Best White Hat Link Building Techniques That Drive Authority

White hat link building helps you rank in the search engines without bearing the risk of getting a penalty. The extensive increase in the number of websites has made Google changes its ranking policies. Now, it allows only high-authority and purely linked sites to come on top. Therefore, getting on the right path to receive top-quality backlinks is crucial to improving the website’s worth and rankings.

This guide will inform you about the best white hat link-building techniques that drive more authority and incredible benefits to your online business.

What Is the White Hat Link Building?

White hat link building is defined as using legal methods to get links from top-tier and high-authority websites for improved rankings. It is a crucial factor of search engine optimization and strictly influences the sites’ ranking in search engine results. Getting links from natural methods is not easy, as you have to struggle really hard to convince the biggies to mention you on their sites. However, a clear and accurate approach can ease this tiring work by perfectly directing your work and operational abilities.

Best White Hat Link Building Techniques

Although white hat link building is difficult, you can follow some effective techniques to drive more authority to your website by receiving the backlinks naturally.

1 – Posting Lengthy Content

You will get backlinks naturally if you post lengthy content with all the required data and essential information. One of the latest SEO researches revealed that big authority websites more often look forward to extracting data from sites with more comprehensive articles. Hence, you must also consider writing an in-depth, unbiased review on any trending topic.

In addition, you must refrain from following the scrappy methods of producing the content, as both length and quality matter. Use simple words and basic vocabulary so that users of every age and education level can understand your thoughts. Also, give a proper structure and signature line to your posts. As a result, the high-authority websites will find you more authentic and give you do-follow backlinks in return.

2 – Restore Broken Links

Another exclusive white hat link-building technique is restoring broken links. These are the links that refer to a particular post or page but, later on, become unfunctional as the targeted address is changed, removed, or deleted. Consequently, these links will be of no use to your site, no matter how worthy they are or how much ranking potential they have.

You can restore the broken links by redirecting the links to other pages or creating a page or post with the same URL targeted in the broken links. In this way, you will be able to improve your site’s authority. Add more content to your homepage so that the referring sites link directly to your domain name instead of posts or pages.

3 – Add Statistics & Infographics

Google acknowledges your efforts in writing top-quality content and helps you rank higher. The big websites also look for compelling content to provide outbound links for improved SEO. You must capture this requirement of both parties for their personal concerns, resulting in mutual benefits.

Generally, stats, infographics, and elaborating images work better than ordinary content. Therefore, you must consider adding them to your posts. The audience is also more likely to understand your content better than words. In this way, you will maximize your chances of getting links from the highly-rated sites.

4 – Guest Posts

Guest posting is considered a black hat technique for link building. Nevertheless, it is a wrong approach. You will continue getting white hat backlinks through guest posts until you follow the proper strategy. Firstly, post high-quality content on your website. Secondly, search for the top-tier sites relating to your niche and reach them to post an article over there. Let them know that you need a backlink and then move forward to create one. Resultantly, you can improve your site’s authority.

5 – Links Exchange

Next, we have listed the links exchange technique for effective white hat link building, as it possesses the immense potential to help your site grow swiftly. Monitor your backlinks profile regularly and check on larger blogs that link to your site. In the next step, you need to contact them to let them know you want more links. See if they are interested or not. If yes, send your content to them.

In addition, you can also offer them a link from your site. Although Google has blacklisted this technique, it is still the most effective way to get backlinks if done precisely. Consequently, it works as a white hat technique for link building.

6 – Use HARO

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is an exceptional platform for journalists to get more data and information to add to their content for improved outcomes. It is an online platform where journalists can create their accounts. They can interact with the general public to gather essential insights. It will be astonishing for numerous SEO learners that you can use it for white hat link building.

You can use HARO to get high-quality links if you are running a website on a particular topic and have deep knowledge about a specific niche. Contact the reporters and help them learn more about the relative topics. Further, request them to mention your site in the big news portals and journals. It will bring good backlinks and increase your site’s traffic.

Final Verdict

All these are the details about the best white hat link building techniques that drive more authority to your website. In conclusion, link building is essential to help your site rank in the search engine results. Further, it enables you get more traffic and save you from Google penalties. However, this process is not simple as you have to direct all your efforts more productively to achieve the desired results. Strategies like lengthy content, infographics, images, and guest posts help you receive backlinks naturally. That’s all about this guide. Stay tuned for more information!

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