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Steps to Download Telegram Videos on PC or Mac

Are you wondering how to download telegram videos on a PC or Mac? If so, don’t worry; you have landed in the right place. Telegram is a social communication app similar to WhatsApp, which allows users to chat with someone, engage the community with group chat, and make video or audio calls. 

However, one of its best features that grabs user attention is large file sharing. You can send or receive up to 2GB of files in any form. Is it not a super cool way to share long videos with friends and family? 

You can download the videos directly in the mobile app, but how can you download Telegram videos on PC or Mac? I have compiled this guide about downloading Telegram videos on a PC. 

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Downloading Telegram videos is straightforward, but if you have to download them from private chat instead of regular chat, you will need to install a special browser extension

Here are simple steps to download Telegram videos on PC or Mac:

Step- 1 Download Directly from Telegram

  • First of all, access the Telegram App on the web. 
  • Go to chat where you want to download the video or search by name.
    Open the chat in the Telegram Web app, right-click on the video, and Click on “Save video as
  • It will direct you to your PC and click “Save file as” and save the video in any folder of your PC. 
  • After selecting the folder, click On “Save.” 

Step-2 Download Via Tool

Downloading telegram videos via third-party tools is another way to easily download the telegram videos on a PC or Mac. In this way, you can save the videos in your gallery to watch them later offline. 

However, you can use the SnapDownloader tool, which is easy to use. Also, downloads Up to 8K resolution are supported. 

Following are simple steps to download the videos:

Copy and Paste Link: first of all, download and open Snapdownloader on your PC( copy your video link from Telegram and paste it.

Select Format: You will have various options to download your video in whichever format you want. For instance, Mp4, 360p, 1080, MOV, Mp3 and more. 

Download Video: Click “Download” and start downloading on your PC

Sum Up

Telegram is an instant messaging and media sharing app to connect with loved ones. You can share the large file up to 2GB, which other social media platforms do not support. However you can easily download the video if you are using the Telegram mobile, but if you are using it on a web browser, then you will need some steps to download the video.

Hence, the process is not very difficult, but if you are unable to download, then you can leverage third-party software tools to download on your PC or Mac to watch offline. 


Can I download multiple videos from Telegram at once?

Yes, you can download multiple videos from Telegram through some managers or browser extensions.

Can I download videos from private Telegram channels or groups?

Yes, you can also download the videos from private telegram channels but you will need a browser extension and sometime permission from the content owner. 

Are there any specific requirements for downloading Telegram videos on a PC or Mac?

No special requirements are needed beyond a web browser and an internet connection.

Is it safe to download videos from Telegram?

Yes, it is safe to download direct videos or movies from telegram and you don’t need to worry much about safety concerns. 

Can I download Telegram videos on my Mac?

Yes, you can download Telegram videos on a Mac by using the Telegram app or a web browser, just like on a PC.

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