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Google Pixel Slate M3 Detailed Review

Google Pixel Slate M3 Detailed Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Google Pixel products have dominated the market against their competitors by a considerable margin. The brand has grown to produce high-performance chipsets with cutting-edge displays. The Google Pixel Slate M3 pushed new beginnings by redefining the Chrome OS.

However, many users claimed Google Pixel Slate M3 to be overpriced than its other products. That makes us wonder if the Pixel Slate M3 is worth buying or not. Therefore, we have gone into specifics to write a detailed review of the Slate M3.

We will go through its technical specifications, pros, and cons, and lastly, bring the price factor to consider if it’s worth buying.

Google Pixel Slate M3 Technical Specifications

Here we will discuss each and every factor that’s important to consider while buying a laptop or a Chromebook.

Considering each factor, we will share our honest review of the Google Pixel.

Processing Performance

The processing power of the Slate M3 is more than what we expected. This tablet-type laptop is fitted with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8200Y processor and 8GB of RAM.

Collectively, we found that this machine is powerful enough to carry multitasking. Moreover, it can decently run CPU-intensive games with any performance dips.

Google Pixel Slate M3- Performance

We also tested the processor in split-screen mode, which consumes more CPU resources. While playing FHD videos on YouTube, we were scrolling through social media smoothly.

We also tested it for rendering graphics with coding, and Slate M3 did not lack performance output. The OS didn’t crash, and everything seemed well-optimized with the hardware. Therefore, a big yes in the performance area.

Design and Shape

The design of the Slate M3 is probably the most unique and noticeable factor about it. The color scheme with dark midnight color gives the seamless vibe of professionalism. At first glance, the Google Pixel Slate M3 looks like a durable product.

As for the thickness, the bezel feels bulkier weighing 0.7 kilograms and 0.3 inches thick. However, it is still somewhat the same in size and weight as the Microsoft Surface Pro and iPad Pro.

The Google Pixel Slate M3 also comes with a detachable keyboard that makes it look even bulkier. Nevertheless, this form factor is acceptable for the convenience of typing.

Google Pixel Slate M3- Design and Display


The display of Slate M3 features a wide 12.3 inches touch screen offering crisp texture and vivid colors. The 3,000 x 2,000-pixel panel covers every millimeter of detail on the screen. It is perfect for watching movies, doing art projects, and even playing games.

The color scheme used in Slate M3 produces 120% of the sRGB spectrum, which is a bit more than the Pixelbook. That color scheme can hit pretty illuminating levels of brightness, emitting up to 337 nits.

That brightness level beats the usual 316 nits that you get in an average laptop. We can confidently say that the brightness levels of the Google Pixel Slate M3 are sufficient for viewing the screen at any angle.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Slate M3 is much better than a traditional laptop. This slim tablet-type laptop can last for over 9 hours, even at 100 nits of brightness. The 48Whr extensive battery passed all of our backup tests.

Google Pixel Slate M3-Battery life

However, the battery backup varies depending on the processing power consumed by the Google Pixel Slate M3. So, for instance, if you’re multitasking with a split screen, it may last for 7 to 8 hours, which is still quite good.


The keyboard of the Slate M3 is worth talking about, and unfortunately, you have to buy it separately for an extra $199. This is probably one of the best 2-in-1 keyboards we have laid our fingers on. Unlike many other types of keyboards, you won’t take long to get used to this one. The keycaps are definitely unique, which makes the pressing experience more accurate and spot-on.

Typing on the Slate M3 keyboard is not annoying to the ears. The super-quiet ‘Hush’ keys prevent noisy typing sounds no matter how fast you run your fingers. The keyboard also features a 4.0 x 2.8-inch touchpad that understands all the swipe gestures.

Google Pixel Slate M3- Keyboard

The Slate M3’s keyboard also comes with reclining fold support to give your tablet a more laptop-like position. With the magnetic attachment, it is fairly easy to attach and remove the keyboard anytime. Oh, and we almost forgot, this keyboard is backlit, so you won’t have to struggle typing your essays in a dark environment.

Number of Ports

In the era where all portable computers are reducing the number of ports, Google Pixel Slate M3 is working on it. We’d say Apple could learn a lesson from Google on this. This tablet + laptop features two USB Type-C ports and an accessory connecting port for the Pixel keyboard. The file transfer is super-fast, and it’s also perfect for 4K display output.


We also consider the I/O devices like the webcam as the essential part of a portable computer. The Slate M3 comes with an 8MP camera, and the shots we captured were finely textured. The camera lens captured every bit of detail, and it can detect perfectly for selfies as well.

It nailed all the finer details and captured everything from hair to woven bag bindings. It can also work perfectly for facial recognition purposes.

But it depends on the software or the operating system’s optimization with the hardware. Both front and back-facing cameras are 8MP and offer the same camera quality and low-light aperture.

Google Pixel Pen

Google Pixel Slate M3

The best thing about Google Pixel Slate M3 is that it works equally great as a tablet as a laptop. The Google Pixel Pen adds more to your creativity that is sold separately for $99. This pen supports a pressure sensitivity of 2,048 levels. You can easily get creative with graphics designing and unlock many creative options with it.

Chrome Operating System

The Chrome OS is beautifully designed to cover the best of both worlds. The tablet-style of the Slate M3 will give you a vibe of using an Android device. When you pull the top panel to access settings, it’s much like the Google Pixel Phone, and the same goes for notifications.

While the on-screen experience with the keyboard attached is much like the Linux operating system. You can easily navigate through the touch-screen and doodle around with the pen. Google Pixel Slate M3 works like a portable laptop when operated with the touchpad of the portable keyboard. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds in one form factor.


The price range of Slate M3 starts at $599, and currently, the production has been discontinued. Therefore, you may have to get your hands on a used-on which would still range more than $300. On top of that, you’ll need to buy the keyboard for $199. And if you’re fond of drawing, add an extra $99 for the pixel pen.

Is Google Pixel Slate M3 Worth Buying?

Here we have mentioned the pros and cons of the Slate M3 to let you decide if it’s worth buying or not. We will state our personal opinion in the verdict.


  • Professional and elegant design
  • Vibrant screen display with sharp textures
  • Detachable keyboard with comforting key bindings
  • Best for doodling and handwriting
  • Extensive battery backup on a single charge


  • Wireless bugs with Bluetooth devices
  • Does not feature a wide range of applications
  • Quite expensive for a traditional laptop

Final Verdict

The Google Pixel Slate M3 is an amazing 2-in-1 device that works perfectly as a laptop and as a tablet. In our final thoughts, we can say the Slate M3 is an amazing device for those who are always on the run. If you’re a designer, an architect, or a student, then this would be a great device for you.

However, it’s not something worth buying. Suppose you’re looking for something for entertainment purposes. Hopefully, our review was detailed enough to guide you well on the specifications and to work of Pixel Slate M3.

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