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Is Facebook Down? Instagram Down? What Happened?

Why Facebook is not working? Are you currently facing an issue with Facebook that the session is expired? Don’t worry your password is not wrong and no one has hacked your account, facebook and Instagram are facing outage problems worldwide and the server is down right now. 

There is an issue of outage and all of the users have logged out. Most of the users are trying to log in and they are facing a session that is expired or a failure to load the page. Facebook is not working on the mobile app or website. 

Not only Facebook but also Meta’s platforms such as Instagram, threads and Messenger are not currently working. Millions of users are facing issues loading pages. has published almost 44,0000 user outages right now. 

However, there are no official announcements about outages from Meta, the cause is still unconfirmed. Users are reporting and searching why Facebook is not working, and why they are logged out from Facebook. So, be patient and wait for the settlement of the outage problem. 

Fawad Malik

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