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What is Win Trading? Updated Guide on Win Trading

League of Legends is at the topmost number in the list of video games. Several players are playing this game worldwide, and the player not performing well can’t survive in this game. 

Nowadays, a new trend is circulating in this game called win trading. This game is much more competitive as compared to Us and Fall Guys. This competitiveness and race to win this game make it very hectic for the players. 

Players forget that the main objective of a video game is to be stressed while playing it, and they are going far away from its objective. 

Before playing a video game, the player should have a mindset that one side will win and the other will lose for sure.

What is Meant by Win Trading?

This term, win trading is getting famous day by day. It means that one player will lose on purpose so that the opposite team wins, and they charge for the opposite team to lose up to $50 to $ 60 per game. Win trading can be done between strangers just to make money. 

Apart from this, when someone is not playing well does not mean that he is charging for this.

The other reason behind win trading can be the dispute between their own team members. However, it can depend on the players’ bad mood only.

Nowadays, win trading is normal everywhere, including all low-quality servers like EU Nordic and East, Russia, Turkey and North America. 

Along with this, the video clips made by YouTubers and streamers have made the winning types of trade famous all over the world. Now, we don’t accept the fact that someone has a bad game due to their mood or any other reason. 

We always think that someone losing the game for their team is win-trading

Along with this excuse like he doesn’t like me and rioting is giving me, trollers are still being used.

What can you do if someone wins trading?

As stated in this article before, you can also meet a player who is not playing the game to win and is trying to lose in any case. 

In this case, that player is for sure paid to win the game, so there is no chance that you will win the game. So don’t take stress in this situation; just play and finish the game. 

What should you do if someone is playing badly?

When you have started the game, you have to accept your team members and play with them patiently, leaving any personal issues with them. 

But if they are playing badly, you can consider the below suggestions.

The first thing is that you should not flame them as it would just be equal to pouring oil in the flame because they are feeling bad that they make their team lose. You should just ignore them because if you try to console them by typing supportive messages in chat or by pinging, they will for sure take it on the wrong side. 

If someone is performing badly at the start of the game doesn’t mean that he is winning, you should give your team player some time as everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Why is Win Trading Discouraged in League of Legends?

There are several reasons why win trading is discouraged in the League of Legends game. Some of these reasons are discussed below:

  • It manipulates the ranking system unfairly. Since win trading is a controlled way to gain or decrease gaming ranks, many people consider it an unfair way of playing.
  • This thing ruins the gameplay experience of other people. People do not appreciate when one person loses on purpose.
  • This discourages good players to keep on improving. When they see that people are scripting the game, they may lose interest in gaming.

These are some of the biggest reasons why people think win trading in the league of Legends game is not a good thing to do.

Final words

This is hard to accept that win trading is uncontrollable and present in all 1 out of 10 games. But it doesn’t always mean that someone playing badly is win trading. Don’t flame them. Simply ignore them


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