The Science Behind Snapchat Planet Order

Snapchat Planet Order refers to the arrangement of planets in the Friend Solar System, indicating the positions of friends in a user’s Best Friends list. Each planet represents a specific position in the list, and users can tap on the badge to see which planet corresponds to a particular friend.

Because each planet represents a special friend and has a special symbolic meaning. These special planet custom stickers can be given to corresponding friends. These stickers can be affixed to your laptop, mobile phone case, office desk, or even on birthday gifts you give to friends, so you can see the stickers anywhere to remind you of your friends, and it also means that your friends are always around you. You can customize it on the!

This kind of gift is an item with special meaning and memory. It can also show your friendship and special emotional connection. Each planet sticker represents a special meaning. According to different planet stickers, you can tell who the friend is. Several close friends also made this gift a precious souvenir for a close friend. 

Snapchat has also released a premium paid version, Snapchat+. The new update includes some rather innovative options called “Snapchat Planets.” In addition, the features of Snapchat can arrange your contact list like a solar system based on how often you text each person.

Here, you will find information on Snapchat and its many features, the Snapchat Planet Order, Snapchat Plus, and how to acquire it. You will also learn about the Meaning and much more of Snapchat Plus Planet Order.

Snapchat’s Planet Order – An Overview

According to the Snapchat Planet Order feature, your eight closest friends are arranged like planets in the app’s social ecosystem. With Mercury at the top and Neptune at the bottom, the order is based on how intimate your relationships are. You, the Snapchat user, are like the sun, with your pals circling around you like planets in this celestial metaphor. Users are able to display and prioritize their most significant connections in an easily digestible format on the site thanks to the layout.

Where Do Snapchat Planets Come in?

Snapchat Planet Order is a brand-new function developed by Snapchat. You can become the sun if, for instance, you utilize Snapchat Plus. Your closest genetic match is the first planet in the solar system, which is the individual with whom you share the most streaks.

Your “First Closest Friend” on the platform will be that individual.

According to your streaks, the other planets (your pals) will align with the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth planets.

It’s important to note that the planets on Snapchat are only a silly way to highlight your app-based connection. As a result, you shouldn’t take anything literally to heart. Free Snapchat accounts can’t access this content.

Snapchat Plus Planet Order

As the Snapchat Plus features reveal your connections to other users, the Snapchat planet order is fantastic.

The Best Friends badge also indicates that you are a close friend of the recipient.

The Friends emblem also makes it clear that you are included in their inner circle of friends but they are not on yours.

For instance, in the Snapchat Planet Orders, if your buddy is Mars and you’re the Moon, you’re Mars’s fourth closest friend.

Check out the table below if you’re curious about the Snapchat Plus planetary system.

The following is the planetary order for Snapchat Plus.

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

Explanation of Snapchat Plus Planets Order


The planet Mercury orbits the sun first and is the closest to it. So, the person with whom you’ve shared the most streaks will see the mercury Bitmoji. Your closest best friend is the one you trust the most. A Pink Planet adorned with red hearts so stands in for the planet.



Venus is Snapchat’s next target after Mercury. You can see the other individual who has been in many of your streaks if you look at a world map. This world is represented by a beige globe covered in colorful hearts in yellow, blue, and pink.



The Earth planet stands in for your third favorite Snapchat buddy.



Mars is the fourth best friend you might have in the solar system. The picture depicts a red planet adorned with purple and blue love hearts.



You’d add Jupiter as your sixth closest friend on Snapchat if it existed. This planet is depicted as an orange ball with no red hearts on it.



Saturn represents your sixth-best Snapchat friend. A golden sphere with a ring represents the planet.



Your seventh best friend on Snapchat is the planet Uranus, the seventh planet in our solar system. A cold, green world also represents it.



Neptune is the planet you’re most likely to add as your eighth Snapchat friend after you’ve already added seven others. A cold, blue sphere represents the world.


What Do All These Planets Mean On Snapchat Plus?

In Snapchat parlance, what does Earth represent? When using Snapchat, what does the sun symbolize?  Users can’t possibly imagine life without Snapchat Plus.

As a result, Snapchat+ is useful since it organizes your friends into a ring around you based on their proximity to you. If there are more streaks, it means they are relatively close to you. The number of people you have mutual friends with is also shown in the Snapchat Planet Order.

Additionally, all users who share an upgraded account will have access to the capabilities by selecting the friends or best friend’s badge.

Difference Between Snapchat to Snapchat Plus

The primary distinction between Snapchat and Snapchat+ is that the former is used more frequently to chat with friends and family and share photos and videos.

Snapchat users can also share stories, send their location, and make phone calls.

In addition, the unique badge and its fantastic capabilities are inaccessible to Snapchat users. There are no barriers or additional expenses for them to enjoy Snapchat’s core services.

Snapchat+, on the other hand, requires a premium membership. Users need to subscribe to Snapchat+ to access the newest and best features.

Features Of Snapchat Plus

Story Viewing Count

The story rewatches indicator can help you keep track of who has repeatedly viewed your videos. The function also does not identify the friends who have rewatched your tales, simply the total number of times they have been seen. By clicking on the tale and swiping it up, you can see who has rewatched your stories due to Snapchat Plus.

App Theme and Icon Modifications

A Snapchat Plus membership makes it simple to change your profile picture. Depending on the user’s preferences, the app will display one of forty unique, colorful Snapchat Icons.

Snapchat’s Plus Badge

When you sign up for Snapchat Plus, you’ll be marked as a premium user with a star icon next to your profile. Additionally, the Snapchat badge may be disabled by default; to enable it, visit your profile, click the Snapchat+ membership card, and then click the Snapchat+ badge toggle. When your friends visit your profile, they will notice the Snapchat+ badge.

Personalized Endings for Stories

Snapchat stories still disappear after 24 hours, but with Snapchat Plus, users may choose a duration between one hour and seven days. This allows users to upload stories with an adjustable expiration time of at least 1 hour.


Snapchat Planet Order is the app’s newest and most impressive addition. You are the sun while using Snapchat+, and the person with whom you share the most streaks is the nearest planet to you. The profile section labeled “First Closest Friend” will now include this person.

As you build longer and longer winning streaks, your friends will naturally fill in as the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth planets in the solar system. This and other premium features are only available to Snapchat users who subscribe to Snapchat Plus for a period of one month, one year, or a seven-day trial.

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