Best IT Asset Management Software in the Market

The best IT asset management software manages your organization’s valuable and useful assets very efficiently. IT assets are the heart of an organization’s IT infrastructure, and the life management of these assets needs better inventory control, tracking, and maintenance. Previously, asset management was completed manually with pen and paper. This was time-consuming and could be pretty inaccurate. Multiple asset management software is available today and specially designed to streamline this process. When looking to incorporate an IT asset management software solution, knowing what features it will offer is crucial to the biggest payoff. This article will highlight the best IT asset management software in the market so you can choose the right fit for your business. 

Asset management is an all-encompassing computer system that monitors an organization’s assets. The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) defines IT asset management as a collection of business practices integrating IT assets across various business units. This process aids in facilitating strategic decision-making within an IT environment. The aim of an IT asset management solution is to:

  • Efficiently oversee asset management.
  • Enhance asset visibility.
  • Maximize asset utilization.
  • Minimize IT and software expenses.
  • Ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

IT asset management connects the assets to the organization’s IT infrastructure. A strong asset management system enables management and IT professionals to oversee and track various assets across the organization. This data aids in making informed decisions regarding purchases and other aspects of an asset’s lifecycle. Various asset management software options are available online, categorized by the types of assets they assist in managing. Below is a compilation of the top asset management software solutions, considering factors like price and key features:

  • Freshservice 
  • Zluri
  • ServiceNow
  • UpKeep
  • GoCodes

1- Freshservice

Freshservice is one of the most famous global asset management solutions, securing the top spot on our list for various compelling reasons. Freshworks offers five products to support customer relationship management (CRM) across customer service, sales, marketing, and software assistance for IT and HR. In this review of Freshworks, we thoroughly examine each aspect of its product suite, compare them with competitors, and provide all the information necessary for you to determine if Freshworks is the optimal CRM software solution for your business needs. With its comprehensive CRM solution tailored for commercial enterprises, Freshworks stands out as a viable option.


  • Intuitive Consumer-Grade Service
  • Unified Service Catalog
  • AI-Powered Service Management
  • Employee Onboarding 
  • Major Incident Management

Pricing Plan:

  • Starter: $19/month (Billed  Annually)
  • Growth: $49/month (Billed  Annually)
  • Pro: $95/month (Billed  Annually)
  • Enterprise: $119/month (Billed  Annually)

2- Zluri 

Zluri is a SaaS management platform that offers a comprehensive solution for efficient software asset management within your organization. By accurately identifying software licenses and monitoring usage patterns, Zluri gains clear insights into your software environment. It also vigilantly tracks subscriptions to help you optimize software usage and reduce unnecessary expenses. With Zluri, managing software assets becomes simpler and more cost-effective, allowing you to focus on core business operations. Your organization can redirect resources towards impactful marketing campaigns and ensure client satisfaction rather than being tied up in subscription management.


  • Automated License Requisition
  • Vendor Management
  • Zluri’s Renewal Calendar
  • Renewal License Alerts
  • License Management

Pricing Plan: 


3- ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a powerful IT asset management solution tailored for medium to large enterprises. With ServiceNow ITSM’s asset management capabilities, you can meticulously track and oversee your entire IT infrastructure around the clock. Should any machines or devices encounter malfunctions or operational disruptions, immediate alerts ensure prompt action for swift restoration. Moreover, Service Now ITSM continuously monitors the performance of your IT systems, leveraging gathered insights to generate insightful reports. This facilitates optimizing your business’s IT operations, empowering rapid and efficient troubleshooting and resolution of issues.


  • IT Service Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • HR Service Delivery

Pricing Plan: 

Starter: $100/month (Per User)

4- UpKeep

UpKeep Asset Management is a robust solution crafted to continually monitor your IT infrastructure, ensuring an uninterrupted online presence. It empowers you to oversee various aspects, ranging from IT assets to inventory management and digital assets. Moreover, it facilitates the generation of comprehensive reports, furnishing you and your IT teams with essential insights for system upkeep. Its adaptability sets UpKeep apart and seamlessly integrates across a spectrum of devices and operating systems, including smartphones and tablets. Notably, it is cost-effective and particularly appealing for small to medium-sized enterprises seeking efficient asset monitoring and management solutions.


  • Work Order Management 
  • Enterprise Asset Management 
  • Preventive Maintainance 
  • Integrations 
  • Analytic & Reporting 

Pricing Plan: 

  • Lite: $20/month (Per User) 
  • Starter: $45/month (Per User) 
  • Professional: $75/month (Per User)

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5- GoCodes

GoCodes stands out among other asset management programs listed here due to its ability to monitor various physical and digital assets. The program offers four distinct versions tailored to track tools and equipment, manage school assets, monitor medical equipment, and oversee office IT assets. This versatility has made GoCodes popular among enterprise-level businesses spanning various industries. The company’s patented QR code system can effectively track physical assets, and all solutions are customizable to meet specific requirements. Its complimentary scanner apps and tags eliminate the need to buy handheld barcode scanners or printers, so you can get up and running quickly.


  • Patented Rugged QR Tags
  • Track Equipment Utilization
  • Rapid Equipment Check-Out
  • Accurate Auditing & Accounting
  • Powerful Custom Report Designer

Pricing Plan:

  • Standard: $500/month 
  • Premium: $1,000/month 
  • Premium Elite: $1,750/month 
  • Professional: $2,500/month 

The market offers diverse IT asset management software solutions, each tailored to address specific organizational needs. Selecting the best IT Asset Management (ITAM) software is paramount for organizations to manage their digital resources effectively. From Freshservice’s comprehensive CRM suite to Zluri’s efficient software asset management platform, businesses have many options. ServiceNow stands out for its robust IT service management capabilities, while UpKeep offers adaptability and cost-effectiveness. Finally, GoCodes impresses with its versatility in tracking both physical and digital assets. Ultimately, the best choice depends on each organization’s unique requirements and preferences.

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