8 Best Spreadsheet Software in 2024

The right spreadsheet program is essential for individuals and companies in the ever-changing environment of managing information and evaluation. Professional options for organizing data, analysis, and teamwork in the digital age are examined, ranging from business classics like Excel from Microsoft and Sheets by Google to platform-specific goods and services like Apple Numeric.

This article examines the best 2024 spreadsheet programs with the most growth potential.

Best Spreadsheet Software in 2024

1- Microsoft Excel

In 2024, Excel by Microsoft will remain the standard of excellence for spreadsheet software due to its broad range of organizing and analyzing data capabilities. Excel allows users to easily organize, manage, and visualize data because of its various features and functionalities. It’s easy to use for complicated computations with its strong calculation engine, and analyzing and summarizing data is simple with the assistance of table pivots. Experts in a wide variety of disciplines can find already-made solutions for various issues in Excel’s huge collection of templates and graphing options. Productivity is boosted, and information can be shared easily because the program works with the rest of Microsoft Office. Excel also has sophisticated data-modeling features and can automate tasks with macros.

2- Google Sheets

Throughout 2024, Google Sheets’ collaboration and storage in the cloud features are expected to keep it a top choice among spreadsheet software. With immediate time writing and smooth options for sharing, teams can communicate quickly, making it perfect for work-from-home scenarios. While maintaining a familiar feel for users, Google Sheets uses cloud computing to make spreadsheets more widely available and secure. Formulas, data organizing, and chart generation have been covered, which allows faster management and analysis of your data. Connectivity into additional Google Office items, such as Documents and PowerPoint, automates processes and promotes cross-file cooperation. Google Sheets is still a strong contender in 2024, thanks to its ability to cater to customers of varying skill levels, emphasizing accessibility, cooperation, and adaptability.

3- Apple Numbers

By 2024, Apple Numeric will be the best spreadsheet software for computers and iPhones since it interacts perfectly with other products from Apple. Numbers provides the perfect mix of ease of use and robust functionality with its straightforward interface and aesthetically pleasing templates. Technological features, such as interactive charts and media-rich tables, allow users to arrange and analyze data utilizing the application easily. The capacity to sync and browse data across platforms has been improved by being compatible with other Apple services and products, including the cloud. In 2024, Apple Figures provides a great spreadsheet software encounter for managing your finances, preparing company reports, and cooperating on projects through combining capability, visual appeal, and seamless communication.

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4- Zoho Sheet

Through 2024, companies looking for robust and interactive cloud-based spreadsheet programs will find the Zoho Sheets platform the most suitable choice. Zoho Sheets is a powerful organizing and analyzing data tool with various useful characteristics. It enables numerous users to update spreadsheets in real-time, and real-time communication and sharing abilities improve cooperation. Complicated formulas, pivot charts, and data visualization options are only a few of the extensive data analytics features available in Google Sheets. Business is boosted, and processes are simplified thanks to the seamless interaction with other Zoho productivity products. Zoho Sheet is a desirable choice for organizations in 2024 looking for powerful cloud-based spreadsheet programs because of its focus on cooperation, adaptability, and data analysis.

5- LibreOffice

Furthermore, in 2024, LibreOffice Calculator stands its own compared to other free spreadsheet programs. Calculator, an element of the Office suite, provides several options and instruments for managing and evaluating data. Calculation gives its customers a lot of leeway because it can work with various systems and file types. The application contains a broad range of capabilities, enabling users to perform sophisticated calculations and data manipulations. Various charting tools, information filtering, and sorting are all available in Calculator, enabling more insightful data analysis and presentation. It guarantees that consumers can always use the latest and greatest features. As of 2024, LibreOffice Calc is a solid option for people and businesses looking for a powerful and affordable spreadsheet solution.

6- Airtable

In 2024, Airtable’s unique method of managing information will continue to change how people utilize spreadsheets. Airtable is an adaptable system for organizing and sharing information that blurs the boundaries between spreadsheets and computers. It’s easy to use and may be tailored to the user’s needs using pre-made templates for databases and spreadsheets. Text, files, checkboxes, and more may be easily combined in a single Airtable, making information more accessible and organized. Information may be readily viewed and managed with its customizable grid display and Kanban-style board. The real-time collaboration features make it a great tool for managing projects and coordinating teams. Airtable is a fantastic option for people in 2024 who want a visually-focused and interactive platform for sharing and collaborating on data.

7- Smartsheet

A smart sheet is the best bet if you are searching for a spreadsheet-based project administration and communication tool in 2024. Smartsheet’s capability to plan, track, and handle projects effectively stems from its unique combination of spreadsheets function and management of project instruments. Its intuitive design makes it simple to enter and manipulate data, and its use is facilitated by its familiar spreadsheet format. Among Smartsheet’s many features for managing projects is the capacity to track task dependencies, create Gantt charts, organize resources, and set up automated workflows. Teams may work together more efficiently thanks to real-time collaboration tools allowing constant communication and information sharing. The software’s connections with popular corporate apps boost efficiency and data synchronization.

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8- Quip Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets, a platform combining the strengths of Excel sheets, records, and real-time collaboration, will be commonly utilized in 2024. Quip Spreadsheets is a revolutionary alternative to standard spreadsheet software since it creates a central hub where teams can debate and track changes in real-time. Spreadsheets allow users to collaborate in real time by incorporating discussions and comments into document creation and editing. The document management features of Quip Spreadsheets make it possible for groups to save, maintain, and access their files without ever leaving the software. Until 2024, Quip Excel spreadsheets could be a complete package for effective cooperation and managing documents, thanks to the novel combination of spreadsheet capability and communication ability.


Spreadsheet software is constantly changing in 2024 to accommodate users’ and enterprises’ varying requirements. While Google Sheets shines in teamwork and the cloud, Microsoft Excel is still the go-to for complex data analysis. Zoho Sheets is a comprehensive online solution, and Mac Numbers is optimized for Mac and iPhone users due to its interaction. The spreadsheet program LibreOffice Calc is a strong open-source competitor; Airtable bridges the gap between spreadsheets and databases; Smartsheet is designed for project management; and Quip Spreadsheets brings together teamwork and file organization.

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