How to Find Competitor Backlinks? Complete Guide

Backlinking is one of the most critical aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) that attracts potential audiences to your websites. This has become a prominent part of SEO practices due to the importance that Google considers. Google has informed SEO specialists that your site will only rank if it has enough backlinks, according to domain authority. Competitor backlinks also have the ability to provide your website with demanding authority or popularity among audiences. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to finding competitor backlinks to enhance your ranking chances.

What are Competitor Backlinks?

Competitor backlinks are those authenticated websites that backlink with your competitors’ websites and enhance their authority and credibility. These types of backlinks offer SEO specialists and businesses a chance to enhance their online presence through contact with them. Many businesses are doing the same to access larger audiences that assist them in driving conversion rates.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Competitor’s Backlinks

Businesses that are willing to enhance their site traffic need to have some potent backlinks to support their websites. This section has a comprehensive guide to finding competitor backlinks to offer you a chance to interact with your competitor’s backlinks. By doing so, you may be able to provide them with a good deal of duo to get their backlinks.

  • Know Your Main Keywords
  • Know Who Is Your Main Competitors
  • Analyze Domain-Level Competitors with a Backlink Checker Tool
  • Investigate Page-Level Competitors with a Backlink Analysis Tool
  • Analyze Semantically Similar Keywords
  • Pinpoint the Top-Referring Sites

1- Know Your Main Keywords

Firstly, it is necessary for every business to know the main keyword they are finding backlinks. When it comes to getting identified ranks on SERPs, you must find which keyword is ranking high among your competitors. Moreover, these keywords will be your main keywords for getting a high rank in search engine result pages. You can put your website’s URL on a keyword research tool to find the keyword with the highest ranking and search volume.

2- Know Who Your Main Competitors

After identifying your main keyword, you need to start searching about your competitors. When you search for your main keyword on a search engine or keyword search tool, you will get your competitors on the display who have topics related to yours. We searched for “Snapchat Planet Order,” which was our website’s main keyword, so we got This will consider our main competitor for the main keyword we have mentioned.

3- Analyze Domain-Level Competitors with a Backlink Checker Tool

It is also essential for you to know domain-level competitors to compete with them for better outcomes. A backlink checker tool always enables you to analyze your domain-level competitors to plan how your strategies will work. You are advised to search for your domain-level rivals on SEMrush and Ahrefs using their paid subscriptions. These subscriptions are costly, but they will help you stay competitive.

4- Investigate Page-Level Competitors with a Backlink Analysis Tool

Whether you are willing to rank high or get an overall high ranking, page-level competitors will be your priority. The reason behind this is that they may knock you off from a certain SERP, which causes a loss of traffic. Whenever you want to know about your page-level competitors, you need to navigate through Ubersuggest and put your site link. Furthermore, this will enable you to learn about every page competitor by clicking on the keywords’ details.

5- Analyze Semantically Similar Keywords

You will need to delve into the realm of similar semantic keywords to get a bigger audience through keyword clusters. Moreover, some businesses may not search for clusters and lose an audience that will have the potential to enhance conversions. By repeating the process, you will be able to find relative or similar keywords on SERPs that will attract 90% of your traffic. You can perform all the backlink activities on these topics to get in-depth insights and better outcomes.

6- Pinpoint the Top-Referring Sites

This is the ultimate process of performing the top-referring sites to deep dive into the backlink analysis to engage audiences. Pinpoint all the popular sites that may be your potent competitors to compete with them to get a credible position. By identifying their high domain authority and credibility, you will be able to target your site domain-level competitors. In this way, you will be on the verge of success with a better position and significant revenue.

How to Evaluate Competitor Backlinks

Not every backlink is equal to others’ quality, so it is essential for you to evaluate your competitors’ backlinks to know if they really deserve the effort. In this section, we will tell you about some backlink evaluation techniques to get ideas to reinforce better strategies.

  • Backlink Quality
  • Backlink Placement
  • Backlink Relevance

Backlink Quality

As we have mentioned, not every backlink has the same quality to each. This is necessary for you to create quality backlinks to stay competitive in this terrain. After analyzing your competitor’s backlinks, you will be able to put enough effort into getting what you expect.

Backlink Placement

Placement of backlinks is one of the most efficient tasks that you have to be careful about. By placing backlinks on easily clickable points, you can make it easy for your audiences to click on backlinks. This approach will enable you to get enhanced conversion rates.

Backlink Relevance

Relevancy is the biggest engagement factor that any business can use to engage its audience. When you find the relevant post, you should post a backlink on that article to get introduced to a major audience.

The Final Note

Competitor backlinks are a critical aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) that helps businesses attract potent audiences. You are free to analyze your competitors’ backlinks to put in enough effort to beat them and get a position on SERPs. Moreover, this process will enhance your conversion rates for better outcomes and relevancy for your content. Ultimately, businesses can boost their positions on search engine result pages to enhance their credibility and authority.

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