Best 6 Text Monitoring Apps for Parents

In the era of technology, with kids encountering online dangers, parents require reliable methods to supervise their children’s online actions, particularly their text conversations. With various options available, it can be daunting to select the text monitoring apps. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the six parental control apps that enable parents to discreetly track their child’s text messages while emphasizing safety and privacy.

Why You Should Consider Checking Their Messages

Before exploring the Text Monitoring apps, it’s important to grasp the significance of keeping an eye on your child’s texts. Find more information in this article about possible ways to read someone’s text messages without installing software and for free.

Texting has become a way for young people to communicate. It’s vital for parents to be aware of their child’s conversations. By monitoring texts, parents can:

  • Ensure Safety: Monitoring texts help parents spot dangers, like cyberbullying, online predators or inappropriate content that could harm their child.
  • Encourage Responsible Behavior: Keeping an eye on texts motivates children to act as if they know their parents are watching their digital activities.
  • Identify Warning Signs: Text monitoring lets parents pick up on signs of distress or unusual behavior in their child’s messages, allowing for intervention and support.

Best Parental Control Apps to See Child’s Text Messages

We have mentioned in detail below:


If you are interested in an app that uses AI for monitoring, Bark is the right choice for you. That is because it uses different algorithms to monitor texting. It can help in preventing syberbullying also.


Key Features

  • Cyberbullying Detection: Recognize signs of cyberbullying in text messages and social media exchanges.
  • Sexting Detection: Notify parents of content or messages with images.
  • Online Predator Monitoring: Watch over online activities and communication for any signs of grooming or predatory behavior.

Advantages of Bark

  • AI-driven monitoring
  • Wide range of social media platforms supported
  • Real-time alerts for concerning content
  • Easy setup and use

Disadvantages of Bark

  • Limited text message monitoring for iOS devices
  • Some users may find it expensive
  • excels in AI-driven monitoring, providing parents with insights into their child’s online interactions and potential risks.


Another app you can use for text monitoring is Qustodio. It offers useful features for doing so. Some of these features include screen time management and location tracking. More detail is given below.


Key Features

  • Text Message Monitoring: Access outgoing texts, even deleted messages.
  • App Blocking: Prevent access to apps or games.
  • Screen Time Management: Set time limits on device usage and establish device-free periods.
  • Location Tracking: See the real-time location of the device as well as its location history.
  • Web Filtering: Restrict access, to websites and content.

Advantages of Qustodio

  • Cross-platform support
  • Advanced monitoring features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible subscription plans

Disadvantages of Qustodio

  • Text message monitoring may not capture deleted messages
  • Location tracking accuracy can vary
  • Qustodio prioritizes advanced monitoring features and customizable controls, making it suitable for parents with specific monitoring requirements.


First app in our list is mSpy. It offers different ways to control children’s text. For example, you can locate their location with a GPS location tracking system. More detail of these features is given below.


Key Features

  • Text Message Monitoring: Keep track of both outgoing messages, including deleted ones.
  • Call Surveillance: Monitor call logs, contacts list, and timestamps.
  • Social Media Oversight: Keep an eye on activities across social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.
  • GPS Location Tracking: Stay informed about the real-time whereabouts of the device and check location history.
  • Geofencing Capability: Establish virtual boundaries and receive notifications when your child enters or exits specified areas.
  • Multimedia Content Access: View photos, videos and other media files stored on the device.
  • Browsing History Insight: Access browsing. Saved bookmarks.

Advantages of mSpy

  • User interface
  • Advanced monitoring features
  • Remote control functionalities
  • Compatibility, with both iOS and Android devices

Disadvantages of mSpy

  • Requires physical access for installation
  • Subscription plans might be pricey for some users

mSpy stands out for its advanced features, making it suitable for parents who require extensive monitoring capabilities.


Parentaler is a user parental control application designed to assist parents in overseeing their childs text messages, phone calls, internet browsing history, app usage patterns, and location information. The application provides notifications, for any actions and allows for personalized settings to cater to individual monitoring requirements.


Key Features

  • Text Message Monitoring: Access to both sent and received text messages along with timestamps.
  • Call Monitoring: Check call logs and contact details.
  • Browsing History: Keep an eye on visited websites and search history.
  • App Usage: Monitor app usage patterns and time spent on each application.
  • Location Tracking: See the real-time location of the device as well as its location history.
  • Instant Alerts: Get notifications, for activities or restricted content.

Advantages of Parental

  • Multi-platform support
  • Customizable settings
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Affordable subscription plans

Disadvantages of Parentaler

  • Limited features compared to other apps
  • Some advanced features require rooting or jailbreaking the device

Parentaler emphasizes simplicity and affordability, making it ideal for parents seeking basic monitoring functionalities.


Mobicip app is used for controlling children’s text with different aspects. For example, you can monitor texts as well as do app blocking and web filtering with it. It also helps you record and manage screen time.


Key Features

Text Message Monitoring: This feature allows parents to view both incoming and outgoing text messages on their child’s device, providing insights into their communication and interactions.

App Blocking: Parents can use this feature to block specific apps or entire categories of apps that they do not want their child to access. This helps prevent the child from accessing potentially inappropriate or harmful content and apps.

Web Filtering: The web filtering feature enables parents to filter out and block inappropriate websites and content, protecting their child from harmful or questionable material on the internet.

Screen Time Management: With this feature, parents can set time limits for their child’s device usage and schedule specific device-free times, promoting a healthy balance between screen time and other activities.

Location Tracking: Mobicip provides real-time location tracking and location history for the child’s device, allowing parents to monitor their child’s whereabouts and ensure their safety.

Advantages of Mobicip

  • Robust web filtering capabilities
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Time management features
  • Customizable user profiles

Disadvantages of Mobicip

  • Text monitoring features are basic compared to other apps
  • Some advanced features are only available in premium plans


Text monitoring has become somewhat of a necessity for parents these days. It not only help discipline the children but also knows what they are up to most of the time. There are different applications available on the Internet that can help you monitor your child’s text. We have discussed some of the major ones in the information given above.

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