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What is Twitch Turbo and How Does it Work?

What is Twitch Turbo and How Does it Work?

Twitch Turbo is an online subscription by the world’s most popular online streaming platform Twitch. With this subscription, you get a wide variety of benefits and features, including an ad-free experience. It is an entirely different service, so don’t confuse it with Twitch Prime.

Nobody likes to watch ads in their streaming, whether it’s in a movie or a short video streaming. The ad interruption is even more annoying when you’re watching a live stream since you miss out on key moments.

Such an issue is commonly annoying for Twitch users, and your traditional ad blocking won’t do any good. In that case, Twitch Turbo is the right option to avail.

In this article, we will talk about what Twitch Turbo is and how it works. We will also go through the benefits of Twitch Turbo to discuss if it’s worth subscribing to this service for a monthly fee.

What is Twitch Turbo?

What is Twitch Turbo

Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription offered by the online streaming service Twitch for its users. The sole purpose and feature offered by this service is that the users can watch streams without ads. This monthly subscription now costs $11.99 (US Dollars). You can set it to either subscribe automatically or do it manually every month.

Twitch Turbo has been active since February 2013 to give viewers and streamers an ad-free experience. Viewers and streamers shared the idea that they always used to get detracted from the flow of immersive experiences. They were not complaining that the stream was not watchable. It was only that the ads made things annoying.

Besides the ad-free experience, users also get a lot of perks, like the chat badge and extended broadcast storage options. The price of the Turbo subscription has been increased than before. Although the services, perks, and benefits tend to remain the same as before.

How does Twitch Turbo Work?

Twitch Turbo is much similar to the premium services offered by other streaming services like Spotify, IFVOD, and YouTube. These services offer an ad-free experience with a premium subscription.

Twitch Turbo- working

Similarly, Twitch Turbo cuts out the ads from live streams and makes the viewing experience more seamless. Some users also get the free subscription month as a coupon, but that rarely occurs from now on.

Quite often, people confuse Turbo subscription for Twitch Prime, which is a different monthly subscription with a different rate. Turbo is the sole subscription offered by Twitch streaming services. On the other hand, Twitch Prime is affiliated with Amazon. To activate Twitch Prime on your account, you may have to link the Amazon Prime account with your Twitch.

Key Features

Here we have enlisted the range of features you get with the Twitch Turbo service that makes it a legitimate option for viewers and streamers.

Ad-Free Experience

The main reason why you may want to subscribe to Turbo subscription is the ad-free experience. As we mentioned before, this service was exclusively launched to make streaming more seamless. As you can see in the image below, we have featured a preview of how the Twitch ad appears in the stream.

Twitch Turbo- Ads free experience

This ad is skippable, but still, it draws the attention of the viewership. Once you have subscribed to Turbo service, you get a completely ad-free experience. This is the only working remedy that’s officially offered by Twitch. Ad blockers may not work on the Twitch application, so it won’t do any good.


Twitch Turbo - Chat Badge

Turbo subscribers get a special chat badge lodged with their accounts. This badge will appear next to your name every time you text a streamer on Twitch to indicate that you are also a member. You can always choose to hide this badge. The turbo badge will appear as a charging battery sign with your name in the chat, as shown below.

However, if you have secured multiple badges on Twitch, you may have to choose between the Turbo and any other one. Therefore, you may have to give priority to this one if you want to show a Turbo badge instead of your other achievements.

More Emotes!

With the Turbo subscription, you get two extra sets of emotes. These emote can be used over the customized emotes awarded by the streamers as their personalized option.

Twitch Turbo- More Emotes

If you are not able to see these emotes after subscription, it’s probably because you have subscribed to Twitch Prime. Prime members get the same set of emotes with their subscription.

Customizable Chat Username

The chat username and color customization may seem like a usual option on other platforms. However, with Twitch, this service is included with the Turbo subscription.

Therefore, you can choose to set your own identity instead of Twitch’s common purple color. You get vast options of color pellets to choose from, and you can select from over 11 million color combinations.

Extra Broadcast Storage

Last but not least option you get is some extra broadcast storage with an extended time period. Therefore, your broadcasts will remain saved for 60 days instead of the common 14 days. It’s a pretty valuable option for content creators as they get to upload the series of streams, even if it goes for a month.


Ad-free experience is a premium service these days on streaming platforms. There are skippable and non-skippable ads that just ruin the viewing experience at key moments in your stream.

Therefore, services like Twitch Turbo simplify things for users to make the streaming and viewership experience more favorable. Hopefully, this article provided you with valuable insights, and now you got a broad idea of how this service works.

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