in a particular device. Moreover, RDS simplifies access to non-windows systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, and more, so now the user is not restricted to using Windows to access remote desktops. The Remote Desktop works on high-fidelity servers to offer an HD experience even when multiple users utilize graphic-intensive applications. Remote desktop servers are integrated with NVIDIA RTX 8000 Graphics and Solid State Drives for optimal user experience.

  Simplifies Configuration

Hosted on the cloud, remote desktops are offered as a service to businesses. Here, the configuration of desktops takes less time than managing individual desktops for the whole team. Setting up remote desktops is hassle-free and reduces IT bottlenecks for administrators by offering them a centralized platform. The Remote Desktop Service Provider is responsible for managing infrastructure, from storage to security. Thus, firms can leverage the benefits of remote working without worrying about configuration and data security also helps Gpu as a Services.

Strengthened Security

Security is a critical factor for every business when the workforce operates from diverse locations. Remote desktops address this by storing data on cloud servers with stringent security protocols. Remote Desktop Solutions transmit data from servers to the end-user client with end-to-end encryption, minimizing risks of data loss.

1.   Multiple instances of data are stored in geographically isolated data centers

2.   Antivirus and anti-malware are implemented to scan any virus

3.   Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), endpoint firewall, and Hardened and Patched OS to ensure endpoint security

4.   Brute Force Protection, Intrusion Detection, and Prevention System to monitor all incoming traffic

5.   Distributed Firewall to create an isolated space for data

6.   An additional SSL security layer

Minimize Capital Expenses

Deploying a Remote Desktop Solution proves to be cost-efficient for small and medium-sized businesses. It allows firms to have a remote team or implement ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) in the workplace. BYOD approach enables employees to work on their personal devices for office work, even when in-office premises. As a result, the expense of acquiring desktops/laptops is reduced as everything is available on the cloud.

Moreover, IT infrastructure is cloud-based and managed by the Remote Desktop Service (RDS) provider. Therefore, the costs of building an in-house IT infrastructure are eliminated.

Supports Bring your own device (BYOD)

Remote desktops are a game-changer for businesses that demand agility in their work operations as it helps to implement the Bring your Own device (BYOD) policy in the workplace. As we know, employees work from multiple locations, from the office and sometimes from home; BYOD can ensure they are productive from anywhere, regardless of which end-point they use. Employees can access Remote desktops on any Multitasking operating system (OS), such as Linux, Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS; it also allows the workforce to collaborate through multiple devices or OS.

Pay-as-you-go model 

A traditional RDS or terminal service model can be rather costly for small-medium businesses (SMBs); hosting data with remote desktops on the cloud results in substantial cost savings. The RDS provider is the one who hosts the data, storage, and upkeep costs in their own data center. Moreover, this model brings cost savings as businesses pay on a user basis, hourly, and monthly as a subscription fee. This model enables the company to leverage pay as you go by paying only for users currently on the platform, scaling up and down as required.

Get Managed Remote Desktop Services From ACE

Now that you have learned how cloud-based Remote Desktop Solutions help firms to attain success and reduce time to market. Factors like security, access, costs, and more could restrain you from augmenting your remote work needs.

 On the contrary, managed Remote Desktop Services combine features including secure access, round-the-clock IT support, BYOD, and cloud-based infrastructure to offer the best user experience and enhance the across-the-board gains of the business.

Ace Cloud Hosting is an award-winning remote desktop provider with 14+ years of experience in serving diverse industries. They offer various Virtual desktop services with customized pricing plans that are tailor-made to your business needs. If you wish to know more about their services, visit Remote Desktop Services (RDS)| by Ace Cloud Hosting.

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