8 Reasons to Try Apex Legends

The battle royale format is considered one of the most popular and relatively new in the gaming industry. The idea in which a hundred players, having no resources, fight among themselves for the right to find them and remain the last survivor makes such matches spectacular for spectators and interesting and adrenaline-pumping for players who do not know where their enemies are and can get hit at the most unexpected moment.

Apex Legends continues the idea of PUBG, which became the first popular project in the genre, but focuses on unique skills and increased dynamics, as well as a system of various agents, with their own history and skills, which can be selected and sent for Apex Legends boosting in the system of leagues and ranks.

8 Reasons to Try Apex Legends

1- Dynamics

Apex differs from PUBG and other projects created under its influence primarily in its dynamics.

EA Games added various abilities and skills to the project that can add movement speed, move between two points on the map and use all the mechanics of the fantasy setting of the future, and not just combat skills.

The general principles of landing and destroying enemies will remain unchanged, but due to the dynamics, battles will be faster and more interesting, which will allow you to receive a boost in Apex Legends and progress in the rank system.

2- Agent System

Apex uses a mechanic in which each player will choose his own hero, on which he will play the current match.

These can be full-fledged shooters, masters of camouflage, secretive fighters, powerful attacking classes, and so on.

The overall challenge of shooting and surviving will remain the same, but choosing the right hero will help tailor your own playstyle to the core skills of the class.

So, someone will like the stable and relatively light Lifeline and Octane, which can easily restore their health, which eliminates the need to constantly look for first aid kits.

For lovers of secrecy and deception, Wrath and Mirage are suitable, which can either disappear from sight due to the loss of the ability to shoot for this time, or create their own clones and mirages in order to confuse their enemies and not giving them the opportunity to immediately determine where the real hero is.

For spectacular gameplay, you can use Bloodhound, or Bastion, who can track their target and use their skills to find even hidden targets.

Bastion can fire powerful artillery blasts and activate a shield to defend against enemy attacks from a distance.

3- Opportunity to Play in a Team

Apex Legends, like other projects in the battle royale genre, is designed primarily for team gameplay, because a project in which the first task is to survive and then find weapons and other tools to destroy enemies will be much more spectacular and interesting when playing in a team.

Firstly, your opponents will also be part of squads, which opens up new opportunities for team interactions with each other, control of points and important objects with resources.

Secondly, you can achieve interesting combinations between the attacking and defensive skills of agents.

Thirdly, this brings many players closer to the feeling of eSports competitions, especially when the Apex Legends rank is high.

4- League System

In their first matches, all new players undergo conditional calibration – their matches and statistics in them are studied by the game system and, depending on the results, a league is selected with comfortable opponents for current skill growth.

This is done so that you always have room for growth, but at the same time it is always comfortable to play.

If you play noticeably better than your opponents, then you are guaranteed to receive an Apex rank boost; if worse, you will be demoted with the opportunity to return your rating.

The main thing is not to focus too much on this indicator, otherwise you can quickly lose interest in the game.

5- Seasonal Updates

Apex is constantly receiving new features and updates that are associated with various events and tournaments and are needed so that players can bring their experience closer to eSports players and teams and add more emotions and incentives to return to Apex Legends.

This format adds more meaning to regular matches, where completing certain tasks will reward unique cosmetic rewards and achievements.

6- Quick Matches and Lots of Weapons

Apex does not make protracted duels among players. This does not mean that there will be weapons at every step, and you don’t need to do anything for the sake of survival – after landing, you still need to find your first weapon, and not rely only on the skills of your agent.

Matches go quite quickly due to the dynamics of skills and small game cards, which push such a large number of players into battles with each other in the early stages, mid-game and final – when the point of collision is very small, and it is on it that it will be decided who will be the winner of the game match.

7- Emphasis on Movement

Apex is perhaps the most dynamic project in which the character’s movement plays no less, and sometimes a key, role in the match.

Jumping, disappearing, teleporting and illusions – players are constantly coming up with various tricks to survive as long as possible on the game map.

Particularly interesting is the implementation of the mechanics of linking two points on the map to each other, with the ability to move freely between them, or installing a trampoline for jumping over various terrain elements that interfere with movement.

8- Esports

Apex Legends has its own niche in eSports, and all players can gain information about the project and new ideas through tournaments.

Players who play Apex well and a lot can even qualify for an invitation to the organization to defend its colors at major competitions with a prize fund.

To do this, you need to understand the game mechanics, be able to shoot well and know all the key class skills, and finally, just play a lot and increase your Apex Legends rating so that you are at least noticed and taken into consideration.

This is not an easy path, but in every project, there are players who claim the highest ranks, and their example only motivates others to also play Apex, which ensures constant online play on EA Games servers.

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