ID Verification – Optimizing the Industries Fraud-Fighting Mechanisms

Having strong ID verification protocols can save you and your employees from facing severe consequences. You can lose important data and the person whose identity was stolen will face consequences for something they didn’t do.

That’s why you have to optimize your ID verification protocols so that something like this never happens in your industry.

That’s what we are going to help you within this blog. Here, we will provide you with some effective IDV protocols that you can use to keep your data and employees safe.

Digital IDV Solutions Addresses Various Criminal Threats

Industries while going digital are facing a rise in identity fraud cases. Criminals use digital tools to create fake documents and onboard platforms. For instance, spoofing attacks, deep fakes, voice changers, and 2D/3D masks. According to the stats from 2021, identity theft cost consumers over $43 billion. As per Shufti Pro News, identity fraud helps criminals to onboard legit platforms and reap financial, medical, and several other benefits.  

Businesses need to incorporate effective identity authentication mechanisms to identify imposters prior to onboarding. The AI-enabled solutions provide accuracy and authenticity at lower operational costs. This helps industries save both resources and their reputation from exploitation. Digital identity theft protection solution provides liveness detection that ensures the user is present in the real world. Below are the types of identity thefts that criminals commit and ID verification solutions combat.  

Identity Fraud in the Finance Sector

Banks and other financial firms are currently experiencing an increase in identity-related threats. Criminals steal Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of legit customs to open an account or apply for financial benefits. They also use credit/debit card details to make purchases on e-commerce platforms, withdraw funds, or make hefty transactions. Worse comes worse, this can lead to terrorist funding. 

 This is why banks and other financial industries require robust identity verification to access the risks customers may possess. The digital problems banks face need efficient solutions. This way financial institutions can identify customers more accurately while identifying their source of funds. The AI-powered digital onboarding services use advanced technologies like biometrics and machine learning to identify customers and shield financial databases. 

Synthetic Identity Fraud

Synthetic identity fraud is growing at a dramatic pace causing industries to bring in effective precautions. Criminals use information like names, social security numbers, proof of address, and birthdates to bypass identity verification checks. Sectors like finance, healthcare, law enforcement, and e-commerce need to incorporate biometric identity verification systems. This is not prone to human errors and provides accurate results by analyzing distinct features of customers. 

 Therefore, industries should bring in digital solutions to combat cybercriminals’ attempts. Shufti Pro Funding highlights that digital ID verification services verify customers by taking them through multiple checks. 

Patient Identity Theft

Moving on, medical care centers are also experiencing a rise in medical identity fraud. It might not be a tangible threat but can still cause fatal consequences. Fraudsters commit data breaches to get access to legit patients’ details. They include payment records, medical records, case histories, and insurance details. Criminals can later use these to either back their costly treatments or avail other medical benefits. 

However, a biometric identity verification system will identify them in minimal time. By using facial and fingerprint-based identity authentication, medicare providers can make sure that the right patients are getting the assistance. Ultimately, healthcare providers can safeguard their databases from external breaches and provide privacy to patients. 

Identity Fraud in Law Enforcement Sector

Criminals are getting sophisticated and using various methods to steal legit information and use it for their benefit. This helps them bypass the identity verification services. Law enforcement agencies are commonly facing this issue. During the investigation, offenders often use false information or that which belongs to other citizens. This way they steer clear of the charges and put someone else’s safety at stake.  

 This is why law police departments, intelligence agencies, and other law enforcers need to incorporate digital identity verification. The AI-powered identity theft protection services help these law enforcement agencies to keep tabs on criminals while keeping their records up-to-date. 

Final Thought:

So, that’s it. To stop unauthorized personnel from breaching your important data by using someone else’s ID, you have to optimize your ID verification protocols. There are a bunch of different ways you can do this. Some of the most important and effective IDV protocols are discussed in the information given above


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