7 Best Invoicing Software and Tools for Freelancers & Small Businesses

Progress of every business either it is a small or large business depends upon their finance management. To excel in the world of business and freelancing one must be careful about how they manage their invoice management. Most of the time business neglect the importance of the accuracy of invoices. To make sure the authenticity and precision they need specific invoicing tools.

Invoicing tools are the digital or online tools that are exclusively designed for the process of invoicing. These tools are used by several organizations, freelancers and businesses to generate invoices that are professional as well as authentic. These tools help users to track and handle billing more effectively. There are different types of invoicing softwares available for every type of business.

In this article we are going to introduce different invoicing tools that can help you to boost your business by managing your finance. You will get to know what they do and how much will they cost you. Let’s dive deep into it and let you know about all the invoicing solutions.

What are Invoicing Software and Tools?

Invoicing software and tools are digital systems or applications designed to facilitate the crafting, handling, and processing of invoices in businesses. These tools automate and streamline the invoicing technique, permitting people, freelancers, and corporations to generate professional invoices. Moreover, they’re allowed to track payments, control charges, and handle billing tasks more effectively and accurately.

The Best Invoicing Software and Tools in the Market

Businesses or freelancers who are seeking an effective and practical solution for their invoices should know about invoicing software. Here, we have added some effective and beneficial tools for invoicing for businesses and freelancers:

  • QuickBooks
  • PayPal Invoicing
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Zoho Invoice
  • FreshBooks
  • Wave
  • Xero

1- QuickBooks

We have added QuickBooks to our list of invoicing software and tools for freelancers and small businesses. QuickBooks is an accounting solution catering to businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises, small businesses, and even freelancers. It simplifies the invoicing process, expense tracking, and tax calculations to provide effective features to businesses at low prices. Moreover, it can be integrated seamlessly with the bank accounts of businesses and individuals to save money in a safe place. Because of its robust reporting capabilities and scalable features, it remains a go-to choice for many businesses.


  • Simple Start: $18/month
  • Essential: $27/month
  • Plus: $38/month

2- PayPal Invoicing

PayPal invoicing has been added to our list of invoicing software and tools because of its unmatchable voicing features. This platform is a widely used and trusted solution for creating and sending professional invoices with effective solutions and return policies. Moreover, it enables businesses and individuals for easy tracking of payments and allows secure online payments. Its global reach and familiarity make it convenient for businesses dealing with international clients, and this feature makes it an authority in the market. By using this platform, businesses can claim a return on their invoices if they have chosen conditional invoices.


PayPal Invoicing is a platform that you may use free, but you will be charged after making some actions. These actions’ fee is on their official site; you can check.

3- Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is one of the most famous project management tools that is integrated with a seamless invoicing feature. This platform has the potential to streamline businesses’ invoicing features and also enhance the expansion of user bases. In addition, its abilities and features assist your businesses in growing and expanding on a large scale. This platform also allows you to make automated invoices for the ease and speedy process of invoicings.


  • Free: Free
  • Archiever: $14.99/month

4- Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is one of the most famous invoicing software and tools because of its user-friendly invoicing feature. This also offers customizable invoice templates, time tracking, and expense management for the comfort of businesses and individuals. Further, it provides them with recurring billing options to schedule their offerings to a specific customer. It integrates with other Zoho applications and provides mobile apps for easy invoicing on the go. This approach offers comfort to businesses and makes it easy to adopt in no time for effective and practical invoices.


This platform is free to use for everyone, including freelancers and businesses.

5- FreshBooks

FreshBooks is another famous and user choice platform for invoicing because of its interface. This platform is a cloud-based accounting software and has a user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate easily. It offers features to its users, such as customizable invoice templates, expense tracking, and time tracking to add value to their invoice. Moreover, it has the potential to add value to users’ invoicing by offering a payment reminder feature. FreshBooks facilitates collaboration with clients and provides valuable insights into financial performance. This feature makes businesses able to make wise invoices and data-driven decisions.


  • Lite: $4.25/month
  • Plus: $4.50/month
  • Premium: $13.75/month

6- Wave

Wave offers free accounting and invoicing software, making it an attractive option for freelancers and small businesses on a budget. This platform allows them to customize their invoices, receipt scanning, and expense tracking for more accurate invoices. Moreover, they are also allowed to utilize the option of online payment processing for using the flexibility feature of this platform. They have to know that optional paid services include payroll and credit card processing to save or make beneficial transactions. With the use of this platform, businesses and freelancers will be able to choose the customizable features of this platform.


This platform comes with no monthly subscription charges. It means it is completely free.

7- Xero

Lastly, Xero is our final selection to our list of invoicing software and tools for freelancers and small businesses. It is a cloud-based accounting solution suitable for small businesses and freelancers to make accurate invoices. Furthermore, this platform includes invoicing features, bank reconciliation, and expense tracking to provide comfort to businesses and even individuals. However, businesses can use its robust reporting capabilities to comfortably make invoices for payment. Its user-friendly interface and extensive integrations make it a popular choice among users.


Early: $15/month

Growing: $42/month

Established: $78/month 

Final Verdict

Invoicing software and tools are indispensable for freelancers and small businesses seeking efficient financial management. These solutions provide varying features and functionalities catering to special retail business desires, budgets, and alternatives. Choosing the right invoicing software relies upon factors such as ease of use, scalability, and the precise requirements of the business. Embracing this innovative gear empowers them to streamline their invoicing techniques and focus more on growing their center enterprise operations.

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