Ocean of PDF Review – A Comprehensive Guide

There are several websites that offer free ebooks in PDF format to their users. One of these websites is Ocean of PDF. If you are thinking of downloading books from here, this review of ours is going to be helpful for you.

We used and analyzed this website thoroughly. In this article, we will provide a detailed review of our experience with it. We’ll go over all of its features so you can decide whether or not to download books from this website. Now, let’s get started without further ado.

We’re going to start with a brief overview of the Ocean of PDF Book. It is a website that is designed to help users download free eBooks. It has a very decent collection of books that you can access. On their website, they have it divided into several categories.

Ocean of PDF isn’t only safe but also ad-free. You won’t see a single ad on this website. You can download books in PDF and ePub formats from here.

Its purpose is to provide people with free knowledge. They state on their website that helping individuals in underdeveloped nations obtain whatever book they choose for free is the only goal of their website.
The commitment of this website to helping writers as well is what impressed us the most.

The site has given some guidelines that users can follow in order to support authors indirectly. Based on our experience, the Ocean of PDF website has some very useful features. So, we’re going to share them with you now.

The Major Features of Ocean of PDF

Some of the significant features of the Ocean of PDF website are given below:

Free availability:

The first feature is, of course, its free availability. No charges are applied to the users. The site doesn’t even ask you to create an account on it. The site is also ad-free.

However, the site does ask for donations. That is because the developers want to fund it so that it can run as long as possible. We will discuss the donation method in detail a little later in this article.

Easy downloading method:

The downloading method of books is also very easy. There are no complicated steps involved in the procedure at all. You just click on the book and the site starts downloading it. This will also be discussed later.

Multiple downloading formats:

The site gives you 2 basic format options to download the book. One is PDF format and the other one is ePub.


Last but not least, the safety of this site is another important factor. The content you download from it free of any malware. So, don’t worry about harming your device while downloading books from here.

How to Download Books from Ocean of PDF?

Downloading books from ( is a straightforward process. The steps that you need to follow are given below:

Step 1 – Select the Book:

You must choose the book you wish to download in the first step. Enter the book name in the search box for that.

Ocean of PDF

You can also browse books. Click on the book once you’ve found it.

Step 2 – Select the format:

Now, select the format that you want to download. Scroll down the book description to find these options.

Ocean of PDF formate

Another page will open, and the file will start downloading to your device.

How to Make a Donation on Ocean of PDF?

Making a donation on Ocean of PDF is also very easy:

  • First of all, you have to click on the “Donate” option.
Ocean of PDF
  • Now, select “Buy me a Coffee”.
Ocean of PDF
  • Now, select the payment method.
  • After that, select the donation amount and complete the payment process.
Ocean of PDF payment

Is Ocean of PDF Legal?

We have discussed the safety of this website earlier. But is this site legal as well? Unfortunately, no. This website cannot be considered legal. That is because it publishes books without the permission of the authors.

This also means that this site can go down at any time. So, we will share some legal alternatives that you can use in that case.

How Ocean of PDF is Helping People?

The Ocean of PDF is helping people in the following few ways:

  • It offers fast and convenient access to the books that people want to read.
  • It’s a safe site so people don’t have to use suspicious free sites.
  • People do not have to buy books. They can download them for free here.
  • It gives them a chance to donate. In this way, they help the site keep running and offering its services to many other people.

Pros and Cons of Ocean of PDF

The details of the pros and cons of this site are given below:


  • It is free to use.
  • There are 2 different format options.
  • The downloading method is easy.
  • The site is ad-free.


  • Their book library isn’t very large.
  • The site is considered illegal.

Legal Alternatives of Ocean of PDF

Now, as promised, we will discuss some of the very best legal alternatives of Ocean of PDF.

Project Gutenberg:

Ocean of PDF alternative

The first legal site that you can use as an alternative is Project Gutenberg. This site has a very large content library. This means that you can find almost any book here. Its downloading method is also straightforward. The site is completely safe to use as well.

Open Library:

Ocean of PDF open liberary

The second alternative on our list is the Open Library. Most books that are available here are free to use. You will need to pay to access some of them, though. This site is also very safe to use. There are no major cyber threats related to it.


Last but not least, ManyBooks is another site that you can use for this purpose. It offers a lot of books that you can try out reading. You can download them in different formats. The site is completely safe to use.

Ocean of PDF alternative

To Conclude

To conclude it all, the Ocean of PDF can be a great site to access ebooks for free. It allows you to download them in 2 different formats. There are different features that make this website special. We have reviewed them comprehensively in the information given above.
The downloading method of this site is also very smooth. It only involves 2 major steps. Unfortunately, this site is considered to be illegal. That’s why some legal alternatives are also


Is Ocean of PDF free?

Yes. This website is entirely free to use.

Is Ocean of PDF safe to use?

Yes. It’s safe to use. There’s no need to worry about any malware.

Does this site have a PayPal option for donation?

Yes. This site has an option of donating via PayPal.

Can I create an account on this website?

No. this website does not have an account creation option.

Is this website legal to use?

This website isn’t considered legal to use.

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