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How To Play Pokémon Games On Your iPhone

There has always been enjoyment in playing arcade games on mobile devices. Among these games, Pokémon is incredibly well-known to iPhone users. Numerous people play this well-known series. You can play several versions of this series on iPhones. That is what this blog will talk about today. We will talk about how to play Pokémon games on your iPhone. There will be a thorough explanation of everything.

 In the end, we will also share some useful tips for playing these games. So, let’s start.

Playing Pokémon games on your iPhone can be performed in two simple ways. We will address each one of them individually.

Method #1 – Playing App Store Pokémon Games:

The first method is playing the games that are officially available on the App Store. It’s the easiest and safest way of playing these games. The process is very straightforward. Installation and gameplay are identical to those of any other App Store game. Let’s explore how you can do it now.

Step – 1:

The first step is searching for a Pokémon game on the App Store( . Simply open the app and search for these games via the search feature.

Step – 2:

Once you have found the game that you like, install it on your iPhone.

You can start enjoying it right after the installation.

The other way of playing these games is rather indirect. People tend to use it to get some extra options for Pokémon games to play. So, let’s start discussing it.

Method #2 – Using Emulators:

This method involves using game emulators. Apple has allowed developers to create and upload these emulators on the App Store. This means that you can easily access them without any hesitation.

The extra thing about this method is that you need ROM files of Pokémon games. These files are games that you can actually play on the emulator. Here are the steps you have to follow to execute this method.

Step – 1:

First, you must install an emulator on your iPhone. You can discover a variety of them on the App Store. For demonstrational purposes, we’re going with the Delta Emulator here.

You can simply open the App Store first of all. After that, search for the “Delta Emulator”.

Once the app appears, install it on your phone.

Step – 2:

Now, you need the ROM file of the Pokémon game. There are different websites that offer these files. You can download them using your phone’s browser.

Make sure to create a separate folder for these games. It will help you out in importing.

Step – 3:

The ROM file will now be imported into the Delta Emulator program in this step. Click the “plus” button after opening the app. It is located in the interface’s upper-right corner.

Clicking on it is going to open a pop-up. Select the Files option here.

Now, navigate to the ROM folder you have created. From here, select the Pokémon game ROM file. Once it is imported into the app, you can start playing it easily.

So, that’s how to play Pokémon on iPhone using an emulator app.

Here’s a list of tips that can help you play these games conveniently:

  • Try to play the games that are available on the App Store. That is because it is a safe and easy process.
  • Download and use the emulator that is famous. They’re likely to be safer.
  • Use the ROM files from trusted websites. It will keep your phone safe from any virus.
  • As mentioned earlier, creating a folder for ROM files can be useful.
  • Use a free emulator. Also, make sure it has different features to make playing this game convenient.
  • Remember that using ROM files of the games you don’t own is considered pirating. It’s wise to stay away from them.

Wrapping Up

Pokémon games have always been close to gamers’ hearts. iPhone gamers aren’t an exception. They also love to play these arcade games on their phone. You can play Pokémon games on iPhones using 2 different methods. The first one is using the official App Store games.

It is a secure and safe method. However, you can only access a few Pokémon games on this store. You can try out the 2nd method to access more of these games. You’re going to need an emulator for that. We have discussed how you can get and use one in the information given above. Some useful tips are also discussed.

Is playing Pokémon games on iPhone free?

Yes. Playing these games on an iPhone is completely free.

Are emulators safe to use for these games?

Some emulators are safe to use on iPhones. Others may harm your device.

Is it legal to use ROM game files?

Using ROM game files is legal if you own a copy. Otherwise, it is considered illegal.

Which emulator is best for playing Pokémon games on iPhone?

Any emulator that is free and secure is best for playing these games.

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