Top 8 Customer Service Software in 2024

Customer service software is the backbone of an excellent customer experience. With customers now predicting an immersive, personalized experience with each brand interaction, it’s a more dominant aspect than ever to have great customer service software. Knowing which tools suit your business requirements and vetting providers can be easy with the proper guide. The detailed note will discuss some of the software used in customer service.

Customer service software is a program that assists organizations in supporting their customers. Its main function is to offer a centralized ticketing system where service agents can efficiently handle and resolve customer inquiries or employee requests. This software includes tools like messaging apps, knowledge bases, analytics dashboards, automation software, and more, all aimed at facilitating customer support. 

Integration with CRM software allows agents to access contextual data, like a customer’s purchase history, from external sources. This enables the support team to comprehensively understand the customer’s identity, reason and origin for reaching out, regardless of the communication channel used.

Top Customer Services Software

The best customer service software is given in detail below.


A versatile live chat and help desk solution software with advanced capabilities is LiveAgent. There is no exemption of business size – any business with any range of customer can opt out this addvamnce tool. It offers full customization capabilities and provides users with exceptional collaboration and automation features.

  • Data analytics and robust reporting tools
  • Numerous Automation option 
  • SLA Management 
  • Internal tickets, internal chats, calls and private notes
  • Shared centralized inbox for receiving tickets from all channels

Pricing Plan:

Small: $9/month (Per Agent)

Medium: $29/month (Per Agent)

Large: $39/month (Per Agent)


MailChimp is a comprehensive marketing platform designed for small companies. It enables users to create and monitor email newsletters effortlessly. This allows the segmentation of customers into various groups, simplifying the process of sending personalized marketing messages. The platform also provides eCommerce and Website plans with features like social posting, eCommerce website builder, SEO tools and sales reporting.


  • Audience Insights
  • Email Automation
  • Email templates
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Pop-up forms

Pricing Plan: 

Essentials: $9.99/month (500 Contacts)

Standard: $14.99/month (500 Contacts)

Premium: $299/month (10,000 Contacts)


Buffer helps small businesses engage on social media. It offers automated post publishing, campaign analytics, hashtag planning, comment scheduling, and custom reporting. With integration capabilities with nearly 30 other solutions, including Zapier,, and integrate, the possibilities for enhancing social media presence are limitless.


  • Instagram Hashtag Manager
  • Post Scheduling
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Comment Sentiment
  • LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter plugins

Pricing Plan: 

Pro: $15/month

Premium: $65/month

Business: $99/month


Jira is a tool agile software development teams utilize for bug tracking and project management. It empowers users to create and organize issues efficiently, delegate tasks, and monitor work activity. By integrating Jira with LiveAgent customer service software, users can seamlessly generate new tasks and issues directly from the ticket panel, eliminating the need to switch between platforms and saving valuable time on data input.


  • Kanban and Scrum boards
  • Favorite Version Control
  • Agile Reporting
  • Deployment Status
  • Flagging Feature

Pricing Plan: 

Standard: $7/month (Per User)

Premium: $14/month (Per User)

Enterprise: $122,250/year (801-1,000 Users Included)


Slack is a messaging platform widely used by businesses for instant communication. It fosters collaboration among teams and enables the sharing of company-wide information. The platform seamlessly combines with LiveAgent customer service software, sending Slack notifications to users whenever they are assigned a new ticket or receive a reply to an open ticket. These notifications, delivered by a bot, include a direct link to the relevant ticket.


  • Screen sharing 
  • Instant messaging
  • Video and voice calls
  • Mobile app
  • Conferencing

Pricing Plan: 

Pro: $7.25/month (Per User)

Business Plus: $12.50/ month (Per User)


ClickUp is a flexible task management program for small, medium, and big organizations. It’s great for organizing tasks, setting reminders, and tracking progress. Moreover, ClickUp provides a comprehensive solution for teams, serving as a unified platform that rivals Slack and project management tools like Asana. With features like real-time tags, chat and comments ClickUp offers seamless communication and collaboration.


  • Doc and Wiki 
  • Checklist templates
  • Workload Charts
  • Time Tracking
  • Collaboration Tools

Pricing Plan: 

Unlimited: $9/month (Per User)

Business: $19/month (Per User)


Nicereply is a customer satisfaction survey software specifically designed for customer support teams. It provides one-click customer satisfaction surveys that can be integrated into live chat widgets or embedded into emails. The user-friendly software allows users to create visually appealing and highly customizable CES, best nps tool and CSAT surveys. When integrated with LiveAgent, it enables seamless feedback collection for agents, whether after a live chat session or upon reviewing an email conversation.


  • CES, CSAT, and NPS surveys
  • In-signature Surveys
  • Post Resolution Surveys
  • Automated Trigger Settings
  • Code-Free Customization

Pricing Plan: 

Mini: $39/month

Start: $79/month

Grow: $159/month

Business: $239/month


Trello is a task management application that assists individuals and teams in organizing projects, tasks and reminders. With its user-friendly Kanban board interface, tasks can be effortlessly moved across different stages of completion. Trello helps agents stay on track with their tasks. For instance, whenever a new card or to-do list is created in Trello, it can automatically generate a LiveAgent notification as a ticket.


  • Unlimited Cards 
  • Advanced Checklists 
  • Unlimited Storages 
  • Custom Stickers and Backgrounds 
  • Calendar, dashboard, timeline and workspace view

Pricing Plan: 

Business Class: $12.50/month (Per User)

Last Words

The above listed are of the best customer service software in 2024 and will provide innovative solutions for helping the company improve the quality of customer service delivery. Several customer service software choices are presented here with enhanced integrations, deep automation, and Artificial Intelligence attributes that redesign organizations’ communication with clients.. As businesses prioritize customer-centric strategies, investing in these top customer service software solutions becomes crucial for staying competitive and driving customer loyalty in the modern digital landscape.

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