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Google Core Update

How to Effectively Survive a Google Core Update?

Google core updates are the periodic changes in Google’s SEO policies based on which the websites’ rankings are affected. Your site may reach the top of the SERP if it follows all the modern principles. However, in most cases, websites are impacted negatively, resulting in poor authority, credibility, and rankings. Therefore, it is necessary to survive these updates to get the site’s potential again.

This article includes the top tactics you can follow to recover your site from the update and make it appear in the rankings again.

10 Tips to Survive a Google Core Update

The under-section will highlight some effective strategies you can opt for to survive a Google Core update.

1 – Learn New Standards

Google Core updates change the whole scenario of search engine optimization. Strategies working as whitehead techniques may no longer be functional in the subsequent updates. Thus, you can’t work in the right direction without understanding them. Therefore, learning about the new standards and policies announced by the world’s largest search engine is crucial. Check the current status of your site to determine whether it is working on the latest criteria.

2 – Analyze the Site

Analyzing the website is the next crucial step to preventing it from Google core algorithm updates. You must identify the aspects affected by the changes in policies. It will help you to design a roadmap to prioritize the critical steps for better outcomes. You must research deeply to determine which content and keywords are impacted negatively. Similarly, you can estimate if there are flaws in your writing style or in the development of the website, which creates problems.

3 – Check Content Strategy

Content is the major contributor to the website’s success in search engine optimization to achieve higher rankings. The better your content quality is, the more likely it will be to rank in the SERP. Generally, Google core algorithm updates work by checking the content. As per recent updates, Google has strongly prohibited using AI-generated content because of its outdated infrastructure and poor information available. If you have previously used such content on your site, removing or improving it to survive the update becomes essential. 

4 – Improve On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is also a central component of a website’s search engine optimization because it makes your content look more promising, compelling, and authentic. You must be precise regarding the internal linking and associated elements to ensure your content can be indexed in Google results. Also, you should use images of small sizes to ensure that they load faster and deliver the required knowledge. It not only boosts users’ engagement but also helps Google authorize your authority and take you higher in the search engine results pages.

5 – Optimize the Site for Mobile

The modern era is of smartphones because of their exceptional portability and accessibility features. People nowadays use their mobiles to stream movies, listen to music, and browse the Internet. Therefore, you must optimize your site according to the latest mobile optimization standards to ensure users get the same experience on every device. In addition, this strategy leads to more consistency and enhances the website’s engagement timing, ultimately influencing search engine optimization and rankings.

6 – Enhance User Experience

Enhancing user experience is critical in recovering your site from Google Core algorithm updates. You need to optimize the crucial elements on your site to build up its unique appearance. The content must be clickable, as Google prefers such a website in the rankings. Similarly, a proper navigation button and search bar must allow visitors to find the article that resonates with their requirements and interests. Above all, using an adequate contrast can take you higher in the results by improving user experience.

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7 – Work on EAT

A website must resonate with its core idea to deliver the best information regarding the industry. For example, if you own a tech website, you must provide information about technology and its modern innovations instead of publishing sports events. Further, the data must be well-researched to ensure your expertise in the relevant field. It leads to an increased authority in a particular industry, ultimately improving efficiency and trustworthiness. Hence, this improved EAT helps you reach higher in the search engine results pages.

8 – Monitor Backlink Profile

Backlinks are also crucial in building your website’s rating and authority in the search engine results pages. However, getting backlinks from unauthorized sites will significantly reduce your credibility and ranking. Also, it plays a potential role in Google’s core updates and causes it to lose its position. Thus, if you need to recover your site, you must follow a comprehensive strategy. Audit your backlink profile to determine which are coming from unauthenticated sites. Disavow them alongside creating new ones on other highly-rated platforms.

9 – Increase Traffic Sources

With an increased rise in the marketing competition, you must look forward to improving your traffic sources to get as many users as possible. Under normal circumstances, they help you generate more revenue. During Google core algorithm updates, these increased traffic sources guarantee Google that your site is authentic and delivers positive responses to your clients. Thus, the bots will take you to the top of the search engine.

10 – Ensure Consistency

We all know that ranking a website on the top of search engines is not a one-time activity. You must consistently create and upload the content and update other components. Therefore, you must show consistency in your working behavior to guarantee that your site survives through Google core algorithm update and achieves its position again in the SERP.

Final Verdicts

Surviving through Google core algorithm update is not a challenging task. However, poor working strategy can make it significantly challenging and negatively impact the site’s position in search engines. Also, your authority and credibility will be lost. That’s why staying updated with the new standards and criteria designed by Google is essential. Moreover, you must look forward to increasing your traffic from different sources such as social media and other search engines to get ultimate advantages by staying ahead of the competitors.

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