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Top Hashtag Analytics & Tracking Tools

Hashtag analytics & tracking are crucial to planning and managing an effective campaign on social media. If you have your own brand, hashtags can support you in building brand awareness and starting or participating in conversations related to your services or products. A compelling hashtag can engage the online audience, significantly boosting the social media presence of companies, organizations, and individuals. However, effectively monitoring hashtags poses a challenge due to the frequency of their mentions, particularly in diverse countries, languages, and contexts. This blog post will explore top Hashtag analytics & tracking tools that every brand needs. 

Best Hashtag Analytics & Tracking Tools 

Numerous tools are available for monitoring hashtag performance. These applications allow you to assess performance, sentiment, reach, engagement, and other crucial indicators. In this discussion, we will explore the top tools for analyzing and tracking hashtags, offering valuable support for your social media strategy:

  • Hashtagify
  • Talkwalker
  • BuzzSumo 
  • Iconosquare
  • Taggbox
  • Socialert


Hashtagify stands out as a leading Twitter hashtag-tracking tool tailored to the demands of social media analytics. It proves to be a valuable asset for pinpointing optimal hashtags for both Twitter and Instagram posts. With Hashtagify, users gain access to crucial insights into hashtag popularity, trends, and reach, along with suggestions for related hashtags. In its primary mode, Hashtagify showcases relevant hashtags in a bubble format. Users can hover over a hashtag to view data on popularity and correlation with the main hashtag. For a more in-depth analysis, the Advanced mode enables users to delve into related hashtags, while the Table mode presents information on popularity, weekly trends, and correlation.


  • Monitor Hashtag Performance 
  • Optimize Hashtag Marketing 
  • Prime Trackers 
  • Top Languages and Spell Varient Utilized 
  • Related Hashtag Analytics 

Pricing Plan: 

Tiers: ($29 to $399) Per Month 


Talkwalker is a comprehensive social media search, tracking, analytics, and monitoring solution. It furnishes valuable insights and metrics for gauging the performance of both owned and earned media. The Hashtag Tracking IQ App, available for free, facilitates seamless tracking of your campaigns and hashtags. This application empowers you to monitor hashtag performance across over 10 social networks and 150 million websites, blogs, and forums. Furthermore, it delivers real-time hashtag tracking across all social media platforms and online channels.


  • Build Strong Marketing Strategies
  • Run Confident Product Development Programs
  • Connect with Influential Media Partners
  • Engage Customers to Drive Sales and Loyalty
  • Benchmark Against Competitor 

Pricing Tiers:

Listening: $9000/Year


BuzzSumo is an invaluable tool for uncovering the latest trends and discussions on social media. It allows you to analyze the top-performing content related to any topic or competitor. You can gauge their popularity across social channels by searching for specific hashtags. Utilizing BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer with hashtags reveals a list of social posts where they are most frequently featured. As you input hashtags, BuzzSumo also provides relevant suggestions. This functionality helps evaluate your custom hashtags’ success and assess their social web usage.


  • Comprehensive Monitoring with Hashtags 
  • Keyword Alerts with Hashtags 
  • Find and Connect with 700k Journalist 
  • Get 2x More Niche Topic Results Than Any Other Database
  • Spot High-Impact Journalists with Social Engagement Data

Pricing Plan: 

Content Creation: $199/month 

PR & Cooms: $299/month 

Suite: $499/month 

Enterprise: $999/month 


Iconosquare revolutionizes hashtag tracking by incorporating real-time social media listening features through Bubble and Avatar. This functionality lets you keep tabs on competitors and trending hashtags, offering valuable insights for informed decision-making. Beyond its hashtag tracking capabilities, Iconosquare is a comprehensive analytics, management, and social media scheduling solution. With the ability to monitor 9 million hashtags and 840,000 mentions, Iconosquare ensures you remain actively engaged in social conversations. The Listening tab thoroughly analyzes the tags, mentions you’ve received, and details about the media type.


  • Analytics 
  • Automated Publishing 
  • Content Management 
  • Keyword Filtering 
  • Multi-Account Management 

Pricing Plan: 

Single: €49/month (Billed Annually)

Teams: €79/month (Billed Annually)


Taggbox is a highly comprehensive and user-friendly tool tailored for businesses seeking to leverage User Generated Content (UGC). This platform simplifies the process of aggregating, curating, and showcasing UGC from diverse sources, including popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Taggbox empowers businesses to highlight top-notch UGC associated with their brand, products, or services, featuring an intuitive dashboard and robust filtering and moderation capabilities. Users have the flexibility to choose from a variety of pre-built templates and designs or craft their own using the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. 


  • Seamlessly Aggregate Your Hashtag Campaigns 
  • Filter-Out the Irrelevant Content 
  • Personalize the Hashtag Campaign 
  • Boost Your Hashtag Campaign’s Reach 
  • Unfold Robust Opportunities 

Pricing Plans:

Available Upon Request 


Socialert is a user-friendly tool designed for hashtag tracking, offering a swift and complimentary overview of hashtag performance. Simply input a hashtag, keyword, @mention, or account, and the tool generates an automatic report that allows you to delve into social media platforms such as Twitter. Beyond hashtag tracking and keyword analytics, Socialert is versatile for event tracking, brand monitoring, and keeping an eye on competitors. The filtering feature is handy, providing insights into discussions surrounding your brand across various social media channels. While a sample Twitter report is free, opting for one of their paid options unlocks additional features.


  • Country Distribution 
  • Top Active Users 
  • Most Utilized Keywords 
  • URLs with Rank 
  • Twitter Hashtag Count for Every Day 

Pricing Plan:

Professional: $99/month 

Final Words 

Social media campaigns and brand management are significantly enhanced by utilizing top-notch hashtag analytics and tracking tools. From Hashtagify’s pinpoint insights into Twitter and Instagram trends to Talkwalker’s comprehensive social media monitoring capabilities and BuzzSumo’s invaluable content analysis, these tools offer diverse features catering to the needs of businesses and individuals. Iconosquare brings real-time listening and engagement, while Taggbox simplifies user-generated content aggregation. Socialert provides swift overviews of hashtag performance. Each tool brings its unique strengths, empowering users to optimize their social media strategies, engage with their audience effectively, and stay ahead in the dynamic world of online conversations.

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