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Bark Phone – The Best and Safer Phone for Kids

Hey peeps! If you are looking at this piece of content, then you are concerned about the Bark Phone, right? Let me tell you about the most advanced features of the phone that make it worth buying. The spy feature, or should I say, monitoring features. If you’re a single parent of two or more, which is normal, you are more concerned about your child’s safety.

You will not feel comfortable until you ensure their safety; it is typical for a parent to do so. So, the Bark Phone will work as an assistant to ensure your children’s safety. If you want to know more about this smartphone, keep reading!

Bark Phone stands alone in the line of smartphones for kids’ safety because of its advanced built-in monitoring features. Further, this device has an ultimate solution to scan texts, videos, images, and apps for dangers and automatically send parents an alert. Whether you are concerned for your child’s safety on the internet or using built-in applications, this smartphone has your back.

Bark Phone allows parents to monitor their children while they access the Internet to prevent them from accessing harmful content. Moreover, they can access their call log entries to know what type of people are connected with them.

Specifications of Bark Phone

Like any other smartphone, Bark Phone offers many useful specs to people for their daily usage. Here are some of them are described.

SpecsBark Phone
Operating SystemAndroid 12
Storage32 GB
CPUExynos 850
Screen Size6.6 inches
Camera Resolution (Rear)50MP, 5MP, 2MP
Battery5,000 mAh
Screen Resolution1,080×2,408 Pixels

Features of Bark Phone

However, parents have children of different ages; the Bark Phone features have everything for every one of them. Here are some of the features of this phone.

Fingerprint Sensor

Bark Phone offers users to have a fingerprint sensor to make them feel they have secured data. What does a kid want? He seeks privacy according to boys’ psychology; however, girls may want something different.

If they will have a fingerprint sensor on their personal mobile phone, then they may feel secure. On the other hand, parents also feel easy because Bark has blocked everything anonymous and unsecured.

Quad Camera Set Up

Samsung’s Bark Phone provides users with a quad camera setup with an efficient display. Users will have a set up of 50 megapixels with two cameras of 2 megapixels on the rare with a 2-megapixel sensor. Further, they also have a front camera to take selfies with friends and family members.

Social media has become a place for uploading images, whether for fun or to make money. And kids are also running in this race to stay engaged with the updated world, so your choice should be this.


Connectivity is the best way to share data and update devices. With this in consideration, the Bark Phone offers users Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity options. Wi-Fi connectivity enables users to share internet data and surf the internet to search assignment topics.

On the other hand, bluetooth enables users to share files to another device wirelessly to have convenience. What type of convenience? The convenience of device safety.

Water Resistance

Sometimes, the weather may take a turn suddenly, and you have nothing to be prepared for. Electronic devices become useless after encounters with amount of water. But this is not for the bark Phone.

Why? The behind this is its water resistance feature that allows it to handle sudden water flow over it. It is not waterproof, but it allows you to make a call on a rainy day because water will flow away.

Audio Jack

There are mobile companies that have stopped making audio jacks in their mobile phones. However, Samsung continued to provide its users with an audio jack for their smartphones. Further, the Bark Phone is also made by the Sumsung, then it also provides users with an audio jack.

Handfree jack or audio jack allows users to have the convenience to connect handsfree to listen to songs and audio messages.

Built-in GPS Tracker

Why should parents choose the Bark Phone? Just to only spy on their kids? No… nah!! They are also concerned for their kids’ safety, and that’s why they chose this phone. Its built-in GPS tracker will enable users to track their loved ones.

Whether they want to know that their kids are at home or school, they can simply track them. Further, the GPS tracker will provide parents with information on where their kids were wandering around with address and location history.

The Closing Thoughts

Bark Phone is a parental monitoring smartphone specially designed for children under 18. It is a Samsung A series device that supports the Android 12 operating system to provide users with an immersive user experience.

If you are too busy to not have enough time to track your children, then this phone will help you. This phone has blocked the harmful and malicious websites or platforms that ensures children’s safety while internet surfing. Hopefully, this review will help you decide whether to buy this phone or not.


Q1- What brand of phone is the Bark Phone?

The Bark Phone is a Samsung A series device that supports the Android 12 operating system.

Q2- Where to buy Bark Phone?

The Bark Phone is available for sale on Amazon, where you can buy it at affordable prices.

Q3- What is Bark Phone?

Bark Phone is a Samsung A series mobile phone that allows parents to control and monitor their kids’ activities. 

Q4- Who owns Bark phone?

Brian Bason founded Bark Phone in 2015 to track kids and provide them with safety against harmful content.

Q5- What age is Bark Phone for?

This is designed for kids under the age of 18, which means this phone isn’t for adults because tracking them is illegal.

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