Xnspy – Software to Monitor Any Smartphone and Tablet Remotely

Hellow, Parents! Today’s topic is for you!

If you are concerned about your children and if they are watching harmful content, then you’re in the right place. Because I have a solution to monitor them without letting them know that they are on redar. Yes, I am talking about an efficient spying software named Xnspy. Have you felt comfort after knowing this?

If so, then you will be more happy when I will tell you about Xnspy features. Are you interested in knowing more about this tool? Let’s start!

Xnspy is a remote mobile monitoring and tracking software that enables users to monitor their target devices whether smartphones or tablets. Moreover, it is helpful for both business and parents to monitor their employees’ and children’s activities accordingly on their remote devices. Whether your children, or employees, use iOS devices or Android devices, this monitoring software is equally compatible to both of devices.

Users can monitor someone’s emails, app usage, browsing history, location history, and phone calls by using Xnspy. It provides companies with access to know whether their employees are accessing a malicious site or not to enhance security.

Guide to Monitoring Any Smartphone Remotely Using Xnspy

If you want to track or monitor any smartphone and tablet remotely by using Xnspy, then stay tuned! Here are some easy steps to track any smartphone.

Step 1- Sign in to Xnspy

Firstly, you need to access and sign in to Xnspy software to start the process. Open a new tab on your Internet browser and access to this software. In addition, you can access to the site through this link: Now, click on the “Login” button to sign in to this software.

Provide your credentials to login to Xnspy to proceed with the procedure.

Step 2- Connect Xnspy to Target Device

In addition, you need to connect the target device to Xnspy. This will enable you to monitor your target device whether you want its location history or browser history.

Step 3- Tracking Dashboard

On the left side of the dashboard, you will be able to track each aspect with complete analytics to prevent your children from harmful content.

Xnspy – Features

After subscribing to the software, users will have access to some exclusive features, which are described below.

Stealth Mode

Stealth mode enables users to make Xnspy software invisible on the target device. This means that users can monitor any smartphone or tablet without letting targets know that they are on track. Further, this software works in the background without giving someone any hint about its existence.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

What users prefer the most? Customer satisfaction, right? Yes, Xnspy totally committed to customer satisfaction, which ensures satisfaction on its peak. If you are not happy with its service, then you are free to contact company’s customer service for any type of assistance.

Phone Calls and Contacts

Xnspy enables users to monitor target devices’ call logs. Whether they want to monitor incoming calls, outgoing calls, or call duration, this software has their back. Further, if they are interested in knowing contact numbers, then they can easily know the numbers.

Monitor Emails

When companies work on international level, then their consideration about data privacy increases because of data breaches. Fortunately, software allows companies monitor each company device, whether if they got a spam email or phishing attack. 

Track Browser History

Xnspy enables parents to track their children’s browsing history whether if they are accessing harmful content or not. If so, then this approach helps them prevent their children from any type of harmful content. Moreover, companies are also able to track their employees browser history to boost their security to prevent anny harm.

Phone Call and Surround Recording

When you will target a certain remote device, then you are also able to record phone calls and their surroundings. Xnspy knows its assignment; therefore, it tracks each and everything possible to provide users with valuable insights.

Track Location History

Xnspy watchlists the location history of target devices to let you know their current location or where the device was before. Further, its preciseness in telling about the location history, like time, date, address, and other aspects about the location, makes it an efficient software to adopt.

Xnspy – Pricing

  • Basic Edition: $29.99/month
  • Premium Edition: $35.99/month

Xnspy – Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of this monitoring software:

Easy to navigate interfacePaid software
No adsNo integration services
24/7 Live Chat
Screen activity recording

The Closing Remarks

Xnspy is a smartphone monitoring software that enables parents to monitor their children’s smartphones to see if they are accessing harmful content. Further, companies are also free to use this software to know whether their employees are accessing a malicious site. This approach helps both parents and companies efficiently prevent their tods and assets. Although it is a paid software, it is worth a subscription because of its exclusive features that users can access. In the above section, I have compiled a comprehensive guide on using this tool to monitor any smartphone.


Q1- Is Xnspy free?

The answer is no. Xnspy is not a free software instead it is a subscription-based platform that enables users monitor any remote device.

Q2- Can someone mirror my phone?

Yes, someone, like a cybercriminal or cyber expert, can easily mirror your phone without your consent. Further, they are able to steal your important data and cause potential threats to you.

Q3- Can I monitor my children’s smartphones by using Xnspy?

The answer to this question is yes. You can monitor your children’s smartphones by using this software without letting them know whether they use Android or iOS devices.

Q4- Is Xnspy real?

Yes. It is completely real that is compatible with any type of Android and iOS devices to monitor a certain device.

Q5- Is it legal to use Xnspy?

Technically, yes. It is illegal to use Xnspy to monitor an adult without his/her permission. Further, it may cause you to face some legal issues.

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