IgAnony Review – A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that enables users to stay connected with other users. Somehow, users may build a stalking habit while using this platform and be willing to stalk someone without letting them know. Here IgAnony (also known as ItsAnony) comes into play, allowing them to stalk someone’s Instagram profile anonymously.

It doesn’t require any sign-in and also enables users to download content from anyone’s Instagram profile. In this article, we will discuss this platform in great detail. Let’s begin.

IgAnony not only lets you see stories privately but also gives you the option to download available content from their profiles. There is a download button available for each photo and video on the profile. You need to click on it to download the content directly on your device.

What do people look for in a tool that can help them view Instagram stories anonymously? It’s simple. The ability to keep the identity hidden and ease of use. IgAnony has the potential to do more than that. which makes it the best Instagram story viewer tool. Here are the features of this helpful platform.

Simple User Interface

Remember the “ease of use” feature we talked about before? Well, here it is. IgAnony has one of the simplest and easiest user interfaces. There are no fancy designs on the interface (it is aesthetically pleasing, though). The functions and options are laid out pretty simply to attract potential audiences. Users haven’t found it complex at all to see where to search for the account, view, or download the story.

Keeps Identity Hidden

Well, that’s what most people use this tool for, right? IgAnony helps you view stories anonymously. Since you don’t log in to your profile on this platform, the other person is unable to identify if you have seen their story or not.

Download Photos and Videos

Besides allowing you to browse Instagram anonymously, it also enables you to download photos and videos. You can download all the media you want with just one click. However, there is a little difference in what type of media can be downloaded on free and premium versions.

So, these are some of the major features that make IgAnony an ideal place for viewing Instagram stories anonymously.

Here’s how you can use this tool:

  • First, open your Internet browser and search “IgAnony” to access this anonymous story viewing tool. Alternatively, you can access it via this:
  • After accessing IgAnony, you will see a search bar on the front of its homepage. Input your desired username here to stalk anonymously.
Start Stalking
  • If your searched account is private then there is no way of stalking but if not then you will highlights and other content. This content can be viewed and downloaded anonymously without letting anyone know.

Let’s see how you can download photos and videos with this tool:

  • Once you have opened an Instagram profile in IgAnony, open the story that you want to download. You can also open highlights if you want to download them.
Open What to Download
  • Now, click on the “Download” button indicated in the image above to download the photo/video on the story.
Click on Download


  • Stalk anonymously
  • intuitive interface
  • Download Instagram content
  • No ads


  • Can’t see or download posts on a profile

Ethical Considerations

Although using IgAnony or any other IG story viewer tool can be fun, you should keep in mind not to use it unethically. This means that you should not use it to harass or blackmail any account owner in terms of stalking. Don’t post any downloaded content without the permission of the account owner.

Best IgAnony Alternatives:

Here are some of the best IgAnony alternatives that you can try out:

Pixwox is a free Instagram viewer tool. It offers features that make anonymous Instagram browsing a lot easier. You don’t have to log in to your account in order to use this tool. You can stalk and download media from different profile sections. This includes posts, IGTV, stories, etc.

Another free Instagram viewer tool is InstaNavigation. It allows you to search for profiles by their username or link. You can download images and videos from posts as well. The tool shows statistical data about the account as well. This feature sets it apart from other viewer tools.

AnonStories is a very simple and straightforward tool. It is designed to give you access to any public Instagram account. Most of the features can be used for free. However, the tool offers some exclusive ones as well. They can be accessed in the premium version (4.99/month).

The Ending Lines

IgAnony can be the best choice for you if you want to view and download people’s Instagram stories anonymously. this tool prioritizes your privacy and keeps it hidden while you watch stories. The above-given information includes detailed notes on the features of this tool along with the steps you have to follow to start using this tool. By using this amazing tool, you are free to download any content from any account.

Is IgAnony completely anonymous?

The answer to this question is yes. IgAnony is completely anonymous that keeps every view profile view unknown.

Does it collect my data?

No, IgAnony doesn’t collect any of its users’ data to ensure that they are safe here.

Is IgAnony ads-free?

IgAnony focuses on customer experience through convenience. Thus, it provides users with an ads-free platform to stalk someone on Instagram.

Does it store the downloaded content?

No, IgAnony doesn’t store any of the downloaded content through it to ensure users that their data is also safe.

Can it allow to stalk private accounts?

The answer to this question is absolutely not because it respects Instagram’s privacy laws. It is why users can’t stalk private accounts on IgAnony.

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