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3uTools – The Best Tool for iOS Users

Howdy, Windows users!

Hope you all are doing well! Do you have an iPhone and want to control it through your Windows, but your Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to do so? If so, then you are searching for a third-party solution, right? Don’t worry! I have come up with a great solution for you to control your iPhone with your Windows 10 or other Windows versions. Yes, I am talking about the great app 3uTools.

Here, I have compiled a comprehensive review of this impressive tool for you to make a good choice. If you are interested in knowing more about 3uTools, then stay with me!

What is 3uTools?

3uTools is a Windows-based iOS controlling application that enables users to control their iOS devices through their PCs. It is a feature-rich iOS device management tool that effortlessly controls iOS devices away from them on PCs whether you want to install or uninstall applications on your iOS devices without any effort.

With the use of 3uTools, you can do anything you want to, such as changing wallpapers to unlocking your iOS devices. For your requirements, this tool will be the only option that efficiently covers you.

How to Download 3uTools on Your Windows PC?

Here are some easy steps to download 3uTools on your Windows PC.

Step 1- Access 3uTools

Firstly, you need to access the 3uTools on your Windows internet browser. Open a new tab on your internet browser and search for 3uTools.

Access the authentic website to proceed with the procedure. Alternatively, you can access the site through this:

Step 2- Click on the “Windows” Button

Here you need to click on the Windows button to download the setup procedure on your Windows. This process enables users to set up the tool easily and connect it to their iOS devices for further procedure.

Step 3- Select Download

Now, you must download the application on your device by clicking on the download button on the home page to proceed. In this way, you will be able to get things in hand.

Step 4- Install on Your PC

Finally, install it on your Windows PC and setup the whole tool according to your preferences. This convenience provides you with an option to do things as you want them to be set.

Step 5- Control Your iOS Devices

Now, connect your iOS device with your Windows PC. In this way, you will be able to make connections between iOS devices and this tool. This will ensure that you are able to set things up on your iOS devices without even touching them.

How to Use 3uTools?

Using 3uTools efficiently can be used to perform several tasks at a single time. When you choose to control your iOS device on your PC, then you have to connect it to your iOS devices. However, it is compatible with many iOS devices, but you should check it before installing. The reason behind this is its code 100 authentication that sometimes refuses to connect to an iOS device.

No matter if you want to remove the wallpaper of your iOS, just command your iOS device. This approach enhances users’ phone accessibility and also boosts functionality. When you feel nothing is working on your iPhone after a mishap, then you can use this tool to control anything on your iOS devices.

Features of 3uTools

Here are some exclusive 3uTools features.

File Management

3uTools allows users to manage their files on their iOS or systems seamlessly. However, you can share files between your iOS devices or an iOS and system to create backup. Whenever you are on the verge of chaos and want to make backup wirelessly then only this tool can help you.


If you are an iOS device user, then you know that iOS doesn’t allow any unofficial apps to be installed. Fortunately, the jailbreaking feature of 3uTools enables you to download any application on your iPhone to unlock its full potential. This approach provides users with the convenience of doing things according to their preferences, like editing videos.

Firmware Flashing

The firmware flashing feature of this efficient tool enables you to conduct an invaluable recovery of bricked devices. Further, you can also downgrade an older iPhone for a more immersive experience. There are several reasons to adopt this tool but this feature makes it insanely valuable for iOS users.

System Tools

3uTools has a suite of system tools that enables you to conduct a memory cleaner process and more. When you choose this tool, you will get some exclusive tools, like disk cleaner and battery doctor. These tools enable you to enhance the functionality and potential of your iOS device.

The Closing Note

3uTools is a Windows based online iOS device controlling software that enables Windows users to manage their iOS devices. Whether they want to change the wallpapers or unlocking their devices, this tool has them covered. This tool enables them to install or uninstall multiple apps on their devices from a far without even touching them.

Further, this convenience provides them with an opportunity to decide whether their devices need to be accessed or not. If you want to download the tool on your Windows 10 PC, then you are good to go to follow the above section guide.


Q1- How to use 3uTools to change iPhone location?

You can change the location by using 3uTools only if your map source is correct and your an efficient version of the tool is installed.

Q2- What is 3uTools?

3uTools is an online tool for Windows to control iOS devices from changing wallpapers to unlocking them.

Q3- What is the error code 10 3uTools?

The error code 10 is the indication that the tool is not capable of changing the virtual location of the device efficiently.

Q4- Why is my iPhone not connecting to 3uTools?

If your iOS version is not incompatible with 3uTools then it will not work with your iPhone or if it is, then check your internet connection carefully.

Q5- Is 3uTools safe?

The answer is yes. This tool is really very safe because it requires a login password to access users’ accounts.

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