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Guide to Choosing the Best Instagram Viewer Tool for Your Needs

There are hundreds of Instagram Viewer tools available on the Internet that provide almost similar features to each other. This makes choosing the best Instagram Viewer tool a lot harder. However, if you know a few simple things, you can easily pick the right tool for yourself.

That’s what we are going to help you in today’s guide blog. Here, we will walk you through a complete process of choosing an Instagram Viewer tool that will fulfill all of your requirements.

Let’s get into it.

Instagram Viewer that lets you Browse Anonymously

Suppose you are someone who wants to explore other’s insta profiles without even letting them know. If you are worried about them finding out about you, then there are plenty of Instagram viewers who can help you view different Instagram profiles without leaving a trace of you.

You do not have to create an Instagram account to view someone’s profile; therefore, no one can find out that you view their profile or their posts. You can browse profile usernames without even logging in to your account so that you will not leave a trace that you were there.

It can be a very helpful way for you to track someone’s activity regularly on Instagram without letting them know about you, but these types of tools that are third-party can risk your privacy and data by downloading malware into your system without your consent, so be careful.

Instagram Viewers for Downloading Photos and Videos

Instagram is a famous social media platform that is really popular for its interesting content. People like a lot of videos and photos on Instagram on a daily basis, but there are some photos and videos that are worth downloading, but they do not know which Instagram viewer will do best for them.

There might occur some problems while downloading some content because of the privacy policy or copyright issues, so you should respect their content terms and conditions.

You can use the following Instagram viewers that will let you download videos and photos by copying their link and pasting it in the Insta viewer. You can download the photo or video in your preferred quality.


AnonStories gives you a simple way to download the stories by simply pasting the link and username which is convenient to use via PC, macOS, Android, or iOS platforms right from your web browser.

Instagram Viewer


SnapInsta is the most popular Instagram video downloader which let’s you download videos and photos for free. This is also an online Instagram viewer and downloader.

Instagram Viewer


Instagram Viewer

Imginn is the simplest Instagram Viewer that you can find online. Simply paste the link of the profile or username and press GO to get the Instagram.

Instagram Viewers For Viewing Profiles Without an Account

People get uncomfortable creating an account on the platform to view someone’s profile; therefore, there are some Instagram viewing tools available that will not ask you to create an account to explore someone’s profile.

They allow their users to search for the correct username of the profile they want to explore and let them visit that account. The tools that you use without creating an account can be problematic sometimes because they are not very reliable. They do not always show a complete profile.

You can go for the following insta viewing tools


Inflact is one of the premium Instagram content-downloading tools for marketers who want to download images and videos. It’s more than just a tool as you can even use it to track analysis of your Instagram account. However, to get the premium features you may have to avail the paid subscription.


Another simple yet easy to use tool that can be accessed online. You just have to paste the username or link to the post that you want to view and it will get it for you.


PathSocial is another analytic tool that gives you the complete outlook of the profile that you search for. It also gets you photos and videos as well.

Instagram Viewers that lets you View Private Instagram Accounts

If you are interested in viewing some Instagram accounts that are not public, then we are here to explain things in a better way. There is no way to view an Instagram account that is private. The whole point of having a private account is its privacy. There is no available tool, website, or app that will let you get into a private Instagram account without the owner’s permission.

Different websites and applications claim to provide you a way to explore a private Instagram account and ask you to fill out some surveys and download their apps, but in the end, you will get nothing because no such tool has been developed till now. You will get scammed, and they will generate revenue.

Do not waste your time searching for such tools because your search will get you nowhere. The only way to view a private Instagram account is to ask the owner for their permission and wait for them to let you in; otherwise, invading someone’s privacy can get you into some serious trouble because it is a cybercrime.

Instagram Viewer Bots

If you want to know about a way that your Instagram gets to be automated, which will let you view insta profiles, photos and videos automatically, then you can go for Instagram viewer bots. You can use these bots so that you do not have to scroll Instagram manually. These bots will scroll for you so that you do not have to waste your time in scrolling, and you can give your time to other important things.

These Instagram bots will make your online visibility, and your insta account will be ranked more and available to other Instagram users more often. This type of tool is mostly used by Instagram influencers who want to boast their content availability to their audience by being active all the time.

Make sure to use some reputable Insta viewer bots so that you will be safe from any data risks and troubles.


You can use any type of Instagram viewer according to your preference. These are the tools that provide their users with additional features that will enhance their user experience. You can choose one according to your needs. You will have to analyze your needs and then check for the available decent insta viewing tools that are reliable. It is suggested that you try not to use these 3rd party tools for your ease because sometimes they can cause you some trouble that you do not want.

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