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Onewalmart (also known as Walmart One) is the name of the online portal that Walmart employees use for various job-related activities. However, back in 2021, this platform was replaced with Walmart Wire – which is made for more or less the same stuff. This portal can be accessed from all types of devices, i.e., phones, tablets, laptops, and the like.

Walmart One is essentially a cog in the whole BOYD setup that Walmart recently introduced. BOYD stands for bring your own device – a policy that encourages employees to use their own devices for work-related tasks, i.e., requesting leaves, checking for pay stubs, etc., rather than banking on the company to provide them. In this post, let’s take a look at what Onewalmart is, what you can use it for, and how you can get started with it.

OneWalmart – Basic intro

OneWalmart is dedicated to associate relations and offers all Walmart employees a centralized online platform where they can access information and tools for managing work, benefits, and career development. 

Onewalmart has online shopping feature that makes shopping simple for associated people and they have access to the wide variety of products that Walmart offers which includes food, electronics, clothes etc. It does not only provide you with the tools to communicate and collaborate with your peers but also allows them to stay up to date on the recent news or updates in the company through features such as Workplace where they can communicate with their colleagues.

What Can You Do with Onewalmart?

It is basically a platform/portal for employees. Since Walmart is such a big business and since it has so many employees, there is a need for such a platform so that employees can easily see their work-related information and submit their leave requests, etc.


Onewalmart connects each of the individual employees to the overall HR management of Walmart. You can think of it as that.

Let’s take a look at some of the main things that you can do with Onewalmart as an employee.

Check your work schedule:

If you want to check your work schedule, i.e., the hours that you are booked to work, you can do it using Onewalmart. The otherwise longer process of doing the same thing is to call your branch and get in touch with HR. This is one hassle that you don’t have to worry about with the Onewalmart website.

Know about your benefits and discounts:

As a Walmart employee, you will have a number of different employment benefits as well as employee-specific perks like discounts and special coupons. You can check them via Onewalmart easily. Keeping track of these same details can be a hassle otherwise. Plus, there could be new deals and discounts for you every now and then. Using the Walmart portal, you can stay on top of those.

Salary and pay records:

You can check the record of your pay and wages via the portal. You can see the hours you’ve worked in the past and the amounts you’ve been paid for them.

Leaves and off times requesting:

Onewalmart also allows Walmart employees to submit requests for any leaves they may require or any time off they may need from their usual working hours. This feature does away with the typical lengthy rigmaroles that you usually have to go through to do the same thing.

There are some other things that you can do with the portal as well, but we’re omitting them for brevity. You can, for example, find useful stuff to learn about your job and check the various announcements given by the company for its staff.

All in all, as we said earlier, Onewalmart acts as a connection between the employees and the HR/corporate segment of the company, in a way.

How to Use Onewalmart? The Signing-in Process

To start with the signing-in process, there are a couple of things that you need to have ready. They are:

  1. A device that supports an internet connection and is capable of running a web browser
  2. An Internet connection
  3. Walmart employee ID
  4. And the associated email

A bit confusing? Don’t worry. Let’s explain.

For the first step, you have to head over to the Onewalmart login page. You can find the webpage by doing a simple search using the phrase.

Once you are at the login page, you have to enter your email address, followed by the employee ID and, lastly, the password. These are basically the three credentials that you need to sign up.

For your first-time sign-up, there is a little something you have to remember.

Unless you’ve taken the effort to enroll in the Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) program. you will have to do a two-factor verification before signing in. You can pick from the provided methods for receiving the one-time verification code.

How do I Get a Unique ID?

In the process above, we’ve mentioned the unique employee ID that you have to enter when signing in to Onewalmart.

But where do you get this ID?

How do I Get a Unique ID?

You can get the unique ID for your Walmart One access from your branch’s HR dept. However, before this can happen, your details have to be entered into Walmart’s HR systems.

Pro Tip:
According to Walmart’s policies, this can take up to a few business days. There could be some more delay in this process, but it should be done by your first paycheck. So, you should wait patiently.


In a nutshell, the Onewalmart portal makes (or is used to make) things easier for employees. Instead of having to do their admin-related tasks via the HR department, they can do it all via the portal.

If you are a new Walmart employee and can’t figure out how to sign in to your account. We hope the above guide helped you. It’s not a lot, and you can probably find better instructions on the official site. But we hope we helped all the same.


What is OneWalmart?

OneWalmart is an online portal designed exclusively for Walmart associates to access work-related information and resources.

Who can access OneWalmart?

Only Walmart associates can access OneWalmart.

What can I do on OneWalmart?

Schedules, pay stubs, benefits details, and training modules are just some of the work-related materials that associates have access to on OneWalmart.

Is OneWalmart available for customers?

No, it is not accessible to customers.

How do I log in to OneWalmart?

Associates can log in to OneWalmart using their WalmartOne credentials.

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