Top Lifestyle Apps for Android 2024

Lifestyle apps have revolutionized the whole landscape of our daily lives by providing assistance in our daily routines. A simple lifestyle has become a challenge for a common person to maintain due to advanced technology. However, on the other hand, it poses challenges for individuals but also provides solutions to overcome these challenges. Many developers are trying to develop lifestyle apps that can provide assistance to individuals to make their easier and simpler. In this article, we will tell you about some of the top lifestyle apps for Android to adopt in 2024.

What are Lifestyle Apps?

Lifestyle apps or Lifestyle applications are web-based or mobile applications that are used to improve a person’s daily life. These types of applications mostly provide users with services and features related to fitness, shopping, food, travel, and many more. By using these apps, individuals can improve their daily lives to make them productive and simpler.

The Best Lifestyle Apps for Android

Individuals who are willing to make their lives easier and more comfortable need to know about some lifestyle apps. These applications have the capability to improve their daily lives in an efficient manner. In this section, we will provide you with a guide to the best lifestyle apps for Android.

  • Pinterest
  • Life360: Live Location Sharing
  • Ring – Always Home
  • Google Home
  • Nextdoor: Neighborhood network
  • Amazon Alexa
  • SmartThings
  • Wyze – Make Your Home Smarter
  • Nest


Firstly, we have decided to add Pinterest to our list of the best lifestyle apps for Android. This is a visual search engine hub that provides users with visual recipes, styles, and more. As the days pass through us, it is enhancing its ways to influence users to improve their lifestyle effectively.


  • Free

Life360: Live Location Sharing

Life360 is one of the best lifestyle apps that provide assistance in tracking someone through its live location sharing feature. It has multiple features to help families to find their way to loved ones like location history and SOS alerts. Further, these features or functions ensure users’ safety whether in a town or in a lost village.


  • Free
  • Gold: $14.99/month
  • Platinum: $24.99/month

Ring – Always Home

Ring has become famous in today’s world due to security purposes. This is an app that can get you access to see through the camera that you have implemented. Moreover, you will get access to watch through the lenses of the camera from anywhere and anytime. By using this app, you can save, share, and watch the videos of your preference by flying the drone camera around the place.


  • Implement Cost: $250
  • Household: $10/month
  • Per Device: $3.99/month

Google Home

Google Home is doing its job on its peak by delivering access to users to manage thousands of devices. Users are free to manage, atomate, set up, and control devices in their smart houses to make things work in just a matter of seconds. Furthermore, they can create custom routine that may allow them to automate light switches or play news on the channels.


  • Free 

Nextdoor: Neighborhood network

Nextdoor is a social media app-like platform that has the capability to connect neighbors with each other. It is more like the Facebook social media platform. However, it is a social media platform but it has a unique feature named newsfeed. The newsfeed is created for you to know your neighborhood more effectively and clearly.


  • Free

Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Alexa app is the production of Amazon. It provides users with access to manage Alexa on their mobile devices to control and maintain the Alexa experience. Moreover, users can track upcoming news and updates about the Amazon store and also in a reminder manner. They also can get information and play games with the assistance of Alexa.


  • Free
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: $5.99/month
  • Alexa Skills: $1.99/month


SmartThings is one of the most helpful applications for Android users in this fast paced world. You can use this app to connect, control, and monitor smart devices at your smart houses easily. Moreover, you may connect your Samsung smart TVs, smart speakers, and smart appliances, making your daily routine easy and comfortable. This app also allows you to control your devices with your voice, which may be featured as voice assistance.


  • Free

Wyze – Make Your Home Smarter

The Wyze app has become one of the most famous Android apps in the category of controlling smart devices. Moreover, it enables users to maintain and control their smart house devices from anywhere and anytime. It is a smart home appliance that integrates all the smart devices’ sensors to locate any movement. This is one of the most budget-friendly and authentic choices for users to adopt. Further, it has Smart Vision technology that allows smart cameras to learn through AI integration.


  • Cam Plus: $1.67/month per camera (OR) $9.99/unlimited cameras
  • Cam Protect: $3.33/month per camera
  • Home Monitoring: $8.33/month (entire house)


Lastly, we have decided to add Nest to our list of the best lifestyle apps for Android. You are free to get the information about your Google Nest Protect and also control it by using a computer. Moreover, you just have to sign in with your account in the Nest app. Here, you will be free to manage and control all the Nest Protects in your smart house.


  • Free
  • Nest Aware Plus: $15/month

Final Verdict

Living a simple and easy life is the fundamental right of every individual. However, with advanced technology, living may not be possible, but also technology is the solution to this challenge. Moreover, with the help of advanced technology, many developers are preparing lifestyle applications to help individuals live a simple and easy life. We have mentioned some lifestyle apps for Android with the purpose of delivering information to Android users. By adopting or using these above-mentioned apps, Android users can make their daily lives easy and simple.

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