Elk Bledom Overview – Everything You Need to Know

Whenever you hear the words party place, what do you think that place should have? Yes, lights. Of course, party lights have to be glittery and spontaneous to react to the music beats. We have come up with a solution named Elk Bledom, which is a Bluetooth LED light strip. Some people can see it in their device’s BT connection list to reflect their music beats. Moreover, seeing this type of unknown name in the BT device list can be confusing and alarming. Don’t worry! It’s nothing as mentioned earlier, this name is typically used to show LED light strips.

Let’s take a look at this thing in detail in this article.

Elk Bledom is a Bluetooth LED light strip that can be connected to your music system and shows different transitions of lights. According to an online source, the letter “BLE” most likely stands for “Bluetooth Low Energy” in Bledom. This signifies that the device is a small-scale IoT device. These transitions will be synced to the music beats and provide an immersive lighting experience at a party.

Nowadays, there are different types of affordable electronics, such as Elk Bledom strip lights sold online. You may get things like Bluetooth speakers, lamps, earbuds, etc. In these types of devices, the BT module has a generic name. For example, rather than having the name “Bluetooth Speakers – Unknown company,” some speakers could appear as a sort of code like “BT – 365” or something.

However, syncing with music systems is a pro for Elk Bledom, but it comes with some cons. In this section, we have prepared a list of the pros and cons of this IoT gadget for individuals to make data-driven decisions.


  • Free application available
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple, stable, and reliable UI
  • Cost-effective, energy saver


  • Requires a power source
  • Appear on phones at random times
  • Limited range

Let’s now talk about what LED light strips themselves are. These types of light strips are typically used in homes for decorative purposes. Depending on the strip type, it can be either RGB (Red – Green – Blue) or a simple standard color. Light strips, especially high-quality ones, have the option to be controlled remotely, which enables individuals to make smart homes. However, some high-end products may allow the device to be connected via Bluetooth to a device instead. This could then allow the user to adjust the settings of the light strip by using Bluetooth, such as Elk Bledom.

This is pretty much why these strips are connected to devices in the first place i.e., so that they can be controlled remotely. Different things are connected to Bluetooth, which allows users to do things with their Elk Bledom light strips. They can do the following stuff:

  • Change the lighting color.
  • Change the lighting style.
  • Set schedules for the lighting.
  • Change the lighting brightness.
  • Turn the light on/off.

And so on.

LED Light Strips

Now, let’s discuss why these light strips appear on your BT list. Normally, Bluetooth devices can connect to other devices in a range of up to 30 meters. But, when we talk about smaller devices like light strips i.e., the “low energy” ones, they have a longer range than usual, such as Elk Bledom.

Someone in your vicinity could be controlling their light strips remotely, which is why the name “Elk Bledom” could also be showing up in your list. However, it may be possible that your device could not pick up any other Bluetooth connections from that place. As we said earlier, the range of Elk Bledom devices will typically be more than larger ones like laptops and mobile phones.

No, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Elk Bledom. It could be strange for some people to see this type of name in their Bluetooth connectivity list. Some people also started a myth that it was a secret recording device, which would breach your security. This myth peddled the fact that due to being in close vicinity, this type of “surveillance” device would show up on the list. However, there is no truth to this. As we have extensively explained above, this name is just for light strips, and they will not cause you any issues.

There’s really nothing you should do about Elk Bledom. Yes, if you see that you’ve accidentally connected to it, you should disconnect from it so the owner doesn’t worry.

The thing about these smaller devices is that no two-way consent is needed for BT connections. If they are not connected to a device, they will appear in the BT list of other nearby devices. Then, anyone can pair and connect with Elk Bledom and make customization accordingly.

Concluding Thoughts

Elk Bledom is, contrary to some myths, a completely harmless BT device name for LED light strips. If you see it in your device list, ignore it and ensure you are not connected unless you have an LED light strip. We have explained it to you in the above section. So, you don’t have to worry if it appears in your Bluetooth connectivity list. Further, the myth of security breaches is also busted, and if you connect it to your smartphone, you may customize it if it works.


Q1- What is Elk Bledom showing up on my Bluetooth?

Elk Bledom is a Bluetooth-supporting light strip that enables individuals to customize lighting colors and sync with music systems.

Q2- How do you get rid of Elk Bledom?

If you were mistakenly connected to Elk Bledom, then it will appear excessively in your Bluetooth connectivity list. You need to delete it from the connection to get rid of it permanently.

Q3- How do I access a paired device?

You need to access your Bluetooth settings to disconnect a paired device with your smartphone.

Q4- Is Elk Bledom security breach a myth?

Yes, Elk Bledom is a myth because it is just a lighting strip that is usually used at parties or other events.

Q5- Does it have a two-way connectivity consent option?

No, Elk Bledom doesn’t have a two-way connectivity consent option because this is a “Low Energy” connectivity gadget.

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