What is Amazon First Reads- Everything You Should to Know

Amazon First Reads is a membership service provided to Prime members. It allows the members to read and buy new books that are not yet published. Besides providing other numerous services to people, this e-commerce company has also become a good place for book readers to buy different types of books.

This offer, however, provides its Prime members an exclusive offer where they can read and download some of the top books of the month for free or at a great discount.

This blog will cover important information about this service. If you frequently use online platforms for purchasing or downloading books and want to know more about what Amazon First Reads service is, you’ve clicked on the right log. Here, you will get everything you need to know about this service. So, let’s begin. 

What is Amazon First Reads?

Amazon First Reads is an exclusive service offered to Prime users where they get to read and buy top books even before they are published. At the beginning of each month, the top editors select between 8 to 9 books.

Amazon first Reads

These books are taken from different genres. After the selection, the platform provides these books to the Prime members to read and download them before they are actually published on the site. The members can read or download these books on their Kindle device or Kindle application on any other device.

This service has become quite popular among bookworms from around the globe. This has led to some people buying Prime service specifically for First Reads.

So, this was a brief introduction to this service. Now, let’s see what type of benefits you can get from it.

How Amazon First Reads Can Be Beneficial for You?

If you enjoy reading a lot, the Amazon First Reads service might be quite useful to you. The below-given factors will help you comprehend it:

 I.   Early Access to Pre-Published Books:

Buying the Amazon Prime subscription and then ultimately getting the First Reads service gives you early access to pre-published books. This means that you can read and download books on your Kindle app even before they are actually available to the general audience.

People who adore reading books benefit from this feature a lot. That is because they prefer to get their hands on new books. Having the first reads service allows them to do exactly the same.

II.    Get Books at Discount and For Free:

It is a major benefit that people who use the First Reads service get. This service provides you with a huge discount on featured books. Not only that. You can also read and download one book for free in this service.

It sometimes provides more than one book for free. These things help book lovers save a lot of money and get their hands on new books before their publishing.

III.  Diverse Genre:

The selected featured books do not belong to any specific genre. These books are selected from a diverse range of genres so that people don’t miss their favorite ones. These genres mostly include mystery, thriller, historical fiction, self-help, science, etc.

How to Get to Amazon First Reads?

Now that we have discussed what the Amazon First Reads service actually is and what type of benefits you can get from it, let’s discuss how you can get this service. All you’ve got to do is follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to be a member of Prime membership. Make sure to subscribe to a package of this membership from the official website of Amazon.
  • After that, you have to turn on the email notifications. To do so, you can go to your account and click on the “your email subscription’’ option. Now, turn this option on.
  • Once you have done this, you will start getting emails from the platform about the First Reads books each month.

The editors pick books each month and Amazon sends you an email with all the details. To demonstrate to this point in a better way, we have borrowed a sample email screenshot from Julianne Buonocore. Here it is:

 Amazon First Reads

Half of the work is already done by subscribing to Prime service and turning on the emails. All that’s left is to actually go and check out the featured books. There are basically two ways to do so.

The first method is by using the Kindle device or Kindle application. In this method, all you have to do is go to the Kindle app and open the First Reads section. You will find all the top featured books here.

The second method involves actually going to the official Amazon website. On the site, you can open the First Reads section to access the selected books.

Top Amazon First Reads Featured Books of This Month:

Now, we are going to name the featured First Reads books of this month (at the time this blog is written):

  1. Night Owl – A Trasker Thriller (Andrew Mayne)
  2. When We Were Enemies – A Novel (Emily Bleeker)
  3. Please Tell Me (Mike Omer)
  4. Never Meant to Stay – A Novel (Trisha Das)
  5. Salt and Broom (Sharon Lynn Fisher)
  6. The Last CareTaker – A Novel (Jessica Strawser)
  7. Same Time Next Year – A Novella (Tessa Bailey)
  8. The Daughters of Block Island: A Novel (Christa Carmen)
  9. Leave It To Us – A Novel (A.C Arthur)
  10. Simon Says Good Night (Orit Bergman, Annette Appel)

Besides these authors, some other famous names have also been featured in the Amazon First Reads books such as John Grisham, James Patterson, David Baldacci, and Lee Child.

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Amazon First Reads service is somewhat of a blessing for book lovers. That is because it provides them early access to the top featured books of the month that are yet to be published.

This feature is restricted to those who have purchased a Prime subscription. You may gain a great deal of advantages from this service. A thorough explanation of these advantages as well as how to use this service is provided above.

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