Best Android Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Try in 2024

One of the biggest reasons why people use Android is its customizability. You can do a lot of things with Android devices that are hardly possible to do on other operating systems. This makes Androids one of the most convenient devices to use.

To make your experience with these devices even better, we have got some of the best tips and tricks that you, and everyone else, should try in 2024. Let’s start.

Best Android Tips and Tricks in 2024

Below are the complete details on the best Android tips and tricks that promise to provide you with unseen experiences.

1 – Mastering Gesture Navigation

The foremost thing you can perform on your Android device is mastering gesture navigation. In 2024, the manufacturers have added more intuitive and smoother options to ditch the traditional navigation buttons and use gestures to navigate the device effortlessly. With very few changes, all the devices follow the same patterns to activate this mode as described in the under-section.

  • Open the Settings panel.
  • Go to the System.
  • Scroll until you see Gestures.
  • Click on System Navigation.

2 – Change the Default Apps

Another interesting tip for optimizing your Android mobile usage is changing the default apps and setting them to customized options. Google supports most Androids and performs the desired operations based on the operating system. However, other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo, have also evolved recently and held a good position in the market. You can change the default search engine from Google to them to enjoy their features. Similarly, Playstore can be replaced with the built-in mobile store to download different apps.

3 – Customizing the Home Screen

Customizing the home screen is also a good and useful trick to utilize the features of your Android phone. Some people don’t like the same interface or wallpaper for longer. Therefore, manufacturers have considered this factor greatly to allow mobile users to customize them accordingly. Furthermore, the new applications and settings let you customize the app icons without affecting their functionality. You can also set the icons on your homepage to create an alphabet.

4 – Use Google Assistant

 Use Google Assistant

Almost every Android mobile integrates Google Assistant in its operating system. It can be the most popular secretary to help you in your everyday activities. Moreover, you can easily schedule your daily routine with the help of voice technology.

5 – Change the Fonts

One of the most dominating traits of Android mobiles over iOS versions is their ability to customize the device interface easily. Besides other options, you will get numerous font styles to type the text in a different manner. Moreover, utilizing different styles and sizes can also enhance your visual experience. Although every Android phone has numerous built-in font styles, you can install different applications from PlayStore to get more ergonomic options and styles.

6 – Dark Mode

Using the light theme during the night may affect your eyesight and result in blurred vision. Therefore, most Androids have introduced Night mode, and this tip is getting more popular in 2024. After setting a complete color contrast between the device’s features, manufacturers have allowed you to shift to the dark mode. After turning it on, everything will appear on a black theme with white fonts. It enhances your readability and prevents harmful radiations from affecting your rods and cons.

7 – Use widgets

Widgets are another effective way of enhancing your mobile usability. Some users don’t need to open the applications frequently to see the messages. Instead, they love to read them from the notification bars. But sometimes, these notifications may not represent the complete message. In that case, widgets serve as the most accessible option to perform this task. Several Android applications let you create widgets on your home screen. It will ease your functioning as well as customize your device’s theme.

8 – Set Quick Actions

Not every user can enjoy this function, as some companies have added the feature of quick actions on the home screen. For example, you want to take a screenshot of the chat. Just go to the notification panel, where you will see the screenshot option. You can capture the whole screen by pressing it a single time. However, some mobiles allow you to perform this operation by swiping the screen upside down with three fingers. Others will let you perform this operation by simultaneously pressing the volume down and power button.

9 – Improved Privacy Settings

With the increase in the use of mobile technology, there has been a tremendous rise in cybersecurity threats and the data privacy of users. Whenever you install an application on your mobile, it asks for certain permissions regarding the location, camera, storage, microphone etc. Allowing them all will put them at significant security risks. But you need not worry as you can follow an amazing trick to keep your information safe. Just go to Settings and locate the Privacy option. Manage the access of the permissions mentioned above and allow only trusted apps to use them.

10 – Use Third-Party Launchers

Using third-party launchers on your Android mobiles can deliver you a fully customized and unimaginable experience. These launcher applications work on a different base than your device’s traditional launch system. Besides showing you the default icon, they provide a different interface to experience different themes. If your Android phone lacks customization features, utilizing the third-party launcher applications will produce the desired outcomes for you.

11- Try APK Modes of Different Applications:

You can try out APK modes of different applications. This is one of the most convenient features of Androids. APK modes are installation files you can use to install applications with using Google Play store.

Some developers use these modes to develop applications that can help different applications in making them more convenient to use. You can download these modes directly from the browser. Don’t forget to try them out. However, make sure to download these APK files from secure websites.

Final Verdict

People love using Android devices because they can do a lot of stuff with them. There are many things that you can do with Androids that other operating systems do not offer. You can maximize the experience of using Android with some useful tips. Some of the best tips and tricks that you can try out in 2024 are listed in the information given above.

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