How to Play Fortnite on iPhone (Guide 2024)

How do you entertain yourself when you feel bored? Do you play games? If yes, then you may also have heard of Fortnite. It is one of the most real-like experience providers that take gamers into the world of the battlefield. Where they learn how to survive until last and how could they get things right when required.

If you’re a fan of adventure games, you may also want to play Fortnite on your iPhone but don’t know how. Don’t worry! I have your back and prepared a comprehensive guide on how to play Fortnite on iPhone.

Apple has blocked and doesn’t allow its users to install and update Fortnite on iOS devices because of legal considerations. Some individuals who already have the 13.40 version of the game can play it on their iPhones with limitations. What if someone is willing to play Fortnite on an iPhone and doesn’t install the game? Yes, they have other ways to play the game online on iOS devices as a source of entertainment with conditions.

Individuals play Fortnite to entertain themselves and kill their boredom as if living on the edge. Further, they play the game to experience real-life threats to borders and survive in the bunch of gunshots. Some users don’t have Androids to play this game, so they have to play Fortnite on iPhones.

Steps to Playing Fortnite on iPhone

Game fanatics who are willing to play Fortnite Battle Royal on their iPhones need to know the method to do so. In this section, I have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to play Fortnite on iPhone.

Step 1- App Menu

Firstly, users need to unlock their iPhones and navigate to the application menu. Further, they have to select the Safari Browser to proceed with the procedure and get things done in the right way. Individuals will get the browser on the down right side of the screen along with the phone contact application.

Step 2- Open Safari Browser

After locating the Safari Browser, you need to open it to seek the solution to your problem. What is the problem? Yes, how to play Fortnite on iPhone. The better output for iOS users can be brought by the Safari Browser, which is why I prefer this browser to compile detail the process.

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Step 3- Navigate to the Xbox Cloud Fortnite

Now, you have to search for Xbox Cloud Fortnite in the search bar to get your solution in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Click on the first website, you see in the result to proceed with the procedure further. Alternatively, you can access the site through this website link to access the website and play Fortnite on iPhone:

Step 4- Click on Get Ready To Play

The accessing link will lead you to another page where you have to click on “Get Ready To Play.” Here, you need to decide whether you want this on your homepage or not. Well, it’s your own choice but I described the whole method below.

Step 4.1- Tap Share

To get this link on your homepage as a bookmark, you have to tap the Share icon in the middle of the screen. It will take you to another options page.

Step 4.2- Click on Add to Home Screen

Here, click on the Add to Home Screen button to add this link on your homepage as a bookmark. This step will make a shortcut for this link on your home screen to provide you with convenience and comfort.

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Step 4.3- Select Name

Select a preferred name from which you want to see the shortcut on the homepage screen.

Step 4.4- Click on the Bookmark

After making a shortcut to the bookmark, tap on the bookmark to proceed further.

Step 5- Sign in

xBox Cloud will ask for you to sign in to your account to play the Fortnite game on your iPhone. 

Step 5.1- Sign in to Your Microsoft Account

If you don’t have any Microsoft account, then you are able to create a new one or sign in to your existing account to play the game.

Step 6- Play

Finally, after signing in to your Microsoft account, you can play the game freely on your iPhone. Click on the Play button to start the game quickly and kill your boredom.

The Final Note

Playing games has become the ultimate source of enjoyment for game enthusiasts and offers a threat to kill their boredom. Gamers prefer to play Fortnite Battle Royale because of its real-like gunshot phenomenon and characters that engage users effectively. IPhone users are also in the race to play Fortnite. However, it’s far banned on iOS devices. In the above section, I have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to play Fortnite on iPhone for all iPhone users. Moreover, If you are one of them, then follow the guide and play the game easily.


Q1- Can 3GB RAM run Fortnite?

Yes, a 3Gb RAM device is able to run Fortnite, but it’s inadequate as it simply affords 60 FPS.

Q2- Can I really play Fortnite on my iPhone?

Yes, you can really play Fortnite on your iPhone without installing it on your devices. You will only need a Safari Browser and a Microsoft account to log into the Xbox Cloud.

Q3- Why is Fortnite blocked on iOS?

Apple terminated some of Epic Games’ developer accounts because they had purposely broken the rules of Apple’s in-game purchases.

Q4- Does Fortnite have any restrictions on offering playgrounds?

Yes, Fortnite presents restrictions on offering playgrounds to games below the age of 13 years. It means gamers below the age of 13 can’t play the game because it may have content that can affect their growing brains.

Q5- Is Fortnite addictive?

Yes, the Fortnite Battle Royale game is very addictive. Therefore, parents have to pay attention to the children who play this game day and night.

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