Elk Bledom – What it Means and What You Should Do About it

Elk Bledom is the name of a Bluetooth LED light strip. Some people can see it in their device’s BT connection list. And if you’re reading this post, chances are that you’ve seen it as well.

It can be a little confusing and alarming to see this type of unknown name pop up in the list of BT devices. But, it’s really not anything to worry about.

As we said earlier, this name is typically used to show LED light strips and it’s not anything else.

Let’s take a look at this thing in detail.

What is Elk Bledom

Nowadays, there are different types of affordable electronics sold online. You get things like Bluetooth speakers, lamps, earbuds, and stuff like that. LED light strips are also one of these things.

In these types of devices, the BT module has a generic name. For example, rather than having the name “Bluetooth Speakers – X company,” some speakers could show up as a sort of code like “BT – 365” or something.

So, just as there are different codes and names for different types of devices, there are some specific ones for LED light strips. And that is what Elk Bledom basically is.

It’s a generic name for light strips that appears when the latter’s BT connection is enabled.

According to an online source, the letters “BLE” most likely stands for “Bluetooth Low Energy”. This signifies that the device is a small-scale IoT device.

What are LED light strips?

Let’s now talk about what LED light strips themselves are. You’ve probably seen some of them in online stores, but this is what they typically look like:

These types of light strips are typically used in homes for decorative purposes. Depending on the type of strip it is, it can either be RGB (Red – Green – Blue) or it can be a simple standard color.

Light strips, especially high-quality ones, have the option to be controlled remotely. In some products, this can be done with the help of a remote control (as you can see in the image above.)

However, some high-end products may allow the device to be connected via Bluetooth to a device instead. This could then allow the user to adjust the settings of the light strip by using a special app.

This is pretty much why these strips are connected to devices in the first place i.e., so that they can be controlled remotely.

There are different things that connect to an app that allows users to do with their light strips. They can do the following stuff:

  1. Change the lighting color
  2. Change the lighting style
  3. Set schedules for the lighting
  4. Change the lighting brightness
  5. Turn the light on/off

And so on.

Why are LED light strips showing up in your BT list?

Now let’s talk about why these light strips are showing up in your BT list.

Normally, Bluetooth devices can connect to other devices in a range of up to 30 meters. But, when we talk about smaller devices like light strips i.e., the “low energy” ones, they have a longer range than usual.

There could be someone in your vicinity who could be controlling their light strips via their phone, which is why the name “Elk Bledom” could be showing up in your list as well. But it could be possible that your device could not be picking up any other Bluetooth connections from that same place.

As we said earlier, the range of Elk Bledom devices will typically be more than other larger ones like laptops and mobile phones.

Should you be worried about Elk Bledom?

No, there is nothing to worried about when it comes to Elk Bledom. It could be a little strange for some people to see this type of name in their list. Some people also started a myth that it was a secret recording device or something. This myth peddled the fact that due to being in close vicinity, this type of “surveillance” device will show up in the list.

But there is no truth to this. As we have extensively explained above, this name is just for light strips, and they are not going to cause you any issues.

What should I do about Elk Bledom?

There’s really nothing you should do about Elk Bledom. Yes, if you see that you’ve accidentally connected to it or something, then you should just disconnect from it so that the original owner doesn’t get worried.

The thing about these smaller devices is that there is no two-way consent needed for BT connections. If they are not connected to a device, they will appear in the BT list of other devices in the vicinity. Then, anyone can pair and connect with it.


Elk Bledom is, contrary to some myths, a completely harmless BT device name for LED light strips. If you are seeing it in your device list, just ignore it and make sure you are not connected to it…unless you have a LED light strip yourself.


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