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There was a time when book reading used to be one of the best and healthiest kind of hobby. However, as time passed everyone became addicted to technology, left reading books, and started consuming digital entertainment. Amazon First Reads provides a digital platform for book readers and privileges them to read books that are not accessible or not yet published. You can buy, download, and read top-rated books over here. In this article, we are going to give you a deep insight into this e-commerce reading platform, where you can become a prime member and read books.

Amazon First Reads is an exclusive service offered to Prime users where they get to read and buy top books even before they are published. At the beginning of each month, the top editors select between 8 to 9 books.

These books are taken from different genres. After the selection, the platform provides these books to the Prime members to read and download them before they are actually published on the site. The members can read or download these books on their Kindle device or Kindle application on any other device.

This service has become quite popular among bookworms from around the globe. This has led to some people buying Prime service specifically for First Reads.

Amazon First Reads program is being enjoyed by a lot of book lovers around the world. It gives early access to some exclusive books so that they can enjoy it. This program tries to cover all the major genres while publishing these books.

If you enjoy reading a lot, the Amazon First Reads service might be quite useful to you. The below-given factors will help you comprehend it:

Early Access to Pre-Published Books:

Buying the Amazon Prime subscription and then ultimately getting the First Reads service gives you early access to pre-published books. This means that you can read and download books on your Kindle app even before they are actually available to the general audience.

People who adore reading ebooks benefit from this feature a lot. That is because they prefer to get their hands on new books. Having the first reads service allows them to do exactly the same.

Get Books at Discount and For Free:

It is a major benefit that people who use the First Reads service get. This service provides you with a huge discount on featured books. Not only that. You can also read and download one book for free in this service.

It sometimes provides more than one book for free. These things help book lovers save a lot of money and get their hands on new books before their publishing.

Diverse Genre:

The selected featured books do not belong to any specific genre. These books are selected from a diverse range of genres so that people don’t miss their favorite ones. These genres mostly include mystery, thriller, historical fiction, self-help, science, etc.

Now that we have discussed what the Amazon First Reads service actually is, let’s discuss how you can get this service.

  • First of all, you have to be a member of Prime membership. Make sure to subscribe to a package of this membership from the official
  • After that, you have to turn on the email notifications. To do so, you can go to your account and click on the “your email subscription’’ option. Now, turn this option on.
  • Once you have done this, you will start getting emails from the platform about the First Reads books each month.
amazon book read

The editors pick books each month and Amazon sends you an email with all the details. To demonstrate to this point in a better way, we have borrowed a sample email screenshot from Julianne Buonocore. Here it is:

 Amazon First Reads

Half of the work is already done by subscribing to Prime service and turning on the emails. All that’s left is to actually go and check out the featured books. There are basically two ways to do so.

The first method is by using the Kindle device or Kindle application. In this method, all you have to do is go to the Kindle app and open the First Reads section. You will find all the top featured books here.

The second method involves actually going to the official Amazon website. On the site, you can open the First Reads section to access the selected books.

Now, we are going to name the featured First Reads books of this month (at the time this blog is written):

  1. Cut and Thirst –  A Short Story (Margaret Atwood)
  2. The Alone Time (Elle Marr)
  3. The Letters We Keep – A Novel (Nisha Sharma)
  4. The Letters We Keep – A Novel (Katie Sise)
  5. Their Last Resort (R.S. Grey)
  6. The Bootlegger’s Daughter –  A Novel (Nadine Nettmann)
  7. My Favorite Terrible Thing – A Novella (Madeleine Henry)
  8. A Light Through the Cracks – A Climber’s Story (Beth Rodden)

Besides these authors, some other famous names have also been featured in the Amazon First Reads books such as John Grisham, James Patterson, David Baldacci, and Lee Child.

To Conclude

Amazon First Reads is an eBook reading service provided by Amazon. The top-rated books that are not yet published for the public are available here for your early access. Readers can access these books for free if they are Amazon Prime members, but if not, they must pay for it every month. We hope this guide contains all the needed information you need.
A lot of book lovers around the world are enjoying the Amazon First Reads program. It gives early access to some exclusive books so that they can enjoy them. This program tries to cover all the major genres while publishing these books.

How does the Platform Amazon first read work?

The customers of Amazon First Reads are provided with early access to eBooks that are not yet published. They can log in to their Prime account go through the list of eBooks and start reading them.

Is Amazon first read free?

If you are an Amazon Prime member then Amazon First Reads and multiple other services are free for you but if you are not a Prime member then you must pay for every eBook over this platform.

How much does it cost to read eBooks if you are not a prime member for the Amazon account?

You can access books from Amazon First Reads even if you are not a Prime member but it will cost you $1.99 per month.

How many books can I get for free in this program?

You can get one book for free each month.

Do I get this book permanently?

Yes. This book is given to you permanently on your Kindle device. You can read it anytime you want.

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