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What is OneDrive – A Comprehensive Review

In this modern age, people store their data in cloud storage. These are virtual storage places where you can store almost anything. Several tech companies have launched their own versions of these storages. Microsoft did it with OneDrive. More than 300 million of their users use their cloud storage service. Keeping your data stored in OneDrive is much convenient. That is because you can access it from anywhere you want to. It also becomes secure since no one can access it without login credentials.

We’ll talk about what OneDrive is in this post. We’ll also look at how Microsoft users may access this service by logging in. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Let’s begin with discussing what Microsoft OneDrive actually is. It is a cloud-based service that lets users store almost any file that they want. It lets you sync all of your devices which can be helpful in sharing data.

Additionally, data sharing with individuals worldwide is also possible with it. This service’s initial release was in 2007. Since then, practically all Microsoft users have chosen it as their cloud storage provider of choice. Apple users can also utilize this service. They just need an ID for that. A bit later in this blog, we will go over how to log in to this service properly. Let’s quickly review its features for now.

OneDrive offers a lot of useful features. However, we’re going to be focusing only on the major ones. They are listed below:

Access from any device:

This is one of the most useful features of this storage service. You can access it from any device that you use. You just have to input your ID in it. After that, you can download or upload content from that device.

Collaborate with others:

This function will be beneficial to you if you work with individuals virtually. Collaborating with others is made possible via OneDrive. Several users can access the same file in this circumstance.

 In this way, they get to download or make changes to it.

 Freemium Service:

Yes. This storage service is freemium. This means that there are two versions of it. One is for free and the other is paid. They’re not actually separate versions. You get a free storage of 5GB when you join this service. If you want to increase it after that, you will have to pay.

Strong Security Protocols:

This service is very secure. That is because it has strong security protocols. Your data will not get stolen or corrupted when saved here.

Performing a OneDrive Login is very easy. Let’s see how to do it.

Step – 1:

You must first use a search engine to look for “Login Microsoft.” There will be a ton of pertinent search results for you. You must select the one that we have highlighted in the following image from those that appear:

OneDrive Login

Step – 2:

Now, you have to input your ID that is connected to your Microsoft account.

OneDrive Login

The site will send you a code on your ID. Input this code in the designated area.


Step – 3:

This will take you to your OneDrive account. Here, you can upload any content that you want to store.


We will help you register for this service and create an account. To do it, simply follow these instructions:

Click the “Create One!” option on the login screen.


Input a valid email address in the designated place.


After that, create a password that is strong but also easily memorable for you.

Create a password

Now, give your first and last name.

whats your Name

The site will ask you for some further information. This data contains your birth country and date of birth. Finish the registration procedure by entering all of this information. Once you have your password and email, you may use these to access OneDrive.

The pricing details of OneDrive are discussed below:

OneDrive Home Packages:


  • Yearly payment: $19.99
  • Monthly payment: $1.99


  • Yearly payment: $69.99
  • Monthly payment: $6.99


  • Yearly payment: $99.99
  • Monthly payment: $9.99

These prices indicate that you can either pay the whole yearly payment at once or pay monthly. Paying yearly can save you a little money.

What you get in these packages can be seen in the image given below:

OneDrive Price Packages

OneDrive Business Packages:

If you want to use this service for your business, here are the packages that you can try out:

Plan 1:






OneDrive Business

Keep in mind that this price is per user.


OneDrive has become a famous cloud storage service. It offers a lot of features that make the user experience safe and convenient. You can store almost anything on this storage. This data contains your birth country and date of birth. All of your gadgets are in sync with it. Data communication between devices is made simple in this method. In addition, registering and signing in are really simple operations. We have discussed them in great detail in the information given above. This service is freemium. So, we have also mentioned its pricing details. Make sure to compare all the packages before you buy it.

How much storage I can get for free on OneDrive?

On OneDrive, you can get 5GB of free storage.

Can Apple users also utilize this service?

Absolutely. This service can also be utilized by Apple users.

Can I download OneDrive on Windows 10?

On Windows 10, OneDrive is not required to be downloaded. That is because it comes pre-installed on it.

Can I use this service on a mobile phone?

Yes. This storage service can be used on a mobile phone as well.

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