Insanony Instagram Viewer – Everything You Need to Know

Instagram has gained fame due to the features it provides. All of these features have helped enhance its user experience. Yet, you can’t do certain things on this app. For example, you cannot view a profile’s story anonymously.

That’s where InsAnony comes in. This online Instagram viewer tool can help you watch stories anonymously. Besides this, it offers several other useful features that will be covered in today’s article. Here, you will basically find everything you need to know about this tool.

Let’s get going.

Let’s start off with a basic overview of InsAnony Instagram Viewer. It is an online platform that people use to view Instagram a little differently. It doesn’t look like the official Instagram application at all.

Its user interface is entirely different. You have to search for a profile by typing its name in the search box. And if you want to see another profile after that, you will have to search for it again.

Instagram does not allow anonymous story viewing. It also doesn’t let users download pictures and videos that are uploaded to these stories. InsAnony bypasses these restrictions and helps people do both of these things.

InsAnony contains a lot of useful features. Each one of them aims to make the user experience convenient and anonymous. Let’s discuss the most important ones of them.

Anonymous story viewing:

The basic feature, and the most useful one, of this tool is that you can view Instagram stories anonymously. When you see a profile’s story, a small icon appears to them. This icon contains your profile picture and username. It basically tells the user that you’ve seen their stories.

If you view the story with this tool, the uploader of the story is unable to trace it. This brings us to the next feature of this tool.

No profile login required:

There’s no profile login required to use InsAnony. This means that you can start viewing profiles without an account.

So, when there’s no account logged in, the other person is unable to know who viewed their stories. This is a useful feature for those who don’t want to create an Instagram account and still want to enjoy browsing it.

Highlights viewer:

You can also view highlights of a profile with the help of this tool. All the highlighted stories of a profile are shown right in front of you when you open it.

Downloading stories:

Besides viewing stories anonymously, you can download them on your device directly. This means that whatever picture or video that has been uploaded there can be downloaded. This also applies to the highlights.

Decent user interface:

InsAnony has made sure to make the user interface as decent as possible. Its color scheme relates to the official Instagram scheme with a dark touch. The functional options of this tool are also very simple.

It is free to use:

Last but not least, you can enjoy this tool completely free. There is no subscription required in order to view profiles on this tool.

Viewing stories on InsAnony is very easy. It includes very basic steps that are discussed below:

Step – 1:

The first step is all about accessing the InsAnony tool on the Internet. Any Internet browser can be used for that. Search for the tool’s name and click on the domain we’ve indicated in the image below. This tool can be accessed directly from here,

Insanony Instagram Viewer

Step – 2:

Once you have opened the tool, you will see a search box placed on the homepage. You can type in the username of the account that you want to stalk.

Insanony Instagram Viewer

You can also input the profile link to search for it.

Step – 3:

In the last step, you can begin viewing stories and highlights of the profile. They are all placed right in front of you.

Insanony Instagram Viewer

Downloading stories with InsAnony is even easier.

  • Once you open a profile, you can see a download button below each story and highlight it.
  • Click on this button to download this story on your device.

Using InsAnony can be beneficial for you in several ways.

  • You get the liberty to use Instagram without creating an actual account on it.
  • You can stalk stories of your favorite profiles without being noticed.
  • As a content creator, you can reuse downloaded pictures and videos from the stories.

Many users feel anxious about the legal concerns related to InsAnony. These concerns are very valid. That is because this tool goes against the policy and guidelines of Instagram.

Using this tool can be considered illegal.

However, there are no major cases of users being legally charged for using such tools. You have to keep one thing in mind. If you use it for someone, you might get in trouble.

As for safety, this tool is very safe to use. No major malware threats are related to it. You can always use a VPN service to ensure your safety even more.

Some of the very best alternatives of InsAnony are discussed below:

1. AnonStories:

The first alternative we’re going to discuss is AnonStories. The specialty of this tool is that it also has a premium version. This means you can enjoy some exclusive features on it. The pricing of this version starts at $4.99/month.

Insanony Instagram Viewer alternative

2. IgAnony (ItsAnony):

The name of this tool sounds like InsAnony. However, it has an entirely different nature. It offers similar features to this tool. IgAnony also has a premium version (also starting from $4.99). But you can enjoy most of its features for free.

Insanony Instagram Viewer alternative

3. Picuki:

Last but not least, you can try out Picuki as InsAnony’s alternative. This tool is completely free to use. You can view stories anonymously and also download them on your device. There’s also no registration required in order to start using this tool.

Insanony Instagram Viewer alternative

Closing remarks

To conclude everything we’ve shared above, InsAnony is one of the best Instagram viewer tools available out there. That is because it comes packed with some very useful features. Not only it lets you see Instagram stories anonymously, but it also allows you to download them on your device.
The usage method of this tool is also very easy. The details of the whole process are shared above. We have also discussed how to download stories with this tool. Just make sure not to use this tool for blackmailing someone.

Is using InsAnony safe?

Using the InsAnony tool is fairly safe. You can use a VPN service if you want to keep yourself secure from major malware threats.

Can I download videos that are uploaded on stories with this tool?

Yes. This tool can help you download both videos and pictures that are uploaded to a story.

Can I create an optional account on this tool?

No. There is currently no such feature available on this tool.

Do I need to purchase a subscription in order to use this tool?

No. There is no subscription required in order to use InsAnony.

Can I reuse the downloaded content from this tool?

Indeed. You can reuse this content. However, reusing copyrighted content can cause trouble.

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