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What is Area Code 844? All You Need to Know

Any call utilizing the area code 844 is, in fact, called to a toll-free number. For instance, if a number has a format 844, it is known as free calling and the caller will not pay any call charges. Various brands can adopt the same number of calls, such as, 800, 888, 833, etc., appearing on advertisements, online, or promotional items.

In this article, we will investigate thoroughly the 844 codes and touch upon the value they buy off to firms that embrace them.

What is Area Code 844?

Area Code 844 is a toll-free Area Code used to identify numbers in the North American Number Networking Plan (NANP). The toll-free numbers are primarily the means of business either to call their customers for free or to provide responsive free solutions to them. When you dial the toll-free number of 844 which is within the United States or Canada or having the area code, you can reach the company or organization, free of charge.

123 – 456 – 7890

The three-digit code at the start denotes the area in which the number is based. It can apply to a very broad area or a somewhat limited one. For example, a few specific counties and cities in Florida use the 727 code.

Similarly, the 844 code is also an area code that is placed at the start of a phone number. But, while it does denote that the number is based in North America, this area code is not location-specific i.e., for the caller.

That means that the caller can call the number regardless of where they may be, be it the USA or Canada, or any other country that is supported by the business in question.

The number “8” is used to start toll-free area codes. Different combinations of such area codes exist, one of which is “844.”

What do Area Code 844 Numbers Look Like?

For the most part, area code 844 numbers look like any other phone number, save for the fact that they start with 844 rather than any other area code.

However, you may have seen some businesses and firms describing their numbers as a particular word, rather than in the form of digits. For example, a particular business may show its number as:

844 – 111 – SALE

This type of number is a vanity number. In a vanity number, a word is used in place of some digits so that the number itself is easily memorable. When typed out on a typical numpad, however, the word translates to the number. For example, the word “SALE” would become 7253.

What are the Benefits of an 844 Phone Number?

If you get an area code 844 number for your business, here are some benefits that you can get.

1.      Better Customer Care

Since the 844 code is toll-free, you can encourage your customers and clients to call you more frequently. When your callers won’t have to worry about getting charged for their call, they won’t hesitate in reaching out to your business.

Area Code 844

There can be a lot of situations where your business may lose customers just because the latter can’t get in touch to discuss their queries. While mediums like email and chat support are somewhat usable, phone calls have a utility of their own. Your customers can get prompt answers and resolve their issues easily by making a phone call.

With an area code 844 number, you’ll not only retain your existing customers but also snag new ones. When news spreads about your business’s prompt customer care, others will automatically gravitate toward it.

2.      An Effective Branding method

The 844-area code, especially when used in conjunction with vanity numbers, can be an effective branding method.

We talked about vanity numbers in the section above. Vanity numbers are basically numbers that contain alphabets in place of some of the digits.

A lot of businesses use this gimmick to give their numbers a branded touch. For example, Fed Ex has a vanity number that goes like 1-800-GO-FEDEX.

There are basically two benefits to keeping numbers like these.

  1. Firstly, they help in your business’s branding. Wherever you provide your phone number, you will automatically project the image of your brand to whoever sees it.
  2. Secondly, vanity numbers can be easy to memorize. Instead of memorising long series of digits, your customers can memorize the word(s). Then, should they ever need to get in touch, they can easily recall the number.

Of course, these benefits can also be acquired with plain digit-based numbers, if the latter is somewhat unique itself. For example, if a business has an 844 code number that has 4 or 6 consecutive digits, it will be able to stand out in the eyes of its customers.

3.      Wider Geographical Reach

While other area codes are typically used within a smaller region such as a group of cities and counties, the area code 844 covers a much wider geographical area. This can have many benefits.

For example, if a particular business has a local area-specific code, it will mostly attract customers in that area. But if a business has a number that starts with 844, customers from all over the place will easily call it. By “all over the place,” we refer to the broader region, which happens to be North America in this case.

Even customers from other countries will not be hesitant to make a call. That is because they will only have to contend with the charges levied by their local phone company and not the receiving end i.e., the business with the 844 number.


An area code 844 essentially precedes a toll-free number i.e., one that does not charge the caller for the call. Businesses use these numbers when they want to encourage their customers to give feedback and ask questions, etc.

Hopefully, from the post above, you’ve got a nice idea of these numbers. You’ll also know the benefits of getting one. If your business doesn’t have one already, be sure to get in touch with a reliable phone service provider and book one.


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