What is IFVOD TV – All You Need to Know

If you’re looking for reliable yet quality streaming services, IFVOD TV can offer you reliable services for Free. This online service has recently hit the radar to become a popular service in the Asian region. IFVOD is a type of service that covers on-demand movies and TV shows. IFVOD is the right platform for you. However, many of you may not have heard of this service.

The reason why this service is not too common is because of its limited reach via apps and websites. Therefore, we are going to discuss the IFVOD TV to state its services. We will also discuss how users can access this service via iOS and Android applications under complete guidance.

What is IFVOD TV?

IFOVD TV has been operating since 2006 as a Beijing-based company. This platform offers more reliable on-demand and live-streaming services. This service is mainly known for offering a wide variety of TV shows and movies. Simply put, it’s an extensive library of on-demand videos and TV programs for entertainment and informational purposes. IFVOD almost has everything for everyone, much like any other online streaming service.

Besides entertainment, you can also find information from this service from various channels to watch and listen to. However, despite being such a credible yet multimedia-rich service, IFVOD has not earned an official status like other streaming services.

History of IFVOD

IFVOD started as a free video-on-demand service that unlocked access to many movies and TV shows at zero cost. The viewers could customize their streaming experience by choosing the type of ads they would watch or skip. Users were granted access to premium content that was under-paid viewership as a reward for watching ads.

The premium access now costs as low as $4.99. A noticeable fact about this is that it is not an officially recognized application or website available to access. However, you can download the IFVOD TV mobile application from a third-party source for your smartphones and tablets.

In the upcoming years, this streaming service is expected to become an internationally recognized big name due to its features and accessibility.

Features of IFVOD TV:

Here, we have mentioned the key features of IFVOD TV to elaborate on how it differs from other streaming platforms.

Chinese Linguistic Content

A unique feature of IFVOD TV is that the content available on it is all set to the Chinese language only. Hence, for some viewers, this might be a drawback. But it’s genius since Mandarin is the world’s second most highly spoken language.

No Ads Restrictions

According to an estimate, IFVOD TV features over 900 different channels, none of which are bound by ads. You won’t see any unwanted ads while watching your favorite shows on this TV. This is probably the unique feature and advantage that makes this better than other streaming channels.

User-friendly Interface

Another noticeable feature of the IFVOD TV is its interface. The seamlessness of usability depends on how easy it is to operate the interface. Like many other streaming channels, this keeps things simple. You get each show or movie on a slate slide, and all you have to do is click on it to let it play. No need to download any files or get confused between the names. So here is what the interface of this streaming platform looks like.

High-Quality Streaming

This is something that everyone expects from a streaming platform, and IFVOD TV delivers it responsibly. With this streaming channel, you can access high-quality content in FHD 1080p resolution. The texture and image result depends on the quality of your internet connection. Moreover, since there is no restriction, you can switch the quality to 720p or 480p.

Across the Globe Access

Just because IFVOD TV delivers content only in the Chinese language doesn’t mean that it is not available in other countries. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a compatible device, you can access IFVOD anywhere around the globe.

No Platform Restriction

A great advantage of IFVOD TV is that it works compatibly with any platform or operating system. This streaming service lets you watch your favorite shows on smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. The UI is designed to work compatibly for each platform.

How to Download Android and iOS Applications for IFVOD TV?

Let’s talk about how you can download it on your smartphone to enjoy streaming anywhere, anytime. As we mentioned before, IFVOD is not an official app. Therefore, it is not available on Playstore or AppStore either. So here is how you can get access to it.

Android APK

Follow these steps to download IFVOD TV for your Android smartphone. Make sure your device has Android 6.0 or later with a reliable internet connection to fulfill the compatibility.

  1. Download the IFVOD APK file from their official website or a third-party source.
  2. Once you have downloaded it, open the APK file and let it install.
  3. The Android will ask for your permission to install it since it’s a third-party application that’s been unofficially downloaded.
  4. Once the app installs, run it and enjoy watching your favorite content.

Apple iOS

For Apple devices like iPhones and iPads, it may not be that simple to download and install IFVOD. Therefore, you’ll have to jailbreak your device first to install a third-party application like this.

Is it legal to use IFVOD TV?

No, it is not illegal to use IFVOD since it charges a premium service fee. Moreover, it gives limited featured access to its free services, which makes it perfectly legal to access. Therefore, make sure you’re using a device with iOS 9 or later that is jailbroken.

What are the Alternatives to IFVOD TV?

Below, we have mentioned the 3 most popular alternatives of IFVOD TV that are globally recognized as well.


Everyone is probably familiar with Netflix, the most popular online streaming service. Netflix supports subtitles for multiple languages with bilingual support as well. The monthly subscription starts from $7.99, a bit more expensive than IFVOD.


Hulu is another popular streaming service that has recently hit the spotlight on various devices. It also supports a wide variety of TV shows and movies. You must pay $5.99 for this streaming service, which is fairly reasonable.

Amazon Prime

The third one on our list is Amazon Prime. This service is the most active competent of Netflix and equally popular. However, it’s probably the most expensive offer, costing $8.99 monthly.


Watching our favorite movies and TV shows never gets old, and only the video quality changes quickly. With services like IFVOD, watching our favorite TV shows becomes much easier. Moreover, it is like a dedicated streaming service for the Chinese region, gathering worldwide recognition. Hopefully, this service will get official recognition, making it much easier for everyone to access.


What content is available on IFVOD TV?

IFVOD TV typically offers diverse content from movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other video content.

How can I access IFVOD TV?

You can access IFVD through smart TVs, streaming devices, smartphones, and computers. It has a website and app for Android users.

Is IFVOD TV a subscription-based service?

Yes, IFVOD TV operates on a subscription-based model. Users can opt for a subscription to access on-demand content.

Can I create playlists or customize my IFVOD TV experience?

Yes, many IFVOD TV platform permits users to create playlists, customize their content preferences, and receive recommendations based on their watching history.

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