MacBook 12In M7 – The Ideal Device for On-the-Go Professionals

MacBook has always been the first choice of people who prefer quality. That’s what The MacBook 12In M7 gives. It is a product that brought Apple’s iconic laptop series into the eyes of a whole new market.

Gone were the days when compact laptop lovers would have to shake their heads and turn away from glossy MacBooks. The 12-inch version brought everything that made the series so sought after.

It had an awesome display, processor, and chassis, all in a small form factor.

One of the gems of this MacBook was the upgraded Intel m7 processor – which Apple fans hadn’t seen yet in the 12-inch form. Something Apple fans hadn’t seen yet in the 12-inch form.

It’s been over 5 years since Apple stopped manufacturing Macbook 12in M7. It still has great potential and people are using it for handling their day-to-day tasks. It has decent specifications and a Retina Display. This makes it an ideal device for video editing.

ProcessorIntel M7 1.3GHZ
Storage256 GB/512 GB
Display Size12-inch
Display TypeRetina
Display Resolution2304 x 1440
RAM8GB RAM (and 4 MB Level 3 Cache)

Now that we’ve listed the main specs and technical details above let’s dive in and check them out in detail:

1.     Processor

The main thing we will discuss about this device is the M7 processor.

The M7 processor is one of the mobile processors provided by Intel for smaller, slimmer devices (much like this MacBook itself). Compared to the other conventional processors used in larger PCs, an M7 in the MacBook 12-inch would be equivalent to a Core i5 8th generation process.

According to this source, the M7 processor has a base clock speed of 1.3 GHZ, around the figure you’d find on an 8th-generation Core i5 processor.

These specs essentially mean that the MacBook 12in M7 can be used for medium to heavy software and applications.

Other than keeping an eye on the temperature of the device, there isn’t much that you have to worry about when it comes to running multiple apps (even heavy) simultaneously.

The M7 processor also means that the laptop’s overall performance is quick and snappy – something that is typical of Apple devices, nevertheless.

The impressive thing about this processor is that it provides excellent performance while housed in a sleek and slim device like the 12-inch MacBook. While normal PCs and thicker laptops have a somewhat understandable capacity for storing components like this, it’s something to be impressed about regarding this device’s ~1.3 cm thin chassis.

2.     Storage and RAM

Let’s move on to the storage and RAM.

The storage space on the MacBook 12in M7 is either 256GB or 512GB, depending on the variant you purchase. A thing to remember about the storage of this device is that the disk is reported to be soldered (call it “welded,” if you will) to the board. This makes it non-removable and subsequently non-ungradable.

Nevertheless, even though the storage is not upgradable, it can still be enough for most uses.

People who buy the 12-inch MacBook will hardly look to download and install stuff more than 256 or 512 gigabytes. You can connect additional storage devices to the laptop if you want to clear out some stuff at some point.

Coming over to the memory of this device, there is LPDDR3 8GB RAM paired with a 4MB cache.

Compared to the size of the 12-inch MacBook and its other specs, the total RAM is plenty. Nowadays, 8GBs can be considered a little less by some people, but it can be quite sufficient for most users.

3.     Display

MacBook 12in M7

The smaller the screen, the better the resolution looks. That’s a commonly known principle. Considering the above, it’s easy to appreciate the crisp and high-quality display that the MacBook 12in M7 comes with. The 2304 x 1440 resolution Retina display can make the user experience smooth and aesthetic.

With this sort of display, you can do your usual work easily without worrying about having to squint to see the smaller details on the screen.

4.     Miscellaneous Features

Here are the miscellaneous features of this laptop:


 This Mac provides 10 hours of battery life. That’s during normal usage. The standby time is up to 30 hours. The device is charged using the included 29W USB Type-C charger.

Operating System:

 You can upgrade the laptop to macOS 12 Monterey. It gives you access to new and upgraded features such as Universal Control.

Backlit Keyboard: 

The 12-inch version comes with a backlit keyboard. This can help you work easily when the lights are out.


  • Decent keyboard with backlit keys.
  • Good battery timing.
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • High-quality Retina Display.
  • Decent RAM.


  • Can be a little pricy.
  • It’s not very well-built and can get damaged if applied a good amount of pressure.
  • The storage option is not very good..

Although the production of the MacBook 12in M7 has been stopped, it’s still a good choice in this modern age. That is because it offers good specifications. Its decent display also gives it an edge.

 We have given a comprehensive review of this machine in the information given above. Studying it can be helpful for understanding it better. Make sure to read out the pros and cons.


What year is the MacBook 12-inch?

March 2015 saw the initial introduction of the MacBook 12-inch. It was the first device of its sort, including a tiny chassis and small screen.

Is the MacBook 12-inch discontinued?

Yes, it was discontinued by Apple in 2019. However, there are rumors of a new 12-inch MacBook being developed by the brand for release sometime in 2024.

Can this laptop handle my video editing apps?

Yes. This laptop is designed to handle heavy video editing applications. You will not face any type of inconvenience in this case.

Is its display really good?

Yes. This laptop has a decent display. It contains Retina Display characteristics which makes it good.

Can I buy a new unit of Macbook 12in m7?

No. You cannot buy a new unit of this laptop. That is because it is not manufactured by Apple anymore. You can only buy used units.

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