Best Apps to Help You Delegate Tasks Easily

Digital tools have revolutionized the art of delegation in a world where convenience is king. This evolution in task allocation is significant in our new normal, where remote work isn’t just a trend but a widespread truth. A reliable task or project management tool is crucial when your team is spread across different locations, sometimes even time zones. It is the anchor that keeps everything going smoothly, confirming everyone, from managers to team members, is clear and aligned on their responsibilities.

This blog post will explore the best apps for remote delegation that can support you in streamlining your workflow and confirming your improved task management.

Top 6 Apps to Help You Delegate Tasks Easily

Task management applications are pivotal in achieving effective project management. They empower you to assign project responsibilities to your team members and closely monitor their progress. Such delegation software helps in task assignments, progress tracking, and confirming projects are completed within specified deadlines. The following list highlights the best task management apps for effectively delegating tasks:

1- Trello 

Trello is a well-liked project management application renowned for its task management system influenced by the Japanese Kanban approach, its user-friendly interface, and its visually-oriented method of organizing tasks. Trello empowers users to establish boards dedicated to various projects, incorporate lists representing distinct stages or categories, and craft individual cards for precise tasks. This functionality simplifies the task delegation process by enabling you to assign assignments to team members and establish deadlines. Additionally, Trello offers collaborative tools, including real-time updates, comments, and file attachments, rendering it a superb choice, especially for remote teams.


  • View Your Team’s Project From Every Angle
  • Workflows With Butler Automation 
  • Power Up Your Teams 
  • Discover New Ways to Get Work 
  • East-To-Use Templates From Industry Leaders

Pricing Plan: 

Standard: $5/month 

Premium: $10/month 

Enterprise: $17.50/month 

2- Asana

Asana serves as a versatile project management solution, facilitating the effortless distribution of tasks and fostering collaboration. Within Asana, you can construct and subdivide projects into more manageable tasks. This tool permits the assignment of tasks to team members, the establishment of deadlines, and the prioritization of work to maintain everyone’s alignment. Additionally, Asana provides valuable capabilities for monitoring progress and generating reports that offer the means to oversee the status of assigned tasks and gain a comprehensive overview of your team’s overall productivity.


  • View your Team’s Work On One Shared Calendar 
  • Spend Less Time on Routine Tasks 
  • Brings Apps Together to Support Your Team 
  • Built a Beautiful Gantt Chart in Minutes 
  • Track Your Work on the Kanban Board 

Pricing Plan: 

Premium: $10.99/month 

Business: $24.99

3- Slack 

While primarily recognized as a communication application, Slack boasts substantial capabilities for task assignments. Slack permits the creation of channels for orderly team discussions centered around particular projects or subjects. It supports direct messaging for one-on-one communication, simplifying the task delegation process and clarifications. Additionally, Slack offers real-time notifications and alerts to guarantee that crucial updates are promptly delivered to team members, efficient communication, and fostering inclusivity.

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  • Focused Project Spaces 
  • Accessed Shared Knowledge 
  • Automate Routine Actions 
  • Organized Team Chat 
  • Shared Partner Channels

Pricing Plan: 

Pro: $7.25/month 

Business Plus: $12.50/month 

4- Basecamp 

Basecamp is a platform that merges the communication-centric features of Slack with the project management capabilities of Asana. It serves as a unified hub for both task management and team communication. Within Basecamp, you can generate to-do lists, delegate tasks, and monitor progress, similar to what’s common in most project management applications. The app also encompasses specialized message boards for team members to collaborate and engage in discussions related to projects. Moreover, Basecamp includes options for file-sharing and document collaboration, making it convenient for remote teams to cooperate on shared files and documents.


  • Regularly Send Questions to Your Team
  • Organize Work Across Teams to Get Things Done on Time 
  • A Centralized Place to Organize and Share Documents 
  • Gather Feedback While Keeping Discussions 
  • One-Page Dashboard for Your Project

Pricing Plan: 

Basecamp: $15/month 

Basecamp Pro: $299/month 

5- Todoist 

Todoist is a user-friendly and uncomplicated application that streamlines the process of task delegation, making it especially suitable for smaller teams. Its intuitive interface is straightforward, ensuring easy adaptation for both individuals and teams. Within Todoist, you can generate tasks, assign them to the appropriate team members, and establish specific due dates. The app also provides collaboration features, enabling you to share tasks and cooperate on particular projects. This integrates smoothly with well-known calendar apps like Google Calendar, ensuring that delegated tasks synchronize with your schedule in third-party applications.


  • Start Each Day Feeling Calm 
  • Focus Your Energy on the Right Things 
  • Share the Workload 
  • Personalize Your Task Views 
  • Centralize All Your Work in One Place 

Pricing Plan: 

Beginner: $0/month 

Pro: $4/month 

Business: $6/month 

6- Notion 

Notion transcends mere task delegation it transforms into a relational database that resembles a spreadsheet but functions like a comprehensive database system. It is the ultimate tool for those who prefer visual thinking and desire intricate tracking capabilities. Notion’s distinct advantage lies in its capacity to establish connections between related content, allowing you to grasp the broader scope of your projects at a single glance. To fully harness Notion’s potential, invest some time in customizing your views and tables to align with your project’s unique requirements precisely.


  • Communicate More Efficiently with Next Generation Docs 
  • Centralize All Your Knowledge in Notion 
  • Manage Any Type of Project More Efficiently 
  • Access the Limitless Power of AI 
  • Filter and Sort Any way You Want

Pricing Plan: 

Plus: $8/month 

Business: $15/month 

Final Thoughts 

The applications highlighted in this discussion offer valuable tools for streamlining task delegation, making teamwork more efficient, and project management more effective. Whether you prefer a visually oriented system like Trello or the relational database capabilities of Notion, each of these apps provides unique features to suit various team needs. Finding the best app for delegating tasks easily ultimately depends on your specific project requirements and team dynamics.

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