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Types of Social Media Content
Social Media

Popular Types of Social Media Content to Create

Social media marketing can support increasing brand awareness, brand recognition, and sales while improving your relationships with consumers. A quality social media content plan can assist you to reach more people and earn more followers. Knowing what to post on each social media platform is essential.

So, in this article, we’ll share the most beneficial types of social media content according to marketers and how brands use these designs to strike a loop with audiences.

Types of Social Media Content:

The success of your social media endeavors hinges entirely upon the performance of the content you share. Yet, for small businesses, crafting effective, competitive, and time-efficient content can be quite a challenge. Your content should enhance the overall customer experience. To address these obstacles, most content strategies encompass diverse content styles. By incorporating this rich array of distinct content types into your marketing strategy, you can cultivate a more engaging and rewarding experience for your audience.:

Short-Form Video 

Short-form videos stand out as the most captivating genre of social media content, primarily owing to their ability to convey information in under a minute succinctly. This brevity enhances their shareability and aligns perfectly with the fast-paced nature of social media consumption. In a world where people seek immediate gratification through quick and entertaining content that can be effortlessly consumed on the go, a 15-minute video appears impractical when a one-minute video can accomplish the same task equally. Given this perspective, investing in creating short-form videos is a valuable endeavour. Common examples of platforms that excel in this regard are TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

High Quality-Images

Images are the second most potent form of content for grabbing attention and engaging audiences. They encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from impeccably crafted product photographs to trending memes that resonate with your brand. Images are among the most frequently shared content types across various social networks. Static images possess the remarkable ability to convey messages swiftly and are absorbed almost instantaneously. Elements like colour, composition, text, and other intricate details collectively offer social media users an immediate impression of your brand. According to our recent Marketing Strategy Report, 47% of marketers employ images as a preferred media format, effectively harnessing their impact across all social media platforms.

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Audio Chat and Live Rooms 

Audio chat represents yet another form of social media content, and several platforms offer built-in features designed for this purpose, such as Twitter Spaces, LinkedIn Live, or Facebook Live Audio. Marketers intend to explore the primary content category for the first time in 2023. This strategic shift is logical since audio chat rooms empower brands to establish direct and meaningful lines of communication with their audiences, fostering more intimate connections than conventional methods like billboards or YouTube videos. In an era when consumers place an increasingly high value on brand interactions, using audio chat rooms emerges as a valuable and essential tool.

User-Generated Content 

User-generated content (UGC) comprises content created by your audience that highlights your business or brand without any financial incentives your company provides. When consumers voluntarily produce content showcasing your products, they offer social proof and authentic testimonials. UGC has unlocked new opportunities for brands to extend their reach as people enjoy community participation. TikTok videos express their genuine appreciation for your product or post a photo wearing your clothing while tagging your business. This kind of content holds immense value for sharing across social media platforms, as it provides tangible evidence that real people not only use but also genuinely enjoy your products, lending a real-world endorsement. 


Infographics possess the shareability and visual allure akin to photos, yet they are laden with valuable data and information. It’s paramount to craft infographics that are easily understandable and accessible. Employ a palette of colours, icons, and illustrations to infuse your content with heightened engagement. These graphics can also be invaluable tools for simplifying intricate concepts or data into a more digestible format. Experimentation with various formats to determine the optimal sizes for social media sharing or integrating the infographic into your website, followed by sharing previews on social media, can be a practical approach. 

Shoppable Content 

Shoppable social media content empowers consumers to peruse products directly on your social media accounts, explore items that pique their interest, and even complete purchases without exiting the app. The illustration below illustrates an Instagram storefront for Ink Meets Paper, enabling users to peruse its product catalogue, identify items of interest, and initiate a purchase seamlessly. This content format holds significant value, particularly in the current landscape, where social shopping is experiencing a significant surge. Consumers are increasingly discovering and purchasing products within the confines of social media apps. 

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Ephemeral Or Disappearing Content

Ephemeral or disappearing content refers to content with a limited lifespan, like Instagram Stories that vanish after 24 hours. Viewers know they have only a brief window to engage with this content, which can pique their interest and encourage them to stay connected with your profiles, returning regularly to explore your updates. One effective strategy to make the most of this content is creating interactive quizzes and polls within your Stories. These features harness the urgency associated with disappearing content, driving excitement and prompting immediate action from your audience, who are motivated to revisit and discover the results.

Educational Content 

Educational content is a valuable resource that imparts helpful information to audiences, aiding them in achieving their objectives and fulfilling their requirements. Such content can take various forms, including infographics, videos, text-based posts, and images, all detailed in this article. For instance, Edulize frequently disseminates educational content through its YouTube channel, allowing viewers to delve into topics of interest. Edulize has noted that educational content, particularly infographics, garners significant shares alongside how-to guides and list-style posts.

Final Thoughts 

Understanding and leveraging the most popular types of social media content is essential for any successful digital marketing strategy. Whether short-form videos, high-quality images, user-generated content, or educational materials, each content type offers unique opportunities to engage with your audience and enhance your brand’s presence. By incorporating these content styles into your social media strategy, you can build stronger connections with your audience, drive growth, and ultimately achieve your marketing goals.

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