Top 5 Virtual Games to Play with Your Mates

Connecting with others digitally is already part of our everyday life. Whether through FaceTime chats, Zoom meetings – or virtual gaming, you will interact with others more frequently than you might have thought.

Online gaming, a prominent topic in the tech world, has permeated various aspects of our lives. It offers many games, including casino options, where you can interact with others, secure wins, and execute withdrawal operations. With that in mind, if you are wondering which are the best virtual games to try out with your friends, you are at the right place. We have done extensive research on that, so let’s have a look.

What Are Virtual Reality Games?

Before diving into the best virtual reality (VR) games, we need to ensure you understand what they represent. VR gaming is applying a 3D artificial environment to standard computer games. VR software is used for this, and users benefit by getting a replica of a real-world environment.

You can play such games with a headset on smartphones, personal computers, laptops, or gaming consoles. Once you load the game, you and your friends will feel like you are in the same place, interacting and possibly competing missions (depending on the game).

Which Are The Best 5 Virtual Reality Games?

Now, it is time to put our research into practice. Thankfully, you can consider many options if you seek a fantastic VR gaming experience, but here, we will focus on which games we believe stand out.

Second Life

This game has been around for over two decades but reached the top of the online games world when the virtual space developed.

Now, it is one of the games that would allow you and your friends to experience something new. Of course, you can look forward to a 3D environment, but an exciting part is that “Second Life” has elements of a social media platform, as it allows you to make new friends.

You will need to create avatars and gain unique experiences, just like in real life. Everything in this game is a replica of the real world, and it has a top-class virtual economy that sees you compete with other players and get in-game currency.

Toontown Rewritten

It is one of the first virtual games that allows you and your mates to live as you were in a cartoon. It may sound silly initially, but “Toontown” is an excellent game if you seek something new – fun and exciting. There is a storyline and a plot, and you can enjoy many activities and features, such as hanging out with other friends in your dream community.


No list of popular virtual games would be complete without a mention of “Minecraft”. While relatively straightforward, this game stands as one of the pioneering creations in virtual gaming.

It has over 140 million users worldwide, so the numbers speak volumes about how relevant “Minecraft” is. One of the significant aspects is that it allows you to let your creative spirit flow when constructing your virtual world.

It empowers you and your friends to unleash your imagination, shaping your virtual world and crafting a narrative that is wholly unique and exclusive to your collective experience. Unlike the vast majority of virtual games, in “Minecraft”, you have total freedom, meaning that your avatar and virtual land will always be one of a kind.

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No Man’s Sky

For those seeking a cosmic virtual adventure with friends, look no further than “No Man’s Sky”. This game allows you to handpick the planet where you’ll call home, offering boundless freedom to pursue your desires. It’s worth noting that “No Man’s Sky” keeps you in a perpetual survival mode, so you’ll need to stay on your toes.

With a selection of virtual worlds at your disposal, your imagination and creativity take centre stage once more, enabling you to craft your distinctive content and reality. Moreover, you can also venture there if your friends opt for different galaxies or planets. This game presents an array of limitless opportunities, making it an unparalleled and truly unique experience.

GTA Roleplay

Wrapping up our list, we have “GTA Roleplay”, a game steadily gaining momentum and ascending to the pinnacle of the virtual world. While the core title is already among the most played games, the emergence of roleplay servers has taken it to new heights.

Users are transported into a virtual world where they can assume the roles of either mafia leaders or police officers. The familiar streets and surroundings from “GTA” serve as the backdrop, but now, a completely different mission awaits you.

It’s important to note that roleplay servers are moderated, so your choice of role may be subject to some restrictions. Nevertheless, you and your friends can still relish the game and even forge new connections along the way.

“GTA Roleplay” accommodates both smaller and larger servers, with some capable of hosting up to 200 players. This flexibility allows you and your companions to select a server that aligns with your preferences.

Note there are many VR games out there, and new ones always come out. For example, if you like Inter Milan and a player, e.g., Simone Inzaghi, you can pick a game about football and play as that footballer.

More to Come

We can safely say that the virtual world is slowly taking over, especially when gaming is in question. Just by looking at the games in this article, you should get a general idea of how developed the sector is, and we are confident that even more improvements are on the way. Armed with this knowledge, you can now indulge in a great virtual gaming experience with your friends if you have the right equipment. When you take that VR headset off and get back into the real world, satisfy your gaming needs with something different right here.

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