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Mathematics, often perceived as daunting, can become a thrilling adventure with the right tools. An online platform, 99math allows students to polish their competitive skills and participate in global events. It can be accessed live in the classroom and played in real-time to improve the child’s learning ability besides enjoyment. The teachers can select different game difficulty levels per the students’ caliber to deliver a more engaging experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will review the 99math game and how it benefits children in learning basic Math strategies.

99math – A Basic Intro

99math is a multiplayer quiz game that can be accessed via its official website with the help of a stable internet connection. The Estonian company has developed this exceptional game with the basic purpose of enhancing the Mathematical skills of the students.

Furthermore, the teachers can run evaluation tests by counting the scores and determining which student has given the maximum correct answers. There is a set of three rounds in a single gaming session where teachers can check the performance and reward the winners.

Pros and Cons of 99math


  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Skill Development
  • Reports for Teachers
  • Positive Learning Experience
  • No Student Accounts Required


  • Limited Grade Range
  • Online Dependency
  • Not Suitable for Individual Practice

Features Of 99math

To enhance the gaming experience and study skills, the developers have added numerous outstanding features to the game. Thus, the teachers and students can get maximum benefits. Some of them are described in the under-section.

Features Of 99math

1 – Remote Access

99math can be accessed on multiple devices, including iPads, iPhones, Androids, laptops, and PC. You just have to download the latest browser, and you will be able to enjoy this innovative Math practice game. Furthermore, you can also experience this game on a Macbook, whether designed specifically for gaming or office work.

2 – Easily Operatable

In the previous section, we described that 99math is available on all devices. Another amazing feature is that it exhibits an incredibly easy-to-use interface where you can create accounts and participate in competitions. Teachers can sign up by adding basic information, while there is no need to put in the participant students’ details. Thus, you can operate this tool effortlessly.

3 – Customizable Difficulty

The basic purpose of the 99math game is to test the student’s skills and analyze their performance in this subject. It is a fact that every student possesses a different caliber. That’s why teachers can set up different difficulty levels for each student to manage their performance by mounting it gradually. As a result, they can signify the subject skills of weak students, enabling them to compete at a broader scale.

4 – Enhanced Evaluation

99math allows the teachers to evaluate the student’s performance conveniently, with the help of metrics and scores available on a comprehensive dashboard. In the case of multiple players, you can determine the winner by counting the true answers. Conversely, a student is playing in a single mode. In that case, you can compare his performance or score with the previous rounds to check his improvements. As a result, the children can easily understand the areas where they are lagging.

5 – Engaging Experience

99math offers an immense level of engaging experience to teachers and students due to numerous built-in attributes. With the help of remote technology, students can play this game while resting in their beds or even in the classrooms. Furthermore, in the case of online activity, the built-in chatting system allows teachers to ask questions from any student in real time to enhance the arithmetic learning experience.

Basic Requirements To Play 99math

To acquire the 99math game for the students or for your children, you have to fulfill some of the basic requirements, which are listed below:

1 – High-Speed Devices

With technological advancements, there are numerous devices available. You should pick the latest one that possesses exceptional features for a good experience.

2 – Stable Internet Connection

We previously described that 99math is an online quiz game and, thus, only accessible over the internet. Therefore, you should possess a high-speed router that establishes a strong internet connection to avoid buffering and provides a seamless experience.

3 – Latest Browser

Android and iPhone users can download the application from the official stores, while you have to visit the official website on a laptop or PC. The latest or updated browser does not capture the essential cookies, enabling hassle-free gameplay.

4 – Third-Party Apps

If you enjoy a remote play of 99math, you need a third-party communication app like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or others to stay in touch with the students while playing a quiz.

How To Play 99math Game?

In the under-section, we have described the procedure to play the 99math game on your laptop or PC. Follow the steps below after visiting the official website

1 – Create an Account

On the official website, you will see a Sign-Up button. Pressing it will take you to a new page that shows three options, student, teacher, and parent. You can create your account by selecting the respective category. Joining the portal is extremely easy as it provides 3 options.

  • With Google Account: You can click this option, and 99math will automatically extract the data.
  • With Email Account: If you are not a Google user, you can add a personalized Email address and Password to create your account. Further, add the First and Last name.
  • With Clever: Joining 99math with Clever is widely recommended while creating students’ accounts. Clever is an online platform that safely extracts and transfers students’ information from a particular school’s data to the game.
Sign up 99math

2 – Verify The Account

While signing up with your Email address, you will get a confirmation link. Follow the link to activate your account.

3 – Select The Topics

After verifying the account, the next process is to select the topics on which you want your students or children to compete. Moreover, you can also set the difficulty level. Notably, you can always change it to upscale the competition level.

Select The Topics 99math

4 – Decide The Competition Category

99math is a customizable quiz game that allows multiplayer competition. There are three primary competition modes:

  • Solo Game: You can set up this mode to test a particular student’s or your child’s skills. The game consists of three sessions. Thus, you can analyze the player’s caliber and strengths.
  • Live Game: The live game modes allow you to generate a unique link that you can share with all the participants. Afterward, you can start the game and record each student’s performance to determine the winner. This mode can be played in the classroom, besides virtual classes.
  • Class vs. Class Game: The Class vs. Class game mode sets a competition stage between two classes of the same grade to identify the most intelligent students among all of them.

5 – Results Evaluation

After the game, the teachers will receive the answers of each student. They can see both right and wrong answers to determine the students’ performance. On the other hand, the participants can also ask for the results and analyze them on their screens.

Benefits Of 99math

99math game provides immersive entertainment besides the learning process. The students and teachers can get the benefits according to their scales. We have described some of them in the under-section.


99math is designed particularly for students who are weak in Mathematics. With this game, they will get the following advantages:

  • Polish their competitive skills
  • Increase their knowledge about the subject
  • Evaluate their strengths and weakness
  • Learn to finish the tasks within a specified time


The teachers can also get significant advantages from the 99math game. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Engage the students more effectively
  • Deliver the lectures conveniently
  • Build their authority among the students
  • Conveniently analyze the students’ flaws and work properly to improve them

Final Remarks

All these are the details about 99math and the benefits of this high-quality Math practice game in the classroom. In conclusion, the quiz game possesses numerous exceptional features and game modes, students can play the live game with others in a multiple-round gaming session to check their Mathematical and competitive skills. Furthermore, the engaging experience also helps teachers to evaluate the student’s performance keenly and adopt the best strategies to improve them. That’s all about this guide. Stay tuned for more information!


What makes 99math an engaging math practice game for students?

99math is an engaging math practice game that tests math skills through live and practice games. Teachers select a skill, and students can compete against each other in real-time or practice individually.

How does 99math support competitive skills development in students?

The competitive nature of the game motivates students to polish their math skills in a fun and interactive way, fostering a sense of competition and achievement.

Is 99math suitable for both in-person and distance learning classes?

Yes, 99math is suitable for both in-person and distance learning classes.

Can teachers use 99math globally?

Yes, 99math is an online multiplayer math game that allows students to participate in global events.

How can teachers play a live game on 99math and integrate it into their lessons?

Teachers can play a live game on 99math by selecting a skill and running live class games where students compete against each other.

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