The Ultimate Alienware 17in Laptop Review

Alienware 17in laptop Released in 2013 by Dell, It is one of the best-performing laptops available in the market. Mainly used for gaming, the laptop has been an important choice for gaming enthusiasts. With sheer power, amazing visuals, and ultra-graphic performance, the machine provides its users with Nvidia Geforce GTX 765M and an Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor. After the release of its basic model, Dell developed further models with better performance and user experience.

In this review article, we are going to discuss the features and specifications of Alienware 17in laptop in detail. We will also describe its model history, which might help you make a decision about whether you should give the machine a try or not. So, let’s begin.

Feature of Alienware 17in Laptop Is it Worth the Investment?


Being a gaming laptop, the Alienware 17in laptop might not look as stylish and minimalistic as other laptops as the company has to adjust high-performing hardware in the machine.

Alienware 17in laptop Design

The laptop has an edgy, futuristic, and bold design. The body is made up of high-quality aluminum and magnesium alloy which is safe and durable.  The back of the screen has the Alienware logo that lit up with cool RGB lights and gives it an aesthetic look.

The gaming experience is not complete unless the machine has a backlit RGB keyboard, right? Well, the alienware laptop does not only provide the aesthetic look but also has installed high-quality keys that make the typing experience comfortable.

The machine contains cooling fans and advanced thermal management technologies to keep the temperature of the laptop low in order to increase the gaming experience. The laptop offers a range of ports that includes the types like USB 3.0/3.1, HDMI, ethernet, and headphone jacks. The company kept a balance between the artistic look of the laptop and good functionality while designing it.

Display Specifications:

The Alienware 17in laptop provides a stunning display that enhances the gaming as well as multimedia experience of its users.

Alienware 17in laptop Display

The worth mentioning components that the machine contains are as follows:

  • Size: The device’s display size is 17.3 inches (as mentioned in the name) and provides an extended viewing area that is useful for the gaming experience.
  • Resolution: The laptop provides a resolution of Full HD 1920 X 1080 pixels. Some models offer higher displays that go up to 4K.
  • Refresh Rate: The machine provides a refresh rate of 120 Hz to 300 Hz, making the gaming experience heavenly.
  • Panel: The laptop provides an IPS (In-Panel Switching), enabling it to display in wider angles and with more color accuracy.

Battery Specifications Alienware laptop

The battery performance of the laptop can vary according to its usage.

Alienware 17in laptop battery

 Although the basic information about the battery is as follows:

  • The laptop provides a battery capacity of 68WH to 99WH. WH means Watt Hou. The higher the watt-hour is, the longer the battery will last.
  • The average battery life of Alienware 17-inch is between 3 to 6 hours. But keep in mind that it is not a definite duration. It can be changed according to the nature of your usage.
  • The software of the laptop contains programs that help optimize the performance according to the required battery performance.

Being a high-performance gaming laptop, Alienware 17-inch has pretty good battery performance.

RAM and Storage:

As being a gaming laptop, it is almost necessary to have good RAM (random access memory) and storage. Alienware 17-inch has both.

Alienware 17in laptop RAM

The basic RAM that the laptop provides is 16GB RAM. In some customized devices, it is more than that. The RAM helps make multitasking smooth and seamless. It also smoothens the gaming experience of users. If you are a creative person, this much RAM can be useful for video editing, video rendering, and photo editing.

Talking about storage, Alienware 17in laptop provides storage that can be used in both SSD or HDD formats.

The storage can be configured and tailored according to the users, but usually, the machine comes with storage ranging from 120GB to 2TB which is more than enough for gaming and other experiences.

Some of the laptop models also provide the ability to use the storage in both SSD and HDD which makes the machine super-fast.

Model History:

After the success of the basic model, Dell provided a series of models that had better specifications and features. A piece of brief information about these models is as follows:

  • Alienware 17 R2: Introduced in 2015, this upgraded model of the basic laptop was thinner than the original and had the ability to display 4K resolution.
  • Alienware 17 R3: Introduced in the year of 2016, this model provided better performance with the addition of NVIDIA’s Pascal-based graphics.
  • Alienware 17 R4: This model was introduced the very next year and provided users with NVIDIA’s GTX 10-series graphic cards.
  • Alienware 17 R5: This upgraded model introduced the i8 processor in it along with optional 144Hz G-Sync displays.

Pros and Cons:

The pros and cons of having an Alienware laptop are as follows:


  • Exceptionally powerful performance
  • Enhanced gaming experience
  • Durable design
  • Customization ability
  • Hardware upgradeability


  • Expensiveness
  • Huge design
  • High-weight and less portable
  • Heating problems


That’s pretty much it. The gaming and laptop enthusiasts find their fantasy being completed in single machine of Alienware 17in a laptop. The machine provides an exceptional gaming experience to the users. With its advanced high-performance technology, you can do your daily tasks with smoothness. If you want to have upgraded specifications, you can also try the upgraded models of the laptop that are described in this article.


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