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Webcord Virus – Understanding & Removal Guide In 2024

We download and install third-party applications and game cracks on our computers all the time. Sometimes, these things inject a virus into your computer which is known as the Webcord Virus. It is an adware that automatically redirects all your browser activities to unwanted websites and search results.

Facing this error can be annoying. It’s essential to get rid of it. Removing such a virus is very easy. That’s what we will help you out in today’s article. Let’s begin the complete removal guide of Webcord Virus that’s effective in 2024.

Seeing ads that offer attractive offers on the Internet is normal. It becomes annoying when your original search queries start getting redirected to unwanted ads. That’s what Webcord Virus does to your system.

Before we begin discussing the removal of Webcord Virus, it’s important to understand what it actually is. It is a malicious program that corrupts your system. This corruption leads to exposure to unwanted ads. So, it’s more like an adware rather than an actual virus.

This virus mostly attacks your Internet browsers. So, when you search for something on a search engine, you don’t get the required results. Instead, you are shown some unwanted advertisements. 

Most of these advertisements are clickbaits. They are not real. They can even lead you to more troublesome viruses that can mess up your Internet browser.

Let’s understand how a Webcord Virus is installed on your computer. Well, here’s a bad news for you. This virus isn’t injected by someone else. You install it unknowingly.

Most of the time, these viruses are hidden in the third-party software we install on our computers. People always try to save some bucks and download unlocked software applications. Mainly sites that offer these applications hide these viruses in your computer. So, in this way, you start seeing unwanted ads on your search results and browser homepage.

Another way we invite this virus into the system is by downloading cracks of games. It works in a similar way. A suspicious website offers you a crack to download. You install it on your computer and boom! Here are some strange-looking ads on your browser. Well, the damage has been done. The virus is in your system. Now, you want to get it out. The next section of this article will help you with it.

Since Webcord Virus is more like adware, you can remove it by using some simple methods. The details of these methods are discussed in the information given below:

Method #1 – Uninstall any suspicious programs from your computer:

The first method involves the removal of suspicious programs from your computer. We install such programs unknowingly all the time. They usually come as a byproduct of the actual software that people install on their computers.

Let’s remove them now.

  • Open the “Apps and Features” sections from settings.
suspicious programs removal
  • Scan the programs carefully. After that, start removing the programs that you think are suspicious.
  • Click on the three dots in front of the program. After that, select the “Uninstall” option to remove them.
suspicious programs

Your machine will be free of the Webcord Virus if you follow all the instructions exactly.

Method #2 – Reset your browser settings:

In the second method, we are going to reset your browser settings to default. This will help you reset any suspicious extension or remove spam notifications from it.

The method of resetting is different for each type of browser. So, we are going to discuss Google Chrome here since it is commonly used.

  • Open the homepage of the browser.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Now, click on the “Settings” option.
suspicious programs
  • Here, look for the “Advanced” section and click on it.
suspicious programs
  • Click on the “Reset and Clean Up” button.
suspicious programs
  • You will see 2 different options here. Select the one shown in the image.
suspicious programs
  • Now, click on the “Reset” settings.
suspicious programs
  • Click on “Clear Data”.
suspicious programs

Doing this is going to reset the settings of your browser to default. This reset will also remove the Webcord Virus.

Method #3 – Use third-party virus remover tools:

The third method includes the usage of third-party virus removal tools. There are several authentic tools available on the Internet that you can use for this purpose. Their purpose is to search for the Webcord Virus by scanning your machine.

After the scanning, they remove these viruses by applying appropriate strategies. Some of the best Webcord Virus removal tools are discussed below:

  • Rkill
  • Malwarebytes
  • HitmanPro
  • AdwCleaner.

Please note that sometimes you may need to use more than one software tool to remove such viruses.

Method #4 Reinstall the Windows:

If none of the discussed methods has worked for you, you need to reinstall the Windows. That is because the virus may have damaged your system too much. When you reinstall the Windows, most of your data will get removed. In this way, you can get rid of the Webcord Virus.

Just make sure to back up your important data somewhere before you do it.

You can do the following things in order to avoid facing the Webcord Virus in the future:

  • Do not install any cracked software or games on your computer.
  • If you have to install it, download it from a safe website.
  • Keep an eye on the installation process. Take care to prevent the installation of any dubious supplementary software.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious ads while surfing the Internet.
  • Use an ad-blocking app or extension to get rid of such ads.

Concluding Lines

Webcord Virus is an adware that corrupts your Internet browser. It starts showing unwanted ads by redirecting your search queries. This can invite more viruses. That’s why you have to remove it.
It gets into your system when you install cracked software or games. You can remove it with the help of different methods. These methods are discussed in the information given above.

Can Webcord Virus delete the data from my computer?

This virus does not delete any of your data from your computer. instead, it shows you annoying and unwanted ads.

Can switching my network connection fix this virus?

No. Switching your networking connection may not fix this virus. That is because it is installed in your system. It will be removed manually.

Are there any software tools that can prevent my system from catching this virus?

There are several tools available that can be helpful in this case. However, their proper functionality is not guaranteed.  

Can reinstalling the Windows wipe out this virus?

Yes. Reinstalling Windows can help you wipe out this virus from your system. However, you may risk losing your data in this process. So, make sure to back it up somewhere first.

Can this virus corrupt my whole computer?

No. This virus won’t corrupt your whole computer. It usually attacks your Internet browser.

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